“Refugees” Deported if “Anti-Semitic”

The German government has announced that any “asylum seeker” in Germany who is “anti-Semitic” will be deported back home—something that would be impossible if they were genuine “refugees” and which therefore exposes the entire “war refugee” excuse as a gigantic hoax.

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper in Germany, that country’s government is preparing legislation that will see “migrants who express anti-Semitic views deported from the country.”

The government hopes to present the new bill by “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” on January 27.

The draft legislation states that “absolute acceptance of Jewish life” is a “benchmark for successful integration” in Germany.

“Anyone who rejects Jewish life in Germany or questions Israel’s right to exist can not have a place in our country,” it states.

Stephan Harbarth, deputy chairman of the CDU-CSU parliamentary group, told Die Welt that Berlin “must resolutely oppose the anti-Semitism of migrants with an Arab background and from African countries.”

“Refugees” and “migrants” found guilty of anti-Semitic speech could face deportation under the bill.

The move comes after thousands of “refugees” burned Israeli flags in Berlin last month to protest the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

According to the draft bull, the Bundestag will “reaffirm its right to expel” all those who “call the call for hatred against sections of the population” and who “endanger peaceful coexistence.”

The draft bill openly admits that “anti-Semitism has received a new facet” through the “humanitarian reception of people from the Middle East. This phenomenon and anti-Semitism among Muslims living in Germany for some time must be given special attention.”

In addition, the bill’s promoters want the German government to “investigate whether the burning of Israeli symbols and anti-Semitic riots could be punished even more effectively.”

Finally, the bill will “strongly condemn the call for a boycott of Israeli businesses and goods and the use of ‘do not buy’ signs on Israeli products” and to classify supporters of the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel as “sedition” and “impose appropriate sanctions on the perpetrators.”

The bill reveals two major issues in Germany: firstly, that the Jewish lobby has an absolute grip over that country’s government, and secondly, that the excuse used by the Merkel regime to import millions of so-called “refugees” because they were “not safe in their home countries” is a lie.

The fact that the government now seeks to send back those “refugees” who are anti-Israel, is final proof that there was never any need for them to “flee” in the first place—because then sending them back would be impossible, under the original “logic” of allowing them in.

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  1. More special rights and protections for jews. Isn’t being persecuted through deportation because of your political beliefs about jews make a person an official refugee under the UN definition? I believe it does. What a comedy of errors.

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