Germany: Invasion Causes Housing Shortage

Angela Merkel’s open invitation to the Third World to invade Germany is guaranteed to cause social chaos, and a new report from Ernst & Young has revealed that there is already a 370,000-strong housing shortage.


The consulting firm’s findings were contained in a survey of German municipalities, published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

The survey showed that the municipalities are already some 370,000 places short even with the current crop of invaders already in Germany—or at least, of those who have been managed to be registered.

The municipalities said they expected 870,000 nonwhite invaders this year (a gross underestimate in itself) and that they only have place for about 500,000.

As a result, the Ernst and Young Report said, there was “great concern” over the lack of suitable premises in three quarters of all the German cities surveyed.

“Furthermore,” the report said, “the local authorities have additional problems as they lack reliable figures with which to make planning calculations.”

All indications are that there will be far more than the “estimated” 870,000 invaders. Current estimates, based on figures collected at the Austrian border, are that anywhere over 10,000 per day are streaming into Germany.

This means around 300,000 per month, and at that rate, the formally estimated number of nonwhites entering Europe for 2015 will be reached within the last three months of this year alone.

It is likely therefore, that at least 1.5 million or more will be making demands on the German state for accommodation, food, and welfare handouts before the end of the year—and there will be nowhere for these people to be housed, no matter how frenetic the Germans erect tent or container cities.

According to the Ernst and Young survey, there are currently around 185,000 invaders housed in residential buildings, and this figure is set to reach 340,000 before all these facilities are used up.

Unused former schools and barracks currently house 100,000 invaders, and these places are set to reach capacity at 150,000 by year-end.

Another 60,000 are housed in containers or “other previously vacant buildings” and these facilities will reach capacity at 100,000 before the end of year.

According to the survey, the debt of cities and towns is expected to rise significantly as a result. At least one-third of municipalities surveyed have indicated that they are going to cut back all planned service improvements in order to be able to cope with the cost of the invasion.

The nonwhite invasion is going to cost German taxpayers untold millions at the local level alone, never mind at central government level where tax levels are likely to increase as well.

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  1. Cannot understand why the MUTTA MERKEL is sill in power.
    So many Germans have turned against her but there she is. Still in power.
    Why don,t these people do what Iceland did. March on the government of the EU and throw the lot out. They did it and now Iceland is doing well.

  2. How many could she feasibly house personally? 500,000 seems an awful lot of house guests, even for mutta rent a gob to manage.

  3. Merkel has personal properties. It's time she put her money where her mouth is and house many of these young men at those properties.

  4. Have you forgotten the Peace Treaties that were concluded after WW1? 11am, November(11) was the end of the war, but now the politicians parade around and ignore. Section 4 of The Treaty of Neuilly which promised the Minorities the rights which included, having their own schools built at their own expense, and their own institutions (Article 54) This was repeated in the Treaties of St. Germain, Section 5 Article 67 and The Treaty of Trianon, Section 6 Article 58. And more recently The Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States and the Protection of Their Independence and Sovereignty. 21 December 1965 Article 6 "All States shall respect the Right of self determination and independence of peoples and nations…" and the Declaration on the inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States 9December 1981 Annex section 3b " The Right and duty of States fully to support the righto self determination, freedom and independence of peopled under … domination… as well as the right of these people to wage both political and armed struggle to that end…"
    This is UN policy and these immigrants welcomed into Europe will get what they want and that is a new homeland for themselves in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, or Vienna.

  5. I wouldn't be so concerned if she brings chaos to Germany, who plunged Europe in much bigger (!) chaos twice before, but this ugly old bag is constantly repeating like mantra that "Europe and its people have to solve this problem together" – isn't this grotesque?

    It looks like Germans lost already their sense of identity if she still holds her post.

  6. Well people of Germany,our c.ountry the UK,would see its own hard working citizens homeless,and give our homes to migrants

  7. Oh dear ! Surely Merkel hasn`t run into problems already?
    Not to worry …. with her brains such minor hiccups will soon be sorted.
    Wonder where she`s decided to dump the next invasion wave.

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