Germany: Invaders Sue as 55,259 Arrive

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers have started suing the German state for “delays” in processing their applications—while another 55,259 have arrived in Germany in the first five months of 2016.

According to a report in the Thüringer Allgemeine newspaper, more and more “asylum seekers” are suing the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees for “inactivity” in dealing with their demands to be given residency in Germany.


Some 3,271 invaders have started legal proceedings this year, aided by leftist support organizations. This is an increase of more than 40 percent on the figure for all of 2015, when some 2,299 complaints were handed in.

The failure to process the applications in a “reasonable time” has nothing to do with any desire on the part of the German state to deny the invaders anything, as the court papers claim, but rather to do with the fact the nonwhite flood has simply overwhelmed the state’s infrastructure.

The decision to start legal proceedings against the Interior Ministry—the agency responsible for the processing of the applications—is somewhat ironic given that 15% of Federal Administration staff “have a migration background.”

According to a press release issued by the Turkish-origin Aydan Özoguz, who is the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, this is however still too few.

Meanwhile, the nonwhite invasion continues unabated. There have been at least 55,259 “asylum” applications in Germany from January to May 2016, with 16,000 new arrivals in May alone.

In May 2015, some 15,491 nonwhites invaded Germany demanding that the taxpayers house and feed them.

The end May figure of 55,259 represents an increase of 113 percent compared to the period January to May 2015.

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  1. I would like to know which organizations, individuals and law firms are bringing lawsuits on behalf of migrants. These people and organizations should be exposed and sued themselves.

    And, of course, the German parliament needs to change the laws to eliminate asylum seeking altogether. They don’t because they are corrupt and brainwashed scum who should also be exposed and sued on behalf of the German People.

      1. It was disclosed just this last weekend that there is an increasing amount of EU legislation piling up and awaiting the UK’s Referendum decision before being imposed. The principle appears to be: “Don’t scare the natives” before the UK public vote! Apparently, amongst this pile of legislation is a demand that all EU States contribute to Germany’s self-imposed problem with ‘Open Borders’. Cameron “claimed” he “negotiated” an opt out from this sort of imposition. If right what was said, he has failed to stand up for the ‘opt out’ on previous occasions and has caved in under pressure from his European “Colleagues” on ALL instances when he was forced to contribute. So, Bryn, it will probably (as normal) eventually be the taxpayer that will pick up the tab for Merkel’s stupidity.
        Just think, the country which sustains the, “Mother of All Parliaments”, hopefully, will be again the first when they stick two fingers up to the EU. Not forgetting the IMF, World Bank, Bank of England and all the rest including the list of geriatric ex-Prime Ministers anxious to contribute their ‘two-penniworth’ to the debate

    1. money grabbing human rights lawyers that’s who, we have no rights , it seems, only these people do .We have been made to feel guilty for having a structured life now they think its their right to come in their millions and take what we have worked hard for their dream our nightmare.I wonder how this will go down in the history books .

    2. They aren’t brainwashed because they have no brains.
      They are with very few exceptions just corrupt scoundrels
      paid by the government for their votes.

    1. Dr. Albert Schweitzer Was absolutely correct, they envy/hate the White race, and will absolutely destroy what we have build.

      Does this remind you of some animals behavior;

      Race is race, genes are genes. They can never be like us. Let’s separate before they destroy us completely.
      Wonder how we would have lived by now, if we stayed pure and away from other kind …
      ” Thief comes to steal and kill ” … And even rape our baby girls it seams.

      Jews know how to take care of their own, and they don’t care what others label them. Rightfully so.

  2. People of Europe , what do you see ? I see an German autocracy which can’t run Germany let alone Europe. For many British it should be quite apparent why a Brexit is so important. Germany for the third time in recent history has attempted to take control of Europe this time using money and a convoluted Euro currency that favors only the Germans. Britain’s voice in the European Union has been muted if not totally filtered out. There is only one way to gain back British sovereignty and sanity. Vote to leave the European Union Madhouse on June 23. On June the twenty fourth you will feel a tremendous weight removed.

    1. The First world War was declared against Germany. See for example Docherty and Macgregor’s book on the Jewish lead up to WW1, Then check on the way Jews arranged for Stalin (yes) and the USA and UK to oppose Germany, infinitely more civilised than the USSR.

      1. And in WWII Germany was not trying “to take control of Europe”, just Europe east of Germany. And for that two countries west of Germany – Britain and France – declared war against Germany.

  3. And the results : Parasites / legal vultures 2 EU taxpayers 0
    In anybody`s language it`s definitely `money for old rope.`

  4. The main reason they are suing the government is because it is delaying their transfer to the UK. Most of us have accepted the fact that this country will be flooded by non EU people but as there is not a snowball’s chance that the 650 MP’s in the House of Commons will actually do something to prevent all this, then sorry, but the next three generations will have for the rest of their lives one hell of a problem, there will be no United Kingdom in 20 years.

    1. That’s how thousands of Somalis ended up in the UK. They got their EU passports in The Netherlands, decided they didn’t like it there and moved over to (mostly) England with whom they have no connection. They are mired in criminal activity.

  5. Illegal immigrants get rich quick scheme, they have it all planned out how to get to Germany then bleed them dry, to smart for Merkel.

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