Germany: Sudanese Invader with 7 IDs Stole €21,700

A Sudanese invader pretending to be a refugee used seven different identities to claim more than €21,700 ($23,000) in “benefits” from the German state—but has been let off with a probation sentence after his lawyer successfully argued that he had only “exploited a vulnerability in the system.”

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, the 25-year-old Sudanese was sentenced to 200 hours of “non-profit community” work as a punishment, along with a suspended sentence of 21 months, shortened because of the “five months’ investigation period.”

The invader confessed to registering the seven different identities at “asylum seeker” centers in various cities in northern Germany, claiming “asylum” in each town.

He told the court that he had wanted the money to “support his sick parents back home.”

In sentencing the nonwhite swindler, the judge justified the suspended sentence by saying that that Sudanese had no prior record. The prosecutor had demanded a longer sentence, referring to his “high criminal energy.”

The invader’s state-provided lawyer, Christian Neumann, disagreed, saying that his client had only taken advantage of a “gap in the system” and had registered with different authorities. “It cannot get any easier [to do],” Neumann said.

The trial is the first to come before the courts in Lower Saxony after a whistle-blower revealed the full extent of the swindle through which hundreds of nonwhites pretending to be refugees were claiming millions in euros by using multiple identities.

At least 300 perpetrators have been identified, all of whom took advantage of the fact that initially the only form of identification required was a photograph. Only after the extent of the swindle became apparent, did the “asylum offices” start taking fingerprints as well.

The single biggest case is yet to come before the courts, Die Welt added. One nonwhite invader took at least €60,000 from the German taxpayers, and is due to appear in court within the next three months, along with hundreds of others—if they have not in the interim “gone underground.”

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