Germany: Invaders Have Multiple Wives

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has confirmed that the nonwhite invaders pouring into that country have “multiple wives”—and that this poses a direct threat to traditional German values and laws.

This follows an earlier admission that more than half of the invaders have child brides.


According to a report in the Bild newspaper, Maas, a member of the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD), said that he wants to “bring an end to the practice of tolerating polygamous marriages among immigrants in Germany.”

This admission means that until now, polygamy has been tolerated in Germany—for the nonwhites.

In fact, the situation is “tolerated” in most western European nations because of a legal loophole.

Although polygamy is illegal, European laws also recognize as valid any marriage contracted legally elsewhere in the world.

Thus, the loophole emerges: as polygamy is legal—and encouraged—in most Muslim nations, a Muslim living in Europe can claim that all of these legal marriages have to be recognized as well.

Rather than confront the nonwhites, most European governments have simply turned a blind eye to the practice, which has been present since the first large-scale nonwhite invasions started in the 1970s.

For example, it was reported as early as 2012 that an estimated 30 percent of “Arab-born” men in Berlin actually had two wives.

Now, however, the ongoing flood of nonwhites into Germany—invited there by Merkel in 2015—has brought with it a large number of “new” polygamous marriages.

It is this new wave of multiple wives which has finally forced even liberals like Maas to speak out in public.

“No one who comes here has the right to place their cultural entrenchment or religious thinking over our laws,” Maas told the Bild.

“Therefore no multiple marriages will be allowed to be recognized in Germany.”

Currently, polygamy in Germany is punishable by up to three years in prison.

However, immigrants who arrive in Germany after already marrying multiple wives in their home countries may be tolerated by legal authorities in practice, depending on what’s best for the family, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

If a husband dies, for example, courts may decide to divide the man’s pension between his wives, the newspaper wrote.

* The far more serious meaning to Maas’s admission is the implication it contains for the breeding ability of the nonwhite invaders. With up to four wives per male (as allowed by Islam), their reproduction rates are considerably higher than Europeans. In addition, the nonwhites are able to take advantage of the free welfare and child support payments available in European nations to subsidize their breeding efforts.

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  1. Nice. A different sh#g for each day of the week. Maybe they’re named after different days?? *shakesheadindespair*

  2. This may be no appropriate comment to your news above, but this is so weird, i have to share it: The town of Moritzburg in Saxony, Germany, is making plans for a new refugee home close to a nudist camp. Of course, the are protests of the nudists pointing to the future safety of women. The major of the town replied on this very Merkel-like:
    “We have all live together in tolerant und er standing.”
    LOL! !! If it weren’t so sad, better if i lived on Mars, it would be almost funny!

    1. Safety of white females was never a concern of the “system”. Just the opposite, rape if necessary is the objective.

  3. Well Maas, so what are you going to do about it? 20 years from now these retrograde misogynistic breeders are going to make the laws. Is a numbers game, are you really to dumb to see it????? Mercifully I will be dead by then, but my child will not be able to visit his ancestral homeland Germanistan in Eurabia

    1. Have I said “influencial historian”? He’s an evil Bilderberger and a Trump-hater at that. That Germany will become Asian and the USA a Lantin country was NOT a warning.

      Jewish-buyed German media mogul and selfdeclared Zionist Doepfner: “If you only knew how harmless this conference is…”

      1. Wikipedia says: Ferguson has been a contributing editor for (((Bloomberg))) Television. He was appointed as an investment management consultant by GLG Partners, a hedge fund management firm headed by (((Noam Gottesman))) and (((Jonathan Green))), as a unit of (((Lehman Brothers))). He left his wife for genital mutilated Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who gave birth to their race mixed son. He’s a Senior Research Fellow of Jesus College. He was brought up as, and remains, an atheist.

        Apropos (non)religion: We have many cultural-marxist “ersatz religions” here (no accident, this word’s German even in English). One of them is so called “Welcome Culture” (but Bilderbergers themself have no “Welcome Culture” for journalists and free press!), what they installed especially for Muslim and Third World invaders, just see length of Wikipedia article Till recently there was no translation to other languages (not even Swedish, Arabic or Pashto).

        They’ve also installed a so called “Reminding Culture” (means: Eternal Guilt Culture), anti-white “Schools without Rassism – Schooles with Courage”, “Diversity does well”, “Promoting Tolerance – strengthen Competence” and many more – our children programming and brainwashing, our people gagging and surpressing – bullshit It’s total craziness!

        Mainly responsable for that rot are Jewish organisations like ZdJ or for example Annetta Kahane of “Amadeu Antonio Foundation”, connected mit Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” and other, not to forget the masses of their useful marxist anti-German idiots (“unconditional support for Israel”) They’ve indoctrinated our country completely The mass medias are owned and dominated by Zionists like Döpfner, Josef Joffe, Henryk Broder or Michel Friedman.

  4. In Britain they are allowed to claim benefits for three wives, any British man committing bigamy is imprisoned, Germany, you need to catch up.

  5. Well of course they can, their god said so. So German laws be damned, Allah says breed like bunnies and live of the Europeans. After all, they need more diversity in Germany so why shouldn’t they be allowed to impregnate ever ugly non-white troll???
    I’ll give them this, at least they’re married. Here in the states the brothers impregnate anything they can and never see the female again. Must be a cultural thing.

  6. No country can possibly support umpteen wives plus multi offspring and remain solvent. Ludicrous claims that “they pay in more than they take out ” is yet another monstrous lie.
    The EU financial wizards responsible must be held accountable.
    What else is being kept hidden that we don`t yet know about.

  7. You’re gonna think I’m nuts (even I think I’m nuts!) but maybe our people need to start having multiple wives and breeding like rats. How much is the goverrnment doling out in baby bonuses these days? I’ll bet If you had enough kids you’d never need to work and BEST OF ALL you’d be taking the whole system down at the same time.

  8. Proud aryan….no i dont think your nuts at all,its a sound idea.The laws that favour the muslims should apply to the whites too and if they dont then get several ”de facto wives”.

  9. Same in the UK. The benefit rules were changed to hide the gov’s blatant support of bigamy. Formerly a Muslim man could import up to 4 wives and have them on benefits. Now, in a typical Victorian way, it’s hidden. These wives are now treated as single people for the benefits system. Islam really is the most privileged community in the UK.

  10. The recent shocking immigration figures for the UK have been made so complicated (by design or otherwise) that it is not easy to fathom what is going on. I have specifically looked for the numbers within the ‘Non-EU’ range to get to the bottom of numerically how many of the 188,000 arrived purely for, “Family Reunification”. When asked the question, the Office for National Statistics tells me that they have no specific figures for “Family Reunification” (alarmingly or conveniently?) but that removing other categories, the net figure is, 152,000 of ‘Non-EU’ migrants. The only indication is via the ‘International Passenger Survey’ (?) and from that, I should take the ONS’s estimate of 37,000 from that 152K. Roughly speaking then, as a percentage, that’s 25%. The fact is, that in the UK we have no idea whether this 25% include “extra” wives or not. Simply extending this to the total influx into Germany of 1,226,000 (the last fairly accurate figures per year) means that Germany can expect another 25% of legitimate arrivals on top of that, i.e. 306,500. Then the breeding can really start……………….

    1. There`s obviously been deliberate obfuscation of the true UK immigration figures for years to keep us acquiescent. While we were querying what was happening before our eyes TPTB were dividing them into different categories making it virtually impossible for Joe Public to track the actual numbers.
      Deceit perpetrated on a grand scale.

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