Germany: “Refugees” Commit 1,578 Crimes Every Day, Police Chief Admits

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany are responsible for ten percent of all the crime committed in that country, which works out to 1,578 criminal acts every day—more than double the official figure from 2016, a senior police chief has admitted.

Executive Director of the Bavarian Police Department Bernhard Egger, speaking at a conference in Moscow titled “Challenges of Modern Migration Processes” organized by the Hanns Seidel Foundation and Institute for Linguistic Civilization and Migration Processes under the Russkiy Mir Foundation, said that “migrants” in Germany commit at least ten percent of all crimes in that country.

An earlier report in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper from April this year revealed that there were 5.76 million crimes reported in 2017, which means that at least 576,000 were committed by the fake refugees.

Quoting official police figures, the Welt am Sonntag report however added that the number of “non-German suspects” arrested in 2017 stood at 736,265—a figure which indicates that the actual invader crime rate is even higher than Egger’s figures.

Egger told the RIA Novosti news service at the conference that “many Germans do not feel as secure as before. This applies especially to large cities, where there are more immigrants.”

His comments confirm an earlier report from the German government which admitted that the nonwhite invaders are responsible for most of the recent rise in violent crime in Germany.

Based on figures from the state’s interior ministry, which keeps a separate record of crimes by “migrants,” the report found that 92.1 percent of the increase was attributable to “young male migrants.”

The study also found that “migrants were twice as likely to be reported to police for alleged violent crimes as German nationals.”

In June 2016, the Federal German police said that the invaders committed 770 serious crimes every day, which means that the latest figures show that the number of crimes being committed by this group has more than doubled.

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  1. LOL 10% of crimes committed by migrants? Are you sick in your head Mr. Data-Screwer-Upper? Try again, they are responsible for way more. That would be suggesting that ethnic Germans are committing 90% of crime, which is ludicrous. Like in Oslo, Norway – there were 40 rape charges and not one of them was an ethnic Norwegian. Actually, every last rapist was a “refugee” of some sort, hence the moniker of “rapefugee,” by which they are now world reknown.

    You can no longer even fool some of the people some of the time – close to any of the time with these mainstream media bullshit stories. Not talking about the New Observer – you guys do great work in getting the truth told, and it is God’s work because God is Truth. Not lies – satanic NWO lies are what constitutes the MSM. Criminal scum. They simply cannot understand civilization and so they reject it. Send them to countries where they can understand the culture; I understand Saudi Arabia refused to take any of them despite having disaster preparation sites of thousands of beautiful white air-conditioned tents on the sand where they would have everything, including bacon-free halal gross food and prayer mats galore. What about the other oil rich countries? Jordan? Oman? No takers? Send them to Britain, Sweden and Germany then. That is so ridiculous and difficult on its face that the plan can only be devilish in origin. And we all know who made those plans, don’t we?

    1. And the Qatari state run Al Jazeera has got the damned impudence to attack Europeans, daily, for not taking *more* invaders.

      Mega rich Qatar has taken the grand total of *zero* invaders.

  2. The worst criminals are bezerkel merkel, moron macron and soros along with with their gang of libtards.

  3. Angela Merkel should be made personally liable for the economic losses and criminal compensation due to the victims of invader crime.

  4. Germany is Disaster! Trump must impose Massive Sanctions against this rotten nation.NEVER BUY GERMAN!n Sterr Clear of Anything from Germany…cars,beer,clothes,cheese,anything……Let them bleed! Chaos will ensue under their policies and in 2 elections we should have an Alternative for Germany majority and maybe then the country can be saved…Until that time real germans must stay in the house,don’t go outside at night,keep your sons and daughters closeby,put them in the Army so they can defend themselves against the creeps on every German street.Avoid all invader shops,you’ll be swindled….The german treasury is now depleted and Merkel knows Germany will be bankrupt when Trump puts his sanctions up.DON’T BUY GERMAN PRODUCTS!DON’T VISIT GERMANY!AVOID GERMANY!

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