Germany: Invader Crime Details

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany committed 142,500 serious crimes in the first six months of 2016—a rate of 23,750 per month, 780 per day, or 32.5 per hour.

These crimes included at least 201 murders and attempted murders.

The figures are contained in a new edition of the Bundeskriminalamtes (BKA) “Kriminalität im kontext von zuwanderung” (Criminality in the context of immigration) report which summarizes invader criminal activity for the period January 1 to June 30, 2016.

The report revealed that there were now a total of 1,314,158 officially registered “asylum seekers” listed on the state’s “EASY” system at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

During the first half of 2016, some 222,264 new invaders formally registered in Germany. The total numbers do not, of course, include the hundreds of thousands who did not register in Germany, and who moved off to parasite off other countries—or who have not registered at all.

The BKA report said that 30 percent of the criminal cases brought against the invaders were for forgery, 27 percent for theft, and 23 percent for racketeering and “offenses against personal freedom.”

Included in the later number were all violent attacks, which mainly included “bodily injuries.” Some 80 percent of all crimes recorded in this category involved violent assault.

Nations from which the invaders had come included Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eritrea, the Gambia, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Morocco, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.

Most of those coming from the European continent are Gypsies, and those from Russia are all southern mixed-race Muslim types.

The crime rate among invaders from the Gambia, Nigeria, Somalia, the Balkans, North Africa, and Georgia in southern Russia, was proportionally much higher than any other invader group, the BKA said.

Significantly, a large proportion of the crimes of “racism” and “offenses against personal freedom” were committed by invaders against other invader groups, the report continued.

Although the BKA did not provide further details in that regard, it is likely that this refers to the widely-reported attacks on Christian “refugees” by Muslims which have taken place in the invader centers, and various interethnic clashes.

More than half of registered criminal cases (54 percent) were for racketeering and “offenses against personal liberty.” The majority of these latter cases (86 percent) resulted in personal injury.

In homicide cases, nearly half of all victims and perpetrators had the same nationality.

The vast majority—173—of the 201 homicide cases are still at the trial stage. In the 24 cases which went to trial during the first half of 2016, 23 of the victims were non-German nationals, and one was a German national.

In 46 percent of the cases, the crime scene was located within an invader center.

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  1. What is more amazing is that there have been civil wars started for a lot less reason than what is going on in Germany. How any government of any persuasion can allow such criminal activity from those that in many respects, shouldn’t have even been allowed into the country clearly indicates the level of dictatorship in what was once a democratic country. The whole of the governments in the western world will not be looked on as democratic in future history lessons.

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