Germany: Panic as AfD Gets €14 million in “Public” Funding

The anti-white establishment parties in Germany are up in arms because the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party stands to get at least €14 million from a publicly-funded pot previously reserved for this parties only, following their recent election success.

Germany’s constitution stipulates that political parties which achieve parliamentary representation can receive taxpayer’s cash equivalent to the amount they raised privately—and that this money can then be sued in any way the party sees fit.

In this way, the establishment parties have been very happy—for decades—to use taxpayers’ cash to promote themselves—but are now furious that the AfD is going to get a share of “their” money.

According to a hysterical report in the far left “Politico” news service, the AfD, with its 92 seats in the new German parliament, has “secured a bonanza of millions of euros in public cash” and the “chance to set up a publicly funded foundation that could entrench their place in the political landscape.”

Even though all the other parties have long since used this public cash to “entrench” themselves in the “political landscape,” somehow, the through of the AfD doing the same is abhorrent to these guardians of Germ democracy.

Politico reports that there is as of yet no precise tally for how much the AfD will get after winning 12.6 percent of the vote in last month’s election but it is “already certain to amount to millions of euros every year, and may even reach double digits.”

They speculate that the “AfD’s parliamentary group could be entitled to about €1.2 million per month or €14.5 million per year.” The AfD won more than 5.87 million votes in last month’s general election.

“The general funding for the AfD will help the party to root itself deeper into society,” said Friedbert Rüb, a professor of political sociology at Berlin’s Humboldt University, was quoted by Politico as saying.

In addition, the AfD will also get state funding for its parliamentary group in the Bundestag, determined by the number of members in the group.

In the last Bundestag, parliamentary groups got a monthly flat rate of €371,258—plus an additional €7,751 for every group member. This money goes toward paying staff and other costs related to the group.

Thus, the article adds, the AfD’s parliamentary group could be entitled to about €1.2 million per month or €14.5 million per year.

The state also provides public funding for foundations linked to the political parties. The Desiderius Erasmus foundation, established by the AfD last year, is in pole position to become the official foundation of the AfD and benefit from a large influx of public cash, the article added.

“They will form this foundation as a racist and extreme-right think tank that will gather all the extreme thinkers, and fund them with taxpayers’ money. It might have the potential to change the political discourse in Germany permanently,” Rüb told Politico—indicating the level of hysteria among Germany’s Reds over this new reality.

Another “expert” quoted by Political, Bernhard Weßels, a professor at the Berlin Social Science Center research institute, said he expected the AfD to spend its new money in three areas: campaigning (mostly through social media), employing party footsoldiers as assistants and researchers, and establishing a foundation that will be both a major right-wing think tank and a recruiting tool for the party.

“The AfD has already proven its high capability in reaching its electorate via classic and social media in the recent election,” said Weßels. He expects the party’s media campaigns to become more professional and to expand in the months and years to come.

“The other parties should be aware of that,” he added.


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  1. It has to be ‘heart-wrenching’ for the political parties that have ran a closed shop for decades in terms of government to see that, at long last, their cozy domination is about to crumble. Politics is the most corrupt business across the world, and this article proves that 100%.

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