Germany: Invaders Commit 770 Crimes Per Day

The flood of nonwhite invaders, pretending to be refugees in Germany, commit an astonishing 770 serious crimes every day, the Federal German police have admitted.

The crime wave consists of every sort of offense imaginable, including murders, thefts, counterfeiting, robbery, and assaults, an official Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) report said.


Titled “Crime trends in the context of immigration,” the official BKA report said that in the first three months of 2016, the invaders had already committed an astonishing 70,000 crimes in Germany.

The offenders are of all nationalities, the BKA said, with particularly high offense rates for nonwhites from North Africa.

The BKA list of the nations whose nationals have been arrested provides a good insight into the free-for-all invasion of Germany which has taken place under the Angela Merkel open doors policy.

According to the BKA, nationals from the following countries have been arrested for crimes in Germany from January to March 2016: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eritrea, Gambia, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Morocco, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Serbia, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.

The report said that delinquent trends were clearly noticeable by nationality.

Measured by the total number of invaders, the BKA said, Algerians, Moroccans, Georgians, Serbs, and Tunisians were “clearly disproportionate” to the total number of crimes—meaning that they commit the most crimes overall.

However, the BKA report said, “Syrians, Afghans, and Iraqis also have high absolute numbers of cases,” adding that their crime rate was only lower when compared to that of the other invaders.

Nationals from the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia) as well as citizens from Georgia appeared to be mainly involved with theft and counterfeiting.

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Nationals from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, and Somalia were most prominent as suspects in connection with theft, counterfeiting, and physical violence.

The report also said that 77 percent of all invader crimes were committed against Germans, and only 23 percent against other invaders.

The invaders also committed nine murders during this period. Eight victims were other invaders, and one was a German.

Another recent trend which has emerged is that the current wave of nonwhite invaders are deliberately disposing of any identity documents before arriving in Germany.

According to a report in the Bild newspaper, over 80 percent of the invaders who have arrived in Germany from January to April in 2016 arrived without any papers at all.

This is obviously a ploy to try and increase their chances of being able to parasite off the Europeans for even longer, as it has become known that certain nationalities have no chance of getting “asylum.”

According to the report, this involved some 91,000 invaders. In addition, 1,306 fake identity documents were seized.

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  1. After reading this I’m sure all of us are feeling quite ashamed of ourselves for ever thinking that these people are just do-nothings and layabouts. It must be physically exhausting to be committing 770 murders, thefts, counterfeiting, robbery, and assaults in a single day. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

    1. Say ‘Goodbye Europe’ – you are witnessing the deliberate destruction of European culture to enable the EU vision of new world order.

  2. They are only just warming up, it’s going to get worse. Take a look at what is happening in South Africa and you will see your future in Europe.

    1. Quite right, Frank. They re warming up:
      The German Minister of finance who is not able
      to manage the budget but seems to be a selfappointed
      authority in the field of human genetics has just asked the
      German population in an interview with the mainstream press
      to mix with the enrichers in order to avoid the negative
      effects of inbreeding in Germany.

      1. Schauble should be removed from office along with every other EU advocate of this policy…. ie: the whole perverted lot of them.
        Send every mudslime ` immigrant / refugees` back to the shitholes where such inbreeding practices are
        encouraged / enforced and leave us Europeans to supposedly `wither on the vine.`

  3. Surely some top Police/Armed Services personnel are becoming increasingly alarmed at the prospect of mass civil disorder by the indigenous populations of Europe in response to the continuing madness caused by Merkel? Moreover, the widespread application of the ‘Turkey’ approach to free press i.e. stifling it, must be of deep concern. I accept that the latter point assumes National Press would willingly publish similar information to that found on this website and takes no account of such pro-multicultural broadcasters as the BBC who would not broadcast such controversial news in any event.

    1. I would prefer the population concerned over the military becoming so pissed off, a military coup is expected at any time.

  4. quote: ” the current wave of nonwhite invaders are deliberately disposing of any identity documents before arriving in Germany.”
    What`s difficult about `No documents – No entry. ` and the same goes for all forged papers too.
    Ship them all back to the original port and dump them.

  5. I recently had an “encounter” with this shot in Austria. Two Afghan attempted to pickpocket me. I managed to swing round, and one ran off like s chicken, the other thought about staying, but when I moved nearer, he ran too! Only fit to fight girls, the pussies!

  6. Why is Mad MERKEL still in power I wonder?
    Why haven,t the Germans thrown her out?
    A very strange affair it seems.
    Who is protecting the stupid woman?
    Anyone know?

    1. The contemptible Merkel was forced on Kohl by the
      occupying power of the United States of A. Kohl who
      was a puppet himself told reporters in 2014 that
      “Mrs. Merkel didn’t even know how to eat correctly
      with knife and fork. She loitered so much during
      official dinners that I often had to call her to order,”
      and “Mrs. Merkel is clueless…” (Die Welt, October
      6, 2014). Besides she only speaks rudimentary
      German and her Stasi past shuns the light.

    2. The “Merkel Plan” is the Soros Plan and to understand the darker agenda behind the plan the so-called Merkel Plan was a product of US and NATO-linked think tanks and of governments of NATO member countries or prospective members.
      The “Merkel Plan” authors at the European Stability Initative, in addition to the largesse of George Soros’ foundations, list as “core” funder, the German Marshall Fund of the United States which is anything but German. The German Marshall Fund of Washington has been involved in the post-1990 USA agenda of regime change around the world in league with the US-funded National Endowment for Democracy, Soros Foundations, and the CIA front called USAID. Its agenda is the deconstruction of postwar Germany and more broadly of the sovereign states of the EU to fit them better into the Wall Street globalization agenda.” F William Engdahl

  7. Each victim of foreigners should be able to SUE the government for inviting them/letting them in/not expelling them.


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