Germany: Invaders Smash up Camps

Nonwhite invaders living in “refugee camps” in Germany have started smashing up the centers in violent ethnic brawls, confounding their liberal overseers who thought that they were just peace-loving asylum seekers “fleeing violence.”


On the afternoon of Monday, November 30, two nonwhites were injured when a brawl broke out in a Dresden invader center, the Focus news service reported. Six nonwhites were arrested by police when a brawl erupted between gangs of Iraqis and Iranians in the camp. Police were deployed to separate the warring tribesmen.

Earlier on the same day, fifty policemen were called in to quell a mass brawl between rioting nonwhites in Itzehoe, in the southwest of Schleswig-Holstein. Five invaders were hospitalized in the brawl between Syrians and Afghans, and nine were arrested.


On Sunday, November 29, a mass brawl erupted between hundreds of Syrians and Afghans in the hangers of the former Tempelhof airport building in Berlin, which are also now being used as an invader center. Three people, including two security guards, were injured. The police had a large contingent of 120 officers on the ground and arrested 23 rioters.

Earlier on Sunday November 29, a mass brawl erupted between gangs of invaders at a residence in the Berlin district of Spandau. The violence spread and thousands of nonwhites joined in, with the weapon of choice being fire extinguishers with which they tried to beat each other into submission. A large amount of furniture and dozens of windows were smashed in the violence, and at least seven people were hospitalized before a large police contingent quelled the violence.


On Saturday, November 28, a brawl between “Syrians” in the invader camp located in the former army barracks at Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt Klietz erupted, resulting in eight arrests and numerous injuries.

On Saturday November 29, an 18-year old Moroccan “asylum seeker” was arrested after he deliberately burned down the invader center in Huch-Stammeln, near Cologne in North-Rhine Westphalia. The arson was sparked off by a clash with his fellow invaders, two of whom had to be hospitalized with smoke inhalation while a third suffered broken bones after escaping from an upstairs window and falling into the street. The building was completely destroyed.

* Also on Saturday, a female “asylum seeker” was shot dead by another “asylum seeker” in an invader center in Munich. The perpetrator was apparently the woman’s husband, but, as police pointed out, the worry was that the “asylum seekers” appeared to have firearms hidden among their possessions.

* In Baden-Württemberg, a 22-year-old Iranian “asylum-seeker” was arrested on charges of a carrying out a “sexually motivated attack” against a 36-year-old Syrian woman.

Speaking on Sunday after the weekend’s mayhem, Berlin’s Interior Senator Frank Henkel (Christian Democratic Union) issued a grave warning about the riots, saying that “Behind this conflict lies a potential threat to social peace in our city. The violence is unbearable. There are rules in our country.”

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  1. This is absolutely awful Europeans have lost their freedom, its outrageous what our so called leaders have done and are still doing now they want Turkey to join the EU; utter madness cant wait to vote out of this crazy union.

  2. God, these people are such a huge burden on Germany and Europe — and so utterly not worth it. They are scum and should all be deported immediately.

  3. ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’ – ‘All Muslims are brothers and sisters’ – ‘There is no racism in Islam’ – I could go on but I think we all know the reality of the ‘peaceful people’.!

  4. Oh man, The Iranians are coming in on high, the Syrian suckers must wait patiently for the brush off at the end of the queue. Some collectors have more rights than others in these count stores.

  5. Anyone looking at many pictures of them “refugees” marching thru Europe should see the writing on the wall. They clearly appeared like criminals and just one incident in Röszke, Hungary when they viciously attacked Hungarian border police was a clear indication what was coming in that package. I’m afraid this is only the begining of the fruits of Merkel’s unchecked immigration “policy”

  6. Re Incident on November 29th: Do patriots therefore just need to sit back then and leave all the burning down of invader centers to the invaders themselves?

  7. I’m shocked at all this! I thought they were all desperate children fleeing war, I mean that’s what it says on the BBC, Sky News & in The Guardian. Surely this must be wrong!

    1. What’s more shocking is that anyone really believes they get the truth and the facts from the mainstream media. Nothing gets reported apart from the carefully edited lies. I wound up my cable around my satellite dish years ago rather than pay for that leftist trash.

      1. I ditched cable in 1998 and went back to UHF antenna.Over 35 crystal clear digital channels and have encouraged others to do the same.

  8. This is madness! You don’t have to be a “rocket scientist” to forsee a major public unrest in Germany in the near future. If the govt. is honestly planning to deport those who don’t qualify for asylum then why they allowed them to enter Germany in the first place? Atmost studpidity and incompetence or simply treason?
    Sweden is already choked and they’ve just asked EU to realese them from the so called dispersal quota of these “refugees” from Greece and Italy.

      1. It’s not as simple as some would like to paint it. Their suicidal social experiment started in 1975 – that’s 40 years ago! For this reason you can’t put any blame on young people who grew up in such utopia. There are already few generations of Swedes who were subjected to this leftist brainwashing since kindergarten age but latest events in Paris and in Sweden sobered them a little bit I think – the Sweden Democrats (party was founded only in 1988!) gained a lot in polls. However, it might be too late.

      2. Despite this “refugees welcome” attitude, many Swedes still are full of xenophobia towards Christians from eastern parts of Europe. A paradox, indeed.

  9. There might be rules for their own people, but the rabble invading Europe will not abide by them.
    Merkel so hung up on her own importance has set Germany and much of Europe alight.

    1. What did Germany expect ? Well nothing ! Merkel told them to just welcome the migrants and don’t think anymore of it. That is what the brain laundered Germans have done, nothing, thought about nothing. And that is why they must pay for their collective stupidity as should the Swedes and Austrians. Don’t try to pass on the migrants to other countries. They belong to Sweden , Germany and Austria. Now watch these three countries disintegrate from imported criminals. Keep building those fences because this will spill out all over Europe as it progresses .

  10. Deport them all, the world cannot sustain the exploding population that exists today, as we do not have an infinite supply of food and resources. Africa nations are set to quadruple their populations in the not too distant future. The Middle East and Asia will most likely also increase its population too. We must start deporting and then blocking all further immigration from these parts of the world, if we don’t we will be wiped out due to them overbreeding. Starvation and disease will soon spread across the world
    its time to take action. That’s why many of these nations are now also refusing to take back their own people as they know full well they have far too many to support, so they are deliberately pushing them towards Europe. They also want to rid themselves of all their criminals and totally illiterate citizens. Deport, its the only way.

  11. V Evropě je ještě pořád odpor státu V4,ale Česko musí přidat na aktivitě.
    V4 je a bude pořád silně aktuální, to je naděje pro Evropu.

  12. European (White) South Africa warned the world as to what would happen when you force multiculturalism on white countries. Your liberal governments forced South Africa to dismantle apartheid( the English definition is separate development) You cannot mix races, that society will always collapse, that is a fact. In South Africa whites are being killed off at a rate of 49 per day,everyday, the communist government does not allow the media to show this to the world. Europe had better wake up soon, cause its gonna get worse for you guys.

  13. Sweden and Germany. You must provide all the migrants with detached stone or brick built structures for each migrant family and each individual migrant. Tents and wooden structures are an insult to these people who have come so far to bless you with their dependence on your country’s social structures. Throw Germans and Swedes out of their homes if that is what it takes.

    1. Once again Merkel is treating Europeans like they don’t matter and making arbitrary decisions for all of Europe. She does not have the right to invite Turkey into EZ. Time to stop this dictatorship and have a democratic vote.

  14. Our governments obviously want them all here to fulfil some kind of warped plan they’ve envisaged for us all.
    But how do they ever think they’re going to CONTROL this mob? There aren’t the resources, mainland Europe has devolved into complete chaos.

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