Germany Stops Sending Invaders to Hungary

Germany has halted sending Third Worlders pretending to be refugees back to Hungary in accordance with an earlier European Union call after the Eastern European nation started detaining the invaders instead of letting them run free.

Invaders storm a train at Budapest’s main railway station, 2015, after being invited to Germany by Angela Merkel.

According to media reports, the German government has announced that it will “refrain” from transferring “asylum seekers” to Hungary under EU rules until Budapest gives assurances that they will not be systematically detained.

Under the “Dublin Agreement,” which is the arrangement whereby EU states are supposed to repatriate asylum seekers to the first European country in which they registered for processing, thousands of the fakers who poured into Germany passed through Hungary—until that nation built a fence to keep them out.

Now, even though it was the German government—and Chancellor Angela Merkel in particular—who formally suspended the Dublin Agreement in 2015, sparking the mass invasion of that year—the hypocritical regime in Berlin now wants to enforce the “return” clauses of the Dublin Agreement.

This means that all those invaders who arrived in Hungary—at the invitation of the German government—could now in theory be dumped back across the border by Berlin.

Not surprisingly, the Hungarian government, which never wanted the invasion in the first place, is none too happy with this plan, and took steps to erect container cities along its border with Serbia in which to detain the invaders.

This perfectly logical step sent the EU liberals into paroxysms of angst, and last week they called for all member states to stop sending invaders back to Hungary for “processing”—effectively once again abrogating the Dublin Agreement.

Germany’s interior ministry said in a directive to the migration office that “in cases of Dublin transfers to Hungary, an assurance must be sought ensuring that the transferred person would be accommodated in accordance with EU norms.”

“Without such a reassurance from the Hungarian authorities, the transfer should not take place,” the ministry added.

Germany, along with other EU nations, also began sending asylum seekers back to Greece from mid-March.

Official figures show that Germany sent back 11,998 asylum seekers to their first port of call in the EU last year, including 294 who were returned to Hungary.

The halting of the invader return program is yet another victory for the Hungarian government, which has emerged as the leading nation protecting Europe against the mass Third World invasion.

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