Germany: Moroccan Deported 10 Times

The ongoing insanity of Angela Merkel’s “open borders” policy has been demonstrated once again with the news that a Moroccan drug dealer has been deported from Germany no less than ten times at a cost of €70,000—but he keeps coming back because there is nothing stopping him from re-entering the country.


As reported in the Bild newspaper, the case of Belaid Z. appears normal for the “deportation” process to North Africa.

Belaid Z., the Moroccan criminal who has been deported ten times from Germany.
Belaid Z., the Moroccan criminal who has been deported ten times from Germany.

The Moroccan criminal makes a living selling crack cocaine at Frankfurt’s main railway station for €5 for a tenth of a gram, and has also been arrested numerous times for forgery and the handling of stolen goods.

There are already 51 cases open against him, and despite numerous convictions and ten deportations, he comes back every time, because there are no border controls—and because of the mass insanity of allowing the entire Third World in under the guise of “asylum.”

“It is only a matter of time until we meet him again,” an official told the Bild. “It is a vicious circle. The national police takes the criminals to the immigration authority to arrange the deportation, and the federal police carries out the deportation. Yet the perpetrators are back very soon. We cannot do anything else except repeatedly detain and expel.”

A single deportation costs the German taxpayer some 7,000 euros.

“We are seeing a strong increase in the number of North African criminals in Frankfurt,” a police official told the Bild.

“They are responsible for the drug trafficking, bag thefts, shoplifting, and burglary.”

As the Bild went on to say, the ten-times-deported Moroccan is not an isolated case.

Two other cases underline the point, the newspaper added:

-The Algerian Farid K. (51) came to Germany in 1990 on a tourist visa, and one year later applied for asylum. He was repeatedly arrested by the Frankfurt police for theft, hit and run offenses, drug trafficking, and resisting arrest.

After being fined and given suspended sentences, he was deported, but in 2011 he was arrested in Frankfurt, and deported again. This scenario was repeated in 2013 and 2014.

– The Moroccan Oussama B. (24) was arrested for the first time in 2011 on drug-related offences at Frankfurt railway station.

Since he had a Spanish residence permit, he was deported there, and issued with an “entry ban,” which was supposed to keep him out of Germany.

In November 2014, he was however arrested once again in Frankfurt, and then deported to Morocco. By February he had been arrested again in Frankfurt, and in March deported again to Morocco.

Needless to say, he was arrested again in April 2015, and deported for a fourth time in October of that year.

As the Berlin Journal remarked in its coverage of the story, there is little point in endlessly deporting criminals if all they do is come back in because the “borders are open.”

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    1. Good idea, but the Merkel household would be better moved to some third world country. She loves them so much, let her move to their land and their culture.!

    2. the german people voted for her and her ilk all over germany and in doing so have destroyed the whole of europe ,this time without firing a shot….as you sow,so will you reap!!!(or is that spelt wrong?)I wonder what the thoughts of the german people are now after cologne,,and elsewhere..would their parents etc still vote for merkels crew????

  1. Attrition is a process of gradually wearing out by friction or abrasion. When the cost of entertaining these invaders exceeds the available financial resources the situation will arrive where the liberal idea of helping the disadvantaged few that they can see will become one of being unable to feed millions with diminishing resources. A reciprocal deal in International Law doesn’t provide much for expanding demand and diminishing resources but the bigots seem to find the process difficult to handle. One law suggests non- involvement in the process and seems to fall in the category of Third Party Interests, maybe just sitting around and doing nothing in a quiet spot is the best way to survive this cumulative process.

    1. I am fairly sure if invader ants, bees or wasps invade and attack their nests and colonies, they don’t go through several chapters of law, before eradicating the threat. Why should Europeans?

      1. The reciprocal relationship between brain size and the success of a creature is well established. Ants, bees, mice, ducks and donkeys display the relationship well. To call Angela a pea brained bird is thus a compliment the chickens, turkeys and pumpkins will accept no doubt with thanksgiving.

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