Germany: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Armenia and Georgia “Safe”

The German government has formally declared Armenia and Georgia “safe” countries of origin, adding to the already existing list of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria—allowing for invaders from those nations to be more quickly deported—and will strip all Jihadis of their German nationality.

According to an interview with the Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Interior Ministry, Stephan Mayer (CSU) conducted by the Der Western newspaper,  the Interior Ministry intends to deprive jihadists of German citizenship—but only if they have another citizenship.

This is an “urgent goal” and a bill in this regard can be expected within the year, Mayer said.

In addition, Mayer said that Interior Minister Horst Seehofer plans to declare Armenia and Georgia as “safe countries of origin,” in addition to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria,  “so that asylum applications can be dealt with more quickly.”

As reported by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 3,462 Georgians and 3,857 Armenians applied for “asylum” in Germany last year. In January 2018, a further 745 Georgians applied for “asylum” in Germany, and in February another 596 applied—more than in any other month in the previous year.

Mayer attributed the increase to the visa-free agreement that has existed between Germany and Georgia since March 2017.

“I think it is very permissible to declare Georgia as a safe country of origin, especially since the Georgian government expressly supports this,” said Mayer.

In recent years, the crypt-communist Green party has used its seats in the Federal Council to prevent any further additions to the “safe country” list, but Mayer said he expects them to reverse their opposition.

“I already had the impression in the Jamaican negotiations [the failed talks to form a government with Angela Merkel’s CSU] that the Greens are certainly more open to this issue. My impression was that the exploratory talks had not failed on the issue of safe countries of origin,” Mayer said.

The situation with North African invaders in particular is reaching a crisis point, and the German government is only reacting because the nonwhite criminality has reached such dramatic proportions that they fear further growth for the anti-invasion Alternative für Deutschland  (AfD) party.

For example, in December 2017, the FOCUS news service reported that so-called “unaccompanied minors” from Morocco in particular were “terrorizing” the city of Mannheim, prompting the town’s may rot appeal to the state government for help.

“There is no willingness to cooperate or interest in integration. Instead there is only street crime, property damage, and physical attacks,” the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) mayor Peter Kurz complained. “The population perceives it as a failure on the part of the state,” he warned.

Immigration law expert Markus Niedworok told FOCUS that “Unaccompanied minor refugees (UMF) are a particularly protected group,” and that not a single UMF was deported in 2016, because European Union law says that before a minor can be deported, the authorities must ensure that he or she is “handed over to a member of his family, to a caring person or to a suitable reception facility in the country of return.”

Of course, none of these conditions can be met, as most of the invaders are lying anyway about their origins.

“It is often very difficult for public authorities to obtain the necessary identity documents without which deportation is not possible. Sometimes, despite bi- or multilateral agreements, there are also problems with the countries of origin,”  Niedworok said.

In 2016, nearly 36,000 unaccompanied minors applied for “asylum” in Germany. The majority claim to be 16 or 17 years old (about 82 percent) and male (about 86 percent). The overall protection rate was around 80 percent, which means that most will get to stay in Germany for ever.

* A recent report in a UK newspaper revealed that two-thirds of all nonwhite invaders claiming to be “unaccompanied minors” were in fact adults.

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  1. What puzzles me is how any European country can ever agree to take in these parasite third world invaders, who have no identifiying documentation largely as a consequence of them destroying it on purpose to begin with. Its not our responsibility to take them, nor do we have the capacity to do so.
    Yet the European leaders then state that they cannot deport them for the same reason, no documentation. Surely if they can enter our prodominately white region of the world without paperwork, its only fair that they can also be removed too without paperwork, or better still DO NOT LET THEM INTO EUROPE or other westernised countries IN THE FIRST INSTANCE.

    This is a severe breach of our human right as indigenous peoples to be kept safe at all times. In addition as indigenous peoples we also have a human right not to be overrun and dispossessed of our own countries and resources by these invading, feral and uncivilised aliens. There is also the question of our right to hold and maintain our own nationality, religious and cultural identity, all of which will be wiped out by these foreign nationals that have no right whatsoever to even be in this region of the world to begin with.
    International law is quite clear, when claiming ayslum ALL IMMIGRANTS, REFUGEES INCLUDED, MUST CLAIM IN THE FIRST SAFE COUNTRY THEY REACH, CLOSEST TO THEIR OWN NATION. As soon as they bypass perfectly safe countries and keep bypassing them to specifically reach wealthier nations in other regions of the world they NO LONGER QUALIFY AS REFUGEES.
    If the authorities are uncertain as to where to send them back to its quite simple really :- Confiscate their expensive mobile smart phones, these are a
    very rich source of all kinds of information that will enable us to establish where they have come from, who they have been in contact with, etc….. Mobiles have superb tracking capability, as well as also containing photographic evidence of what these Weasels may have been up to during their travels.
    Its not rocket science, take their mobiles away temporarily, establish where they have come from and then deport immediately. If uncertain about age due to 99% of them pretending to be minors subject them to dental and other medical examinations that will divulge their age. Its not intrusive or against their rights either, as they should not be afforded any rights in a foreign country that they have deliberately invaded. OUR RIGHTS MUST COME FIRST AS INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ALWAYS, its disgusting that our safety and survival is being compromised and sacrificed.

    Europe and other western nations cannot keep taking in millions of third world invading immigrants. Its not our responsibility to house, feed, medicate and provide life time welfare payments to these lazy, inbred, low IQ and illiterate unemployable people. This must be stopped or we will perish ourselves.

    Europe, UK, US, Canada, Austrailia, etc…. cannot even take in 1% of the billions of third world, superbreeding immigrants that ALL WANT TO COME TO AVAIL THEMSELVES OF RESOURCES THAT THEY WILL NEVER CONTRIBUTE TO, AND HAVE NO RIGHT TO IN ANY CASE.
    Anyone who destroys their documentation should NEVER be given entry to a foreign country, we MUST track where they have come from and return them back to their own country of origin. If they country refuses to take them back hit them with sanctions until they do take them back. I also believe that all immigrants who hail from poorer regions of the world to enter a wealthier region should NEVER be permitted to give up their nationality. Even if awarded the right to remain in a first world country they MUST be required to hold duel nationaility, so they can be stripped of their new status and deported if required.

    This should be made law as a safeguard for the indeginous peopes of first world countries.

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