Germany Stops The Rapefugees! (Satire)

Well that’s a relief. After all those rapes and assaults over the New Year in Germany we were worried about their unfortunate women. But those efficient Germans have developed a stunningly effective solution. Henceforth a scantily clad Fraulein can on her own walk down any side street in any city at any time in complete safety.


Why? Because the rapefugees have been provided with the following compelling and decisive illustrated instructions.

Whereas I personally expect this initiative to be a roaring success there are always cynics and begrudgers. Those who say most of the illustrations are incomprehensible. Others ask why the explanatory text is in German, a language in which the rapefugees have little or no proficiency while one curmudgeon snidely suggested the recommendations resembled something for preschoolers or even the severely handicapped.

While I dismiss such negativity the initiative does bring to mind that of Sheffield, UK,  Council of a few years ago as they prepared for enrichment by an army of Eastern European gypsies. You can tell the Council didn’t exactly have high hopes given their following behavioural pointers:

‘Don’t defecate or urinate on the street’; ‘Don’t have sex on the street’; ‘Don’t dump your rubbish in your neighbour’s yard’; ‘Don’t try to sell your babies’; ‘Don’t shoplift’; and ‘Don’t rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing.’

A bit similar in Germany with the enrichers apparently being enjoined not to rape women, nor to dive on top of swimmers and to help someone who’s drowning. Maybe all this multicultural thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? If so I offer the following sign, one worth more than all the others combined.  EXIT!


The genuine “instruction sheet” issued to rapefugees in Germany about “behaving” at public swimming pools. Translated as follows

1 Before bathing, shower with soap!

2 Non-swimmers must stay in the non-swimmer section and not go into water deeper than their stomachs.

3 Do not throw others into the water.

4 Do not push others under the water.

5 Take care especially for children and old people.

6 Only jump into the water when it is deep enough.

7 Only jump into the water when there is space.

8 No day-wear in the swimming pool; swimming trunks, bathing gear or bikinis made from swimming suitable materials are compulsory.

9 It makes no matter what swimming attire women are wearing, they are to be respected and valued.

10 The directions of the swimming pool personnel must be adhered to, no matter if it is a man or a woman.

11 Water can be dangerous for non-swimmers.

12 No verbal or bodily sexual harassment against women in any sort of clothing.

13 Those accompanying children have the duty of care over them and must be able to swim.

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  1. Are we surprised.??? Of course they will completely ignore it all and do what they want…and…get away with it, with the traitorous governments..!!!

  2. What a total waste of time and money attempting to integrate useless riffraff like this.
    Send the scumbags back where they came from, lock, stock and barrel.

  3. i feel so sorry for european people for thinking that these so called refugees can be teached a proper western culture. i am a south african and we have learned the hard way that it cannot be done. sympathy for the coming years of hardship you are going to suffer.

  4. Of course a waste of ink, but now they have to print a new brochure and add:

    ‘Don’t masturbate on the swimming pool’
    ‘Don’t defecate on the swimming pool’.

    In the future, the brochures will be for educating old white Europeans in the new African rules for the continent.

  5. God Bless Europe from the Middle East Moslems rats invading there countries. Rapefugees should be arrested in placed in camps.

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