Germany: Invaders Stay on Welfare

The liberal claim that Third World immigration is needed to “boost Europe’s labor force” has been exposed once again as a lie with the news that none of the 50,000 officially recognized “asylum seekers” in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia are working, and all are living on welfare.

The Deutsche Welle (DW) news service has admitted that “there is little demand for these would-be-employees in Germany’s most populous state.”



In an article titled “Refugee Dilemma: The challenge of finding jobs for refugees in Germany,” DW reported that the official “employment agency of Germany’s most populous state is sounding the alarm over its inability to provide tens of thousands of refugees with work.”

So far, the 50,000 nonwhite invaders who have “completed the prerequisite asylum process and integration courses” in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) “are now at the point where they may apply for jobs, the state’s employment agency says.”

The DW goes on to repeat the classic liberal arguments used to promote Third World immigration—but then immediately, and likely inadvertently, admits that these arguments are false:

“In the face of Germany’s low birthrate and rapidly aging population, one would think that the influx of new labor would be beneficial, but in NRW, however, there is little demand for these would-be-employees in Germany’s most populous state.”

Christiane Schönefeld, the head of the NRW employment agency, in an interview with the WDR broadcaster, and quoted by DW, attempted to explain this mysterious lack of employment by claiming that employers are not interested because the invaders’ “resident permit status is still not clear or the work permit regulations are too complicated.”

This is however nonsense, because recognized “asylum seekers” have been granted residence rights, and there are no more formalities to fulfill.

The DW article then goes on to admit the truth, saying that the invaders just do not have any skills or ability:

“It seems many refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries lack the skills and qualifications German companies need, even if they have completed vocational training or a university degree in their native countries,” the DW says, despite quoting Schönefeld as saying that “this is the moment in time when integrating refugees into the labor market either succeeds or fails.”

The state has gone through great lengths to try and get the invaders into work. Months ago, the DW reports, NRW set up 47 specific “integration point” centers where invaders can find help with “integration classes,” “guidance counseling,” “recognition of foreign credentials,” or even finding a kindergarten place for their children.

However, the problem is that at least one-third of the invaders have no schooling at all, the NRW employment agency told DW, adding that “young people with little or no schooling rarely have a chance of finding a trainee position.”

Furthermore, “in general, asylum seekers to Europe are mainly young and male,” a study commissioned earlier this year by the European Parliament found. Of first-time “asylum applicants, 74 percent are male, and 82 percent are younger than 35.

The same numbers hold true in NRW, the employment agency said. Seventy percent of the invaders in the state’s October unemployment statistics are male, and poorly educated, and more than 60 percent are younger than 35.

Nationwide, the government’s “migration experts” predict that by the end of 2017, at least 460,000 invaders will be “ready to enter the German job market”—but, going by the NRW test, none of them are actually going to work either.

In July 2016, it was reported that the top 30 listed companies on the German stock exchange have only been able to employ 54 of the invaders posing as refugees in Germany.

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  1. Germany has the gall to criticise the UK for wanting out of the EU and German control, the mind boggles. Bearing in mind that Germany always had the reputation of being strict in its rules and regulations when I was there in the Forces, just goes to show how times change.

  2. C`mon !! Merkel didn`t invite well over a million and a half foreign Muslim layabouts to invade because Europe desperately needed them. Shady figures lurking in the background set the agenda in motion.
    Now what`s the nationality of megalomaniac Soros ???

    1. Soros (not his real name) is a (((Hungarian))). For some reason, I suppose ultimately based on the (((population))) distribution, (((Hungarians))) have played a distinctive role, similar to (((Germans))) but with its own twist. Many of them moved to the USA, unfortunately for the US and rest of the world.

  3. I wish someone experienced in these things would explain why, after the British Empire was dismantled (by Jews in the USA), and after they had a few nominal revolutions (e.g. Algeria) there seem to has been zero education to the proud beneficiaries of the revolutions. How come they were left with nothing? Apart from Libya.

  4. So the Germans haven’t just lost their country – they will have to pay, and pay heavily forever – for that ‘privilege’.

  5. The story of needing immigrants to fill jobs never stood up to the slightest scrutiny, nor did that other old chestnut about compensating for a declining birthrate (mass immigration causes the indigenous BR to fall). As for them being poor, vulnerable people desperately fleeing from war, well pull the other one. No group in history has been better able to take care of itself than Muslims. No group in history has been more mendacious, ruthless & predatory.

  6. With more and more factories being closed down in the west and moved to Eastern Europe, China and India; or being outsourced to these places (as in the case of the customer/tech support and IT sector); in actual fact the demand for workers will DECREASE. Those factories remaining in Germany are increasingly mechanized so again need fewer workers. If Germany and other countries really do need more workers there are plenty of unemployed Spanish and Italian under 25’s who would probably jump at the chance of a decent job in Germany. European businesses should employ Europeans! But this is not done because there is a hidden agenda. Surely it must be clear to most people that the “workers needed and falling birth rate” justification for this invasion by the Lefty/Lib/Commie/Globalist cabal (this is truly an unholy alliance) is a total lie. In truth mass immigration from these alien cultures is a Trojan horse designed to destroy western civilization.
    And about the falling birth rate. The “cabal” say the Earth is overpopulated so why is falling birth rate a problem? And as I’ve just said there are fewer jobs to go around, and there will be even fewer in the future.

  7. Only an idiot would think they came to Germany to work, its the housing and benefits they are after although we were told they were all doctors and architects but nobody knows where they got to. So 50000 illegal immigrants without a job and now they will send for their families so you have up to a million people who can’t or won’t work.

  8. Merkel has ruined Germany and Europe yet nothing will happen to her if she gets voted out she will still have a very generous pension to live on and then will probably get a job with the EU, no wonder today’s leaders care little for their own citizens.

  9. They could employ some of them as illegal migrant catchers. They know who and where they are. Pay a bounty on each one caught and deported.

  10. The migrants do create work as they need armies of tax funded enablers to provide housing food and to show them what they are entitled to from the state. Think of the pot holes that could have been filled in. Old people could have had much better pensions and in Germany there are millions on very low pensions that trigger social help such as it is

  11. Bearing in mind that those of us that comment on here actually live in the real world, there is no-one, absolutely no-one that will actually stand up and do anything about the total corruption of democracy by the likes of all the EU elite who probably have never worked for a living doing a hard day’s graft. The never-ending lies from so-called representatives of the people has got to the level that there could be a major revolution in some of the EU countries. I advocated months ago that the quickest way to end this migration problem is for all countries to create a new form of National Service for all 18-30 year-olds, including women with children.

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