Germany: Invader Employment Flop

The top 30 listed companies on the German stock exchange have only been able to employ 54 of the invaders posing as refugees in Germany—because the vast majority have no skills whatsoever.

Of the 54, some 50 have been employed by just one company—Deutsche Post—in what appear to be manual labor positions.

While it is certain that some other companies have also provided employment for invaders, the reality remains that the vast majority seem set to remain on the state’s welfare roll with no prospect of ever getting off.

The employment disaster also shoots down in flames the optimistic predictions last year that the invaders would provide an “economic boom” and “replace the declining population” with hordes of busy “workers.”


The employment disaster was revealed in an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), which said that the problem was being exacerbated by record native German unemployment.

There are already 2.614 million unemployed in Germany, and there are only 665,000 jobs available to be filled.

According to the FAZ, hopes for “integration” now rest firmly on small to medium enterprises, because the big companies are simply unable to provide employment on any significant scale to people who are totally unskilled.

FAZ reported that only some 300 “refugees” were enrolled in the “special training courses” set up for them—and that this was an “alarming” figure when it was considered that more than a million invaders entered Germany last year alone.

Currently, there are more than 300,000 “job-seeking refugees,” the paper said.

Furthermore, many of the open jobs require a professional degree or professional training of some sort, and, as FAZ pointed out, the majority of the invaders have not even finished school.

In a recent survey by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), only 20 percent of the invaders claimed to have attended a high school, and the rest had either never attended any school or had only attended junior school.

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  1. Bezerkel merkel what an ass. This woman supposedly has a PhD in physics. Obviously a failure in her chosen field.
    With high unemployment in Portugal,
    Spain, Italy, Greece they could have come to Germany to boost the economy if Germany’s work force was
    in such dire need. (?) Simply put this is
    all about white genocide. Bezekel is a
    complete failure in anything she does.

    1. Merkel boasts about a PhD in physics awarded to her by a communist
      academy supposedly for many years of political agitation and snooping
      on colleagues. These remember her for her congenital laziness. Her
      second husband is a reputable scientist who is said to have had
      a major part in writing her thesis. As minister for the environment in
      the Kohl government after the reunification of Germany she was a
      failure ,was generally regarded as a laughing-stock and dismissed
      as “Kohl’s Girl”. As her knowledge of the German language is only
      approximate, her crimes against syntax and semantics are regular-
      ly reported on the net.

  2. The unemployment rate in Germany and any other EU country is higher than officially admitted. As the stock companies are owned by international investors – there is nothing German about them – apart from the usual brainwashed marketing and management graduates in the offices, it’s clear that they will go along with the destructive agenda of the NWO/ JWO.

    By the way : Employment in any EU country means it’s sufficient if you work/are being exploited ONLY 1 HOUR A WEEK – that means you are employed. Never mind if someone can live off that or not.

    Here is the EU definition of employment or unemployment:

    Main definitions of the EU-LFS

    Employed persons are persons aged 15 years and over who, during the reference week performed work, even for just one hour a week, for pay, profit or family gain or who were not at work but had a job or business from which they were temporarily absent because of something like, illness, holiday, industrial dispute or education and training.

    ( for anyone who is interested in I inserted the link above)

    Unemployed persons are persons aged 15-74 who were without work during the reference week, but who are currently available for work and were either actively seeking work in the past four weeks or had already found a job to start within the next three months.

    The economically active population comprises employed and unemployed persons.

    Inactive persons are those classified neither as employed nor as unemployed.

    Information on exceptions to the standard labour force age groups, together with an overview of other important definitions used in the EU-LFS (e.g. professional status, working time, atypical work or full-time or part-time work) is available in EU Labour Force Survey – methodology (Statistics Explained).

    The reference document for the definitions is the EU-LFS explanatory notes. They contain detailed information on the definition of each variable.

  3. I would recommend Richard Tedor’s fascinating book “Hitler’s Revolution” which details the primary objective* of the of the Third Reich – not bellicose imperialism and free reign to sadism as the “victor’s history” indoctrinates everyone – but giving meaningful employment to all Germans, breaking down class barriers by giving respect and honour to dignified labour, minimum wage and working conditions legislation (far ahead of most of the West), bringing the good things of life (vacations, sports, travel, arts, high culture) within the reach of the ordinary working family. And it largely succeeded in just 6.5 years. Also of prime importance was education and promotion for all who proved themselves of suitable character and intellect.

    These invaders have neither the intellect, the character, the will, discipline or desire to improve themselves however many educational opportunities are presented to them. All they want is free money, free housing, free everything, free sex (aka rape) and to establish the caliphate.

    And who is really surprised?

    *In fact, Hitler raged that the bloody war was wrecking his plans to renew the soul of Germany!

  4. It’s been said on other threads, none of these people have any concept of what work is all about, they know nothing of production lines, shift patterns, technical knowledge for manufacturing, and the list goes on and on. Merkel and her advisors have totally lost the plot if they still think that they can educate these people into accepting the level of discipline to become gainful employees within the German manufacturing sector. Let’s hope that she is forced to raise income taxes in the near future which could result in massive uprising and end her stint as the most unfit Leader of a country in my lifetime.

    1. Having no concept of what work is about and no technical knowledge, the only job they are qualified to do is one for which no formal educational standards are required or specified. That would be an MP or other politician role. After all, they seem to be able to outwit our politicos at every turn.

  5. Its all along in the EU hidden plan to start a war with russia and these refugees will be used as frontline. This war will last for many years. Brexit merely delayed the execution of this war.

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