Germany: Invasion Causes 31% Crime Spike

The German police have announced that crime in Germany rose by 31.6 percent in 2015, and said that this increase was due to the mass “refugee” invasion which took place that year.

This figure is not however the complete number, as these are only the crimes reported to the federal police—and do not include crimes reported to local police forces.

Jahresbericht 2015 der Bundespolizei

According to the newly-released federal police’s annual report (Jahresbericht 2015), there were 436,387 crimes reported in Germany in 2015. These figures only include crimes recorded by the federal police, who are responsible for securing borders and transit hubs like train stations and airports.

The biggest increase in crimes was in categories pertaining to immigration, namely violations of residency, asylum, and freedom of movement laws. These made up nearly 40 percent of all crimes, or 171,477 cases, and an increase of 151.6 percent over 2014.

The next largest increase was in the number of thefts, going up about 12 percent to 57,146 crimes. Most thefts took place in trains or at train stations—favorite hangouts of the invaders.

The only other area that saw an increase was in fare-dodging and forgery at 2 percent more than 2014, once again both specialties known to be associated with the invaders.

The federal police also registered 865,374 invaders who entered Germany illegally last year. September 12th of 2015 had the highest number of illegal entries recorded at around 14,000 people.

Jahresbericht 2015 der Bundespolizei

Most of those who entered the country without prior permission claimed to be from Syria at nearly 74,000 people, followed by those claiming to be from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Given the huge numbers of fake passports and identification documents in circulation among the invaders, the likelihood of those nationality numbers being accurate are very small.

In addition, it is well-known that at least three-quarters of the invaders arrive without any documentation at all, and claim to be “Syrians” just because they know that they have a better chance of getting in on the “asylum” swindle that way.

Nonetheless, the police report said that from 2014 to 2015, there was a 400 percent increase in “Syrians” illegally entering the country, and a more than 2,000 percent increase in “Iraqis.”

There was also a large increase in people from “Iran” invading Germany, at a more than 1,000 percent rise over 2014. There is, of course, no war in Iran.

Most of the invaders who entered the country illegally did so over the Austrian border, in 81 percent of all cases. Five percent of the invaders travelling illegally came through airports.

The number of deportations that the police force counted had increased to 22,369, compared to 13,851 people deported in 2014.

Police also reported on the working conditions of officers in 2015. Due to heightened terror concerns, federal police together worked around 2.9 million hours of overtime.

The report explained that this was due to terror attacks in Paris in January and November of last year, as well as in Copenhagen last February.

“The year 2015 for the federal police was not only characterized by the straining immigration situation, but also by the terrorist attacks in our neighboring states,” the report said.

Given that the federal police have reported such a massive spike in invader-related crime, it is highly likely that the local police have recorded an even greater number of incidents.

It is to local police that the robberies, thefts, assaults, rapes, sex attacks, and other invader-related crimes are reported—which means that collectively, it is possible that the increase in the crime rate in Germany could easily be double the federal police’s estimate.

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  1. Their crimes NEVER reduce. It’s in their DNA. As they breed & multiply so does the crime rate & the severity of crimes will escalate.

    I know I’m an expatriate white African.

  2. Make them do five years active duty in the army before they are allowed to apply for asylum. All I see is huge lines of military aged men, healthy and ready to fight. They will fight anyway, and worse, so give them discipline and send them to fight ISIS.

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