Germany: At least 180 ISIS Terrorists

There are at the very minimum 180 ISIS-trained terrorists at loose inside Germany, in addition to the 400 investigations underway against invaders posing as refugees, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), has said.

Speaking in an interview with the Tagesspiegel newspaper, BKA chief Holger Münch said that his agency was aware of at least 850 legally resident “immigrants” in Germany who had left the country to go and fight for ISIS.

The number of such “immigrants” going to Syria has however declined in recent times due to the defeats suffered in ISIS—thanks to the Russian intervention.


Münch said that his agency was “concerned above all” with the question of what “special risks” the “jihadists from the Federal Republic,” who are back in Germany, pose to the country.

Asked by the newspaper if attacks on churches in Germany—such as that which happened in France—were a possibility, Münch said that he had “always expected that ISIS would hit symbolic targets with many civilian casualties” with the aim of unsettling the population.

“Attacks on churches are therefore conceivable, and we must, as a result, keep an eye on the radicalized people of which we are aware,” he said.

In this regard, he continued, the BKA has a list of around 520 people they class as serious potential terrorists.

“Of these, about half are currently in Germany, and about 80 are currently in custody,” he continued.

“So we need to keep track of at least 180 terrorists. Regionally, they are concentrated in urban areas such as Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Rhein-Main area.”

In addition, Münch said, the BKA also tries to keep track of what the suspects still overseas are up to, so that they can monitor “returnees from Syria and Iraq.”

In addition to all of this, he added, the BKA also “needs to keep more than 360 so-called relevant persons under surveillance, as they are all identified potential supporters of terrorists.” This is not including what he called a “wide range of possible contact persons.”

Asked about the danger of refugee-terrorists, Münch said that the BKA was currently investigating some 400 reported cases among the invader camps in Germany.

“In many cases, there is concrete evidence, and this has led to more than 60 cases” throughout the country, he said.

He admitted that previous immigration to Germany had resulted in an increase in crime and terrorism, saying that the police “must not repeat the mistake of the 90s, where we did not pay enough attention to the effects of immigration on security. We must, for example, proceed quickly and resolutely against the establishment of any new criminal gang structures,” he said, referring to the large Arab, Turkish, and other nonwhite crime gangs which operate freely in Germany’s major cities.

Münch’s genuine ignorance of the real causes of nonwhite terrorism and crime in Germany was then revealed when he was asked what the solutions to the problem might be.

Münch said that the state needed to “intensively address the issue of immigration and its side effects.”

In this regard, he said, “Germany must invest heavily in integration and we as police have to analyze exactly what developments immigration triggers.”

In other words, Münch, like the rest of the establishment and its controlled media, appears to genuinely believe that the answer to the problem lies in “more integration”—and not the more obvious answer, which is the complete and total repatriation of all the nonwhite invaders in Germany back to their home countries.

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    1. Because our time is running out…

      Every couplla hundred years these Religious Wars are an Infurno or are just smoldering waiting, they simmer waiting for that right time when their human numbers,money and resources are accumulated in Massive MASSIVE stock piles mainly in their certain Religious Countries and yes hidden all around the World…..
      (Mosques are a well known and renowned place for storage because of their sizes and their ‘World wide hands OFF Religious ground bullshit excuses) between the Christians and the Muscrats these Wars will never ever STOP OR FINISH..!!
      Its AWAYS AWAYS just a matter of time before something reignites the Flames of these so-called HOLY WARS..!!!

      And the amount of SINGLE FIGHTING AGED MEN travellingin groups are not refugees or in fear of their lives..!!
      They are proven fighters and killers..!!!
      The WORST of the WORST KILLERS..!!
      Cutting the heads OFF WOMEN CHILDREN and MEN!!
      Burning them alive throwing certain groups of people offa high high places because of the way they where born..!!!

      There’s too much white hot hatred;
      There’s too many written-spread and made up lies, and what’s written in those “Bullshit” Religious Books is to blame!!!! YES IT IS…!!!

      Its all EXTREMELY Scary Scary stuff in the BIBLE and the Quran…..!!!

      Taking a life and limb is nothing for the Muscrats!!
      They are born(Boys and Girls) rasied cutting heads off toys and small animals,!!

      Their time is now…..
      And our time has run out….

      And worst of all our Govenments are Shit scared of them…….

  1. Those guys in the pic above all decked out in military garb look like and are complete idiots. Watching their country go to( store high in transit) -sorry wouldn’t let me spell ‘Chit.’ While the so called leaders scheme behind the walls.

  2. With idiots like munch in charge Germany does not need enemies,he even knows the exact number of them ,therefore must know who they are.Yet does not instruct his minions to pick them up! Who is writing his script…….terry

  3. Doubtless, when Merkel authorises the influx of the 300,000 Afghan “Refugees” from Pakistan, the meaning of terror will change dramatically. The Afgans are proven to be experts in laying IED’s. That’ll sure give “Terrorism” in Germany and the rest of Europe a different meaning!

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