Germany: Invader-“Refugee” Violence Wave against Hospital Staff

Doctors and nurses at hospitals in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, have broken their silence on the wave of mass attacks upon them being committed by nonwhite invaders pretending to be immigrants who are flooding out their institutions, according to reports in local newspapers.

A number of reports in the Neue Westfälische newspaper have revealed constant attacks by the nonwhites, and of how staff have now been “terrorized” to the point where outside security has had to be called in to control the mobs.

An article titled “Nurses in Bielefeld Hospitals are No Longer Safe” said that staff had reported “constant disrespect” and that if they did not attend to the nonwhites fast enough, they were spat upon, physically attacked by patients and family—often with knives—and verbally abused as “bitches” and “sluts.”

“The nurses no longer feel safe at their own workplace,” the newspaper reported.

In one hospital, the Bethel Evangelical Institute, management has started slef-defense classes for staff and has installed emergency buttons. “In other cities,” the report added, “security personnel [being present] in the emergency room are part of everyday life.”

A young nurse quoted by the newspaper said that the “the increase in verbal and physical violence has been constant. Insults are now the order of the day, especially of ‘southern’ patients and relatives,” she said, adding that they have to put up with these threats on a “daily basis.” (“Southern” is the German politically correct term for nonwhite, as the persons so named are “from the south,” i.e. Africa).

“I work as a nurse in the emergency room of a Bielefeld hospital night service. We are often alone in the emergency room,” she continued. “A colleague was attacked with a pair of scissors while she was about to care for a patient’s wound. If we’re not fast enough, we’re ‘bitches’, ‘sluts’ and ‘unable’.”

A male nurse told the newspaper that what he was subjected to on a daily basis is “just not acceptable. I am spat at, shouted at, insulted and even threatened with murder.”

Another report, titled “Violent patients spread fear and terror in Bielefeld clinics” said that a doctor had been wounded by a mass attack of Kurds, angry that their 83-year-old father had died in the Franziskus Hospital.

Franziskus CEO Georg Rüter told the newspaper that “Unfortunately, we are now used to such a thing. Unfortunately, people with a migration background are often particularly aggressive.

Hans-Werner Kottkamp, head physician of the central emergency department in the Bethel Evangelical Clinic, reported the he had been attacked and strangled by a patient’s husband because the treatment was not fast enough.

“There are always Southern patients with cough and flu in the hospital because they never go to the family doctor,” one nurse said. “And if they are not treated right away, they get abusive and aggressive.”

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  1. When will the German people wake up to the fact that their government is inept, incompetent and doesn’t give a toss for their safety as long as all the “SOUTHERN” people are looked after. Their politicians do not have to tolerate these abuses but demand the public must be nice to these totally illiterate people.

  2. ‘Mutta’ Merkel has so much to answer for. And her, fellow commie, immigration specialist adviser – Barry Hussein Obammy.. Who egged her on to brown up Germany, beyond repair. He is the greatest white hater the world has ever seen, even as he brown noses, white royalty UK, to grab his royal wedding seats. Yuk. Must go…gonna be sick.

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