Germany: More ISIS Invaders Jailed

Three more nonwhite invaders with German nationality have been jailed for joining up with Jihadists in Syria, underlining the danger of legal Third World immigration to Europe.

A court in North Rhine-Westphalia last week jailed Fadil Rudolf S., 26, Mohamed A. 24, and Mustafa P., 26, for going to Syria and receiving training from ISIS, before returning to Germany.


The three, all legal immigrants to Germany and German passport holders, initially left for Syria in 2013 to join the Junud al-Sham “rebel” terrorists (the “Soldiers of Syria”) which later morphed into ISIS.

“After Fadil’s first return to Germany, he once again made himself available as a fighter for Isis over several weeks in July 2014,” the court in the western city of Düsseldorf said in a statement.

“Later in January and in the summer of 2015, he also sought twice to travel to Syria to join Isis.”

Fadil was sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment.

The other two invaders, Mohamed A. and 26-year-old Mustafa P., were sentenced to two years and nine months for involvement in Junud al-Sham for several months in 2013.

According to a report in the Funke Mediengruppe, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has drafted a law which would take German citizenship away from people with two passports who fight for terror groups abroad.

There are currently around 900 German citizens who are fighting for jihadist groups in Syria or Iraq. This law would affect slightly more than 100 of this group of extremists, according to the report.

Almost a third of those who have travelled abroad have returned and 140 were killed while abroad, while around 420 are still in Syria or Iraq.

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  1. At least they have been jailed. In the lunatic asylum formerly known as Sweden, returning Jihadists are feted like prodigal sons.

  2. Why on earth does any modern prosperous country allow any ordinary citizen (i.e not military/government engaged in cross border subterfuge) to be in possession of dual nationality. The very fact of wishing to retain their original nationality/passport denotes they have no intention of fully integrating and is most certainly a strong sign of lack of future patriotism. Nobody NEEDS two passports, they can simply be a useful tool to have for some. The beneficiary of that usefulness is not the western country passport issuer, quite the reverse.
    Some will pipe up perhaps that business people need them. They don’t NEED them, they just make life easier on occasion. That reason doesn’t even come close to outweighing the negativity of the numerous idiots the world is having to tolerate that are swanning around unchecked.
    If a person is able to enter a nation and legally stay there using their original passport then they do not need a second nationality, their first has been shown to be sufficient.

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