Germany: Sex Attacker “Refugee” Flees Germany for Sweden

An Afghan “asylum seeker” in Germany has fled to Sweden and registered there under a new identity after being accused of sexually abusing the four-year-old daughter of the Catholic German family which offered to take him in, the Focus news service has reported.

Mahdi A., who claimed to be just 12 when he invaded Germany in 2016, was taken in by the race-denying liberal family, who so trusted the “youngster” that they left him alone for the afternoon with the family’s toddler daughter Emily.

The next day the child told her mother she had spent the time playing ‘doctor and nurse’ with Ahmed.

She was taken to see a specialist doctor at the clinic for Children’s and Juvenile Medicine in nearby Buch, which confirmed that the child had been sexually molested. The victim confirmed this was not the first time the nonwhite had abused her.

A police probe was opened and officers noted how tall he was, the fact that he had the beginnings of a moustache, calling into question the claims about his age.

State Prosecutors however rejected a request to force him to undergo a test to determine his age, and, after he denied the abuse allegations, the enquiry was dropped.

In December last year Germany issued him with new temporary residency papers stating was born six months later than he originally stated.

Soon after he fled to Malmo in Sweden where he has registered as a refugee using a new name, Ahmed M. and claiming he was born in 2005.

The Swedish government has been informed the situation, but so far have not taken any steps against him.

Thus the incredible precedent has now been set that an Afghan can cross dozens of safe countries, still be recognized as a “refugee” in Germany, and then, when accused of crimes in that nation, can “flee” once again to Sweden and claim “asylum” there once again.

This case highlights the absurd and utterly false nature of the “asylum” process created by Europe’s liberals—and reveals that what is actually happening is nothing else than a nonwhite invasion of Europe, and no “refugee crisis” as the controlled media continues to claim.

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