Invader Sex-Crime Plague Detailed

The serious extent of the criminal nonwhite invader sex plague imported into Germany has been highlighted with the news that there has been one serious sex attack inside the “refugee” camps every day this year—and those figures are from just one of Germany’s 16 states.

According to a report in the Rheinische Post, there have been 178 reported incidents in the invader camps in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia this year.


The figures, obtained after questions were asked by state legislators, only pertained to camps with accommodation facilities of more than 20 people. This means that the actual figure may be higher.

The nature of the sex crimes include sexual harassment, sexual coercion, assault, and child sex-abuse, the figures showed.

According to state legislator Simone Brand, the real numbers are most likely even worse because many of the invaders have had “bad experiences with police officers in their home countries” and were therefore “unlikely to make a complaint.”

“The threshold to go to the police and file criminal charges is higher for those people,” Brand claimed.

Over and above these figures, the police also registered some 413 cases of domestic violence in invader accommodations.

The Rheinische Post report also revealed that in January there were some 5,000 “municipal facilities” housing the invaders. This number had been reduced to about 3,700 as of the middle of the year.

The reduction in the number of accommodations is because the invaders have been “distributed out” to apartments and other conventional housing units.

While these attacks have been directed against other invaders, there has been no let-up in the nonwhite attacks against German girls outside the camps.

Just last week, a gang of invaders in the town of Essen engaged in Cologne-style mass sex attacks on women attending a festival in the town, according to a report in the Westen Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) newspaper.


Police in Essen arrest one of the “refugees” at the festival.

At least ten complaints were made to the police before the end of the first day of the two-day event, known as the “Essen Original.”

A confidential telephone reporting line was set up for other victims to report attacks, and police have still not released a final figure of the total number of incidents.

At least seven arrests—all by invaders posing as refugees from North Africa and the Middle East—were made before the festival had ended.

The WAZ reported that the “Essen Original” festival had proceeded peacefully for the past 20 years, but this year was “completely overshadowed” by a massive police presence as a result of the mass nonwhite sex attacks.

In addition to the reported sex attacks, the invaders also took part in at least 20 assaults and robberies at the festival, the WAZ continued.

Festival director Dieter Groppe expressed dismay at the events saying, “this is something we have never experienced before.”

The ongoing attacks both inside and outside the invader camps show that there is no let-up in the behavior of the invaders—and reveal the true depth of the crime which has been committed in encouraging them into the heart of Europe.

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  1. How is it even possible to attack women at a well attended festival?
    Are the young German men (in the prime of life) not the great grand children of the Wehrmacht?
    I live in Canada and two out of the three Germans I’ve met in the last year seemed like they could handle themselves pretty well, the third guy, forget it, I don’t think he would want to rumple his scarf.

    1. From what I’ve read and seen, it seems they go in groups and go into areas in a crowd where it’s really packed tight and continue to molest women who can’t get out of the audience. No one would be able to help if they even knew it was happening. These monkeys shouldn’t be allowed out of their asylum centers and shouldn’t be allowed to enter any concert or music festivals.

    2. There has been an effort in the West to feminize boys. (Feminism, anti-bully campaigns, white guilt etc) Are you not aware of that. Also, Muslims travel in packs like military units of up to 30 and they work tactically to isolate target girls. Some will cause distraction nearby, others will form a ring to prevent help from arriving while a group of men will attack. A white boy who tries to stop them may get knifed. The Muslims are not afraid of jail because the justice system is weak. Rapists often get suspended sentences and are laughing in the court room while the victims are in tears.

  2. I have to wonder if the facilitation of these mass migrant movements into all the White homelands isn’t by DESIGN, not chance.
    We know about Mr Soros in Europe and the US and of the HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY in the US which has been bringing in Somali and other African “refugees” non-stop for decades.
    We also know about the same folks changing the immigration law in US and Australia…

    Theodore Newman Kaufman in his book “Germany Must Perish!”
    and Louis Nizer in his “What To Do With Germany” advocated mass sterilization for the expressed purpose of extermination. Maybe this new way will do the trick…

    1. It is by design…read

      White genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi

      The only European leader I have heard refer to the plan is Orban.

      Merkel, Blair and many of the bigwigs in the EU have won the Charlemagne prize for promoting the plan.
      You might also like to read

      Migrants are an underground army
      UN supplying invasion of Europe

      On this site 🙂

  3. Only persons with German citizenship should able to attend concerts. The same with access to swimming pools and any other place where there are people gathered. All these phony migrants should not be allowed outside their “refugee” centers without chaperones.

  4. Look at the basturds – attacking a lone woman mob-handed ….. and they reckon they`re `men` !!
    They should be rounded up and shot – the punishment for cowards.

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