Germany: Mass Swoop on Invaders

Police in Germany have swooped on at least 200 addresses linked to the Muslim group “The True Religion” (Die wahre Religion, DWR), set up by nonwhite invaders living legally in that country.

The Muslim group has proven links with terrorist bombers and ISIS fighters, and is under the leadership of a Palestinian who immigrated to Germany in 1982.


According to reports in German media, the nationwide raids against at least 200 premises included mosques and private dwellings, during which they seized computers and documents. The DWR group has now also been officially banned.

According to police, the DWR “had more than 500 members in 60 local initiatives,” and broadcast an “extremist, violence-oriented ideology.”


The Al-Taqwa Mosque in Hamburg-Harburg is raided by police.

In one of the propaganda videos broadcast by the DWR leader, Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, titled “The Deception of Democracy,” it is said that “Democracy is against Islam! And the opposite of Islam!”

Nagie is also seen on the video telling his followers that the Germans “are trying to make us Kuffar. If we deny the Sharia, then we are Kuffar. If we accept democracy, then we are also Kuffar.”

According to police, at least 140 nonwhites who participated in the activities of DWR left Germany to go and fight for ISIS.

The most prominent of these recruits was a rapper known as “Deso Dogg,” a mixed-race African German born in Berlin who is still fighting with ISIS under the name Abu Talha al-Alman (meaning Abu Talha the German).


“ISIS rapper” Deso Dogg (left) with DWR leader, the Palestinian legal immigrant, Abou-Nagie.

Other members of DWR took part in the bombing of the Sikh temple in Essen, and a female supporter carried out a knife attack on police in Hanover.

The DWR had a program called “Lies!” which aimed to distribute 25 million copies of the Koran in Germany, in the German language.

The extent of the legal nonwhite invasion of Germany is clear from the geographical spread of the raids: 65 premises were searched in Hesse, including 15 in Frankfurt, and 35 each in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. Police in Lower Saxony raided more than 20 properties, and in Berlin investigators raided 20 locations.

There were also 15 raids in Baden-Württemberg, and the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Hamburg each had five raids. There was one conducted in Bremen.

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  1. Amazing, isn’t it, how emboldening a certain US victory has become. However, Merkel and her other halfwits across the liberal divide still retain power. A gesture for the Trumpenführer to hear about, no doubt, but it is clearly an obvious ploy to get the leader on side. Trump is no fool Merkel!

  2. I have absolutely no faith in the German leadership, not a shred.
    Even with their hands tied behind their backs the German investigators seem to be setting a gold standard for uncovering and disrupting these networks, great job again.
    Maybe next year you’ll finally get some help from the top, vote AFD if you have any of your self respect intact.

  3. Stupid so-called Neo-Germans…it’s too late! you’ve let over a million in now it’s time to pay!Germany will have non-stop trouble from now on until the real germans awaken to the nightmare that has become their country and throw both their leaders and invaders out!whicjh will take the next 50 years….

  4. All these raids only serve the purpose of pulling the
    wool over the eyes of the German populace. A German
    police officer told me some weeks ago that the
    Dog Training Centers of the Police and the
    Customs have been asked to draw up programs
    providing for the teaching of social skills to the dogs.
    Especially shepherds and rottweiler don’t seem to have
    been sufficiently immersed in welcome culture.

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