Germany: Sex Attacks “to Increase”

Sex attacks by nonwhite invaders upon German girls are set to increase even further with the advent of summer, a leading researcher and archivist of the thousands of the assaults has warned.

“If the perpetrators react this way to women in winter clothes, what will happen when they see short skirts and tank tops?” the researcher asked.


Making the comments in an interview with the German Junge Freiheit newspaper, Petra Berger, the brains behind an online database of invader sex attacks in Germany, said that there had been “thousands” of unreported attacks which the controlled media had deliberately not reported.

“The cases number in the thousands: sexual assault, robbery, physical injuries. The perpetrators: all foreigners, including asylum-seekers,” Junge Freiheit says by way of introduction.

Petra Berger—not the person’s real name, because they will be liable to persecution by the Merkel-Stasi—set about documenting the crimes using a Google Maps application after the mass attacks of New Year’s Eve.

“After the attacks on New Year’s Eve, which took place not only in Cologne, I thought to myself, this will happen again,” Berger told Junge Freiheit.

After New Year’s Eve, she said, the police “suddenly began to report such cases. But the national press has only sporadically reported on these attacks, so that in most cases the full picture has not emerged.”

The figures show, however, that these are not just isolated cases, Berger continued.

Asked how the incidents had been compiled if they had not been reported in the media, Berger said that the police’s press statements and archives were comprehensive—if ignored by the controlled media.

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If the police reports—issued online at Blaulicht on the website are systematically searched, an awareness of the “scale of the wave of [invader] violence” can be seen.

Berger said the system is set up to exclude all hearsay reports, and is only based on confirmed reports given out by the police.

Even then, the criteria is that there must be a “clear indication of foreign offenders,” Berger said, either by the police “specifying the nationality or by the description of the perpetrator.”

The German police use the term “southerner” to describe nonwhite. This might sound confusing to the English ear, but, as Berger points out, this is not referring to southern Europeans, but to “Turks, Arabs, North Africans, or Albanians.”

For example, the description of an offender as having “black hair and a full beard” is not taken as an indication of a nonwhite by Berger.

“We do not read between the lines and interpret. There must be a clear indication of the origin of the offender in the police report” before it is included in the incident map.

Asked about reaction to the map, Berger said that it was overwhelmingly positive, with many people, even from outside Germany, expressing their appreciation.

“We are often asked what’s going on in Germany, how is all this possible? People are shocked that Germans do not turn out in the streets and demonstrate against this,” Berger said.

“And everyone fears an even more extreme wave of violence and sexual assaults on women and girls in the summer. If the perpetrators react this way to women in winter clothes, how will they react when women appear on the street in short skirts and tank tops?”

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Asked which of the nonwhite sex attacks are the worst, Berger said that the attacks upon children in swimming pools were unquestionably the most repulsive.

“Imagine a helpless child in a bathing suit being attacked by a grown man—I get angry just thinking about it,” Berger said.

The incident map is updated by Berger and her team on a daily basis, and can be found here.

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  1. Surely the people are going to reach boiling point soon…if my daughter were sexually assaulted, I’d stop at nothing to take revenge!

    1. You are so right Ennui, I believe we should get the German woman and Kids out of Germany, right now, because it will get worse and everything it will be out of control. I think Russia and Hungary would help us, at least it would be saver there for them. I am not sure anymore that the German men will fight.

      1. We all have our doubts about German “men” willing to fight to save their women and daughters from Islamic sex assaults. The German “men” are sheep only good for following orders. That’s what German “men” do. They obey without questioning whoever is in charge. It was ever thus. The German “men” OBEY!

    2. Frau Merkel has no solidarity towards her fellow countrywomen. Instead of stopping this madness, she promotes it!
      And the so-called feminists are silent about these swarms of muslim rapists, instead, they insist it’s just a matter of oppression (by the White man, never by the musrats)!

      1. No wonder. Merkel doesn’t run the risk of being attacked.
        Perhaps a psychiatrist would diagnose sexal envy.

    3. Alas thick as and their evil leader Merkel is inflicting this garbage on the whole of Europe. Good job, hope every single German gets whats owed to them by the filth theyve imported, maybe then the morons will finally wake up

  2. Hot off the press !!!! Summer season fashion scoop !!!!
    What every woman will be wearing this summer says Merkel !!!!
    One size fits all ! Colour: black only.
    Order yours now before stocks run out !

  3. I liked the photo of five Arab dudes watching a German woman walk past them in tight pants and a tank top. It was captioned:

    Gang rape: Five out of six participants enjoy it!

  4. Gracias Rebekah ( Mamá Merkel, su verdadero nombre es Rebekah o similar ).

    Y, que, ésto significa más votos, lógico, del verdadero pueblo alemán, para que suban al poder los patriotas e identitarios políticos alemanes, y en toda Europa, u Occidente.

  5. If the idea of innocent till proven guilty is enshrined in International Law, what happens when open violation of those laws is practised is worth thinking about. Here is Article 7.2d of The Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court. “Deportation or forcible transfer of population” means forced displacement of the persons concerned by expulsion or other coercive acts from the area in which they are lawfully present, without grounds permitted under International Law, and Article 8.2b (xvi) Pillaging.. (xxii) Rape…
    Criminals substitute obscenities, scream slogans and vilify their victims publically, to get their way and refuse to abide with the idea of innocent till proven guilty. Just watching their criminal acts and the predictable results makes a fellow depressed.

    1. For crying out loud, victor … don`t say it gets even worse.
      If this is moslime behaviour 24/7 no wonder burkhas are mandatory – to give the women a rest.

  6. There is a deafening silence across the whole of Europe about what is happening with these people, Calais has fallen off the news within the UK which clearly means that as the EU gives money to both BBC & SKY, the piper is definitely calling the tune. Please note that the words ‘democracy & principles’ should never be used in the same sentence as ‘The EU’.

  7. Surely no German woman or girl will be stupid enough to even dare go out in shorts or a skirt?
    I’m surprised that they aren’t all holed up in their homes by now, too scared to go out at all.

    1. If they did that, the invaders have won, but I can’t imagine what the fathers of very beautiful daughters between the ages of 16 and 25/30 who are single going through.

  8. 16 and 25/30
    I’d try 6 and 85/90…they don’t care much, and last year the youngest rapefugee victim was 7 and the oldest 88.

  9. It is every man and boy’s responsibility to keep an eye out for potential trouble, even tourists need to participate. We need to assist as necessary if women or girls are in a difficult position. We cannot rely on the authorities protecting our womenfolk.

    1. It’s impossible when you’re caught up in a situation like so many were at New Year – imagine the horror of these animals holding you down, while others assault your daughter or wife!
      That’s what happened to many in Cologne and elsewhere, being helpless as these assaults took place. Speaking as a father, I don’t think I could ever get over something like that, even knowing it was impossible that I could have stopped it.
      I grew up in farming, and when we had stray dogs which worried livestock, the law allowed us to shoot them, no questions asked.

    2. What you are implying Ste-G is in effect the breakdown of law and order if you cannot trust the State to protect its citizens.

      1. The State DOESN’T protect its citizens! It is against them, the same as in the UK. They protect and support the invaders!

        1. That’s precisely what I am saying albeit by negative implication. However, its a pity all this ‘hand-wringing’ was not apparent when the various Goverments incrementally intensified the legislation to outlaw so-called, “Racism” which, slowly but surely, is eclipsing free speech.

  10. “Maybe those poor, underprivileged gang-rapists just need our love and compassion. ” — Liberal Twit.

    The men of Germany have no balls, so someone else gets to do whatever they want to German women. It’s that simple.

    1. Calling German men ball-less is simplistic and shallow. You have to understand the history of World Wars I & II and the utter destruction of Germany and its subsequent “re-education” of the survivors by the Communist/Marxist/Judaic/NWO Globalists. To this day, most Germans believe that the wars are their fault and reparations must be made unto eternity.

      It’s not that Western European men watch can watch a woman being raped and do nothing, is that they are helpless to regroup into the fighting forces of their Norse and Viking ancestors and their recent German armies as they have been re-educated/brainwashed out of their basic belief in the superiority of German racial pride and White Race superiority altogether.

      They and the world, swallowing and wallowing in the lies about the “crimes” of Hitler, the modern German believes he must atone for the “evil” of the 6 million jews in gas ovens so allow these barbaric hordes to over run their countries, molest their women and children so that they can lead the world in “tolerance” and “compassion.”

      Read Mike King’s The Bad War. You will understand where this comes from.

      1. No offense but this often heard thesis doesn’t cut it. Countless rapes are prevented by third party interference as online and publicly accessable police reports clearly show. That said when a couple is vastly outnumbered as it often happens then things start getting difficult for ANY defendant.

        1. You’re right but I stand by my comment. I don’t know if you live in Western Europe and can actually see what’s going on, but the “swarming” attacks on mostly single women (those outside without male escort) from what I’ve read, mostly take place in public areas where the woman is sexually molested, not actually raped. Those that are are usually pushed by the mob into alleys and buildings. It’s difficult to assess each situation as details are rarely reported, as to how many male passersby are around at the time and what attempts are made to stop this. Many victims are actually blamed by the systems, especially in Germany & Sweden, by the way they dress and behave.

          In looking at the bigger picture, this is muslim Imam attempts to impose Islam with its Sharia laws on native populations as the only religion in the world and anyone not a muslim is considered an infidel and subject to brutal attacks and even killings. The UK is already going under:

          “Sharia law in UK is now in Spread of Islam Phase 4. Muslim imams in the UK now outnumber the UK’s Christian pastors, and converting empty church buildings into mosques has become a cottage industry.

          In 2008, UK’s government formally recognized the first Sharia Law court and the Archbishop of Canterbury – the head of Church of England – stated that adopting elements of the Sharia law into the UK’s court system was “unavoidable.”

          Since then, over 100 Sharia law courts have been established across the UK. Although they technically lie within the UK’s Tribunal Court system, these Sharia courts have been issuing rulings that contradict Britain’s common law, as well as the European Union laws.

          In 2011, Britain’s Muslims began demanding that Sharia replace British common law and become the only law in towns with large Muslim populations, including Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets, an East London Muslim enclave whose streets are already plastered with posters declaring, “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced” (below) and where Muslim imams now issue death threats to women who refuse to wear the Muslim veil.”

          1. I live in Germany with first hand access to an according perspective. Most of the time women going out single fall prey to one or often more assailants day and night – even when moving in public places. The Cologne incidents were the exception from the rule where the mob vastly outnumbered even police forces.
            So again go and study the police reports, you will then find that many assaults did not turn into rapes due to third parties’ interpherence.

  11. You are nothing but a spineless pack. If that is your excuse to let your women and children get raped from this monsters

  12. Let us hope that the many victims use their vote wisely come election time. The vital thing is to get Merkel out and anyone who thinks like her. Truly an evil woman – well, evil creature.


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