Germany: Hand Grenade Attack on Invader Camp

The war against the nonwhite invasion has just stepped up to a new level with a hand grenade attack on a nonwhite invader camp in the town of Villingen-Schwenningen, southern Baden-Württemberg, last night.


The hand grenade, identified as a Yugoslav type M52, manufactured during the Iron Curtain era prior to 1991, failed to explode, but still sent panic through the authorities and the invaders, who were all evacuated in scenes of panic.

The invader camp, located on the grounds of the former French army barracks, was being patrolled by a security guard when the hand grenade was spotted next to the buildings.


According to the police, the hand grenade had been thrown over a fence from a neighboring field, and had landed in the immediate vicinity of a container being used by security guards.

The barracks house 176 invaders, most of whom claim to be from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Albania.

Once alerted, the police sent a “large contingent of officers to the barracks,” Federal Criminal Police commissioner Harri Frank said.

At the same time, explosives experts were sent from Stuttgart to examine and dispose of the grenade.

The experts confirmed that the grenade was live, but dared not open it to see if the detonator had failed or if it was missing.

Rather than take chances, the explosives experts built a protective wall made of straw, behind which the grenade was then detonated.

hand-grenade-07 hand-grenade-02

A type M52 contains about 100 grams of TNT, and its casing is known to be a highly effective shrapnel weapon, generally fatal within a three to six feet radius.

The weapon was extensively used during the Yugoslav civil war, and is allegedly easy to purchase on the black market.

The police have said that they have no indications who the perpetrators were, as there are no eyewitnesses.

The attack is the first known case where genuine explosives—as opposed to Molotov cocktails and modified fireworks—have been deployed against the invasion, and is a significant escalation in the growing resistance in Germany.

hand-grenade-06 hand-grenade-05

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  1. What is it going to take? Politicians know full well what they are doing, they are fully aware of their genocidal agenda.When both the left and the right meet (as meant for national socialism), the sh*t shall hit the fan. This will be the antidote to kalergi

  2. What politicians are looking for is a way out where they can save face and by blaming the German people’s violence towards the ‘refugees’ they can do that. So slowly but surely they will stop newcomers and return most of the one already in the country because the government can’t guarantee their safety.

  3. Good for the German patriots, its about time these invaders were sent a reminder of what is to come if they do not give up their invasion of Germany and go back to where they belong.
    Britain is so invaded that the cheeky bastards have started claiming its their country, in one or too heavily infested areas. Sharia patrols are on our streets telling us to get out of our own country.

  4. And it just appeared like that, no one was seen putting it there, so it could have been those poor refugees themselves putting it there to stir up more sympathy.

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