Germany: Invaders above Law

Nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees” and living in state provider centers appear now to be above the law, according to a crime victim who was told by police that they cannot enter the camps to recover stolen property.

According to a report in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, the “asylum centers” are now a “legal black hole” into which “asylum seekers” can retreat after committing crimes without fear of being pursued.

wiesloch asylum center complete with mosque-02

The Wiesloch invader center, complete with mosque.

According to the report, a German from Stuttgart was in the Karlsruhe Central Station at ten to six in the evening. He was standing at the train ticket vending machine, and had placed his backpack—which contained a Macbook, two external hard drives, a notebook, keys and his iPhone, between his legs as he purchased a ticket.

Standing at the machine next to his was a nonwhite who appeared to be struggling with buying a ticket, and after a minute turned to the German and asked him for help in getting a ticket to Mannheim.

After the German stepped up to the nonwhite’s machine to help him, another nonwhite came up and stole the backpack, making off with it before the victim could react.

The victim then went to the police station, where he lodged a complaint. The police took him in a vehicle to scout around—unsuccessfully—for the thieves. Back at the station, the victim realized he could track his iPhone using a GPS tracker on the Internet.

He showed the police officers and it soon transpired that the phone was some 13 miles away—and moving. As it turned out, the thief was on a suburban train toward Heidelberg. The police contacted their colleagues to intercept the train in Heidelberg, but then the phone stopped moving.

The thieves had got off the train at the Wiesloch-Walldorf train station, and from there had made their way to the Wiesloch “refugee shelter.”

According to the RNZ’s narration, the victim was very happy, saying that this was “perfect” because they now knew exactly where his goods were.

However, the police officers then informed him that “this is a refugee camp, and we cannot do anything there.”

When he queried this, the police told him that they “do not go into the refugee shelters [for such cases], so they have become our legal vacuum.”

The victim was instead advised just to report the serial numbers of the stolen equipment in the hope that they appeared somewhere.

The victim told RNZ that the theft had deprived him of data of a “partly private, partly professional” nature which was irreplaceable. Pleas with the invaders at the 300-strong camp to just return the hard drives without further action fell on deaf ears, and the phone was switched off, so that no further tracking was possible.

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    1. If this story is true I am truly disgusted at the authorities and the so-called political “elite”. They are like guttersnipes and I have no respect for them whatsoever.

  1. german are going to lose their country to nonwhite people and their will be no more fatherland for them because they are very stupid

  2. The German police is terrified of the invaders, seen fear over and over in German videos, the invaders know it. The German people keep looking for their bought and paid for by the Saudis and new world order to save them. They will not. Their job is to kill you. Slowly.
    German people in their guts know this already, whisper it in the nite. But the strength of German people has been crushed by PC liberal politics and life long attacks on suppressing pride in the German culture and country.
    Germany is list.
    Any German who wishes to survive must move to Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada. Those r your only choices

    1. I agree. Merkel doesn’t just intend to exterminate her fellow citizens, she wants to break their spirit and humiliate them too. Why else would she move German soldiers into tents and give the barracks to invaders? Why else would she encourage the rape of German girls, women and even boys?

      The strategy is built into the PC program. The lefties impose rules that are more and more absurd. So long as we obey their rules they know they can go further. They are evil.

  3. The German people have been served up as a sacrificial lamb to these criminal killer religious zealots full of hate, contempt and disdain for their hosts. But the “leaders” know what they are doing to their country — invading it and making war on it using hessians from the middle eastern sandpits. Merkel should hang, the police in Germany should be kicked all over the place, and I have to say it doesn’t look good for white people. We have too many traitors in our race. Not hopeful here.

    1. Just a moment Crusader while I reach for my phone to contact the Pope. Perhaps he’d like to come along and kiss their feet or, to put it in terminology the Muslim’s will understand: ‘kiss my ass’……………

  4. Judicial bias in favour of ethnics has long been a feature in the UK. Gypsies are a common beneficiary. They too can steal (large) items and the police will not seize the stolen goods, although they do accept a handwritten receipt from “a bloke in a pub” as proof of ownership. Gypsies can also pitch camp wherever they like without fear of clampers, parking tickets etc.

    1. Agreed bad government, but also completely valid laws already on the statute books – but unused gathering dust on the legal shelfs so to speak. We already have all the laws needed to deal with this. There is no political will, or courage to do what is necessary. The results are plain to see and if allowed to continue will lead to the demise of society as we know it.

  5. Send the total costs of the equipment lost and the new equipment bought to Merkel with the information given by the police and demand repayment within 7 days or taken to court because those instructions were authorised by the German government of which she is the Leader.

      1. The guy should see a lawyer. Why the hell do we bother paying our taxes. All the while, the army sits on it’s ass. Militia need to be formed.

  6. The police couldn’t go into the migrant centre because they were too afraid, or because they are under orders? A combination of both, I suspect. The authorities are terrified of the predictable riots, but all it needs is for armed forces to go in once and hard and the message would be clear to all migrants and stuff the bleeding hearts. Germany believes it is supreme in Europe when it’s not even fit to govern its own country.

  7. The same rules apply in Britain where gypsy camps are concerned, the police will not enter any gypsy camp, ever, regardless of any crimes that have been or are being committed there, or how much stolen property is hidden, it’s the same with the muslim no go areas, the police are so terrified of upsetting them, they are happy to allow them to rape English children rather than arrest them, the police are terrified of gypsies and muslims, everyone else is hammered if they break the most trivial of laws.

  8. The germans and swedes should just line up bend over pull their pants down and be done with it, hard to believe this is the millennium, the human race is retarded

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