Germany: Two More Invader Centers Attacked

German patriots have attacked two more planned invader centers overnight, one in Prina, Free State of Saxony, and another in Bad Bevensen, in the state of Lower Saxony.

In both cases, incendiary devices were used, while in Bad Bevenson, the drains of the extensive building were clogged and taps were left running to flood the structure as well.

Bad Bevenson

Firemen gear up to extinguish the blaze in Bad Bevensen.

In Pirna, police reported that a Molotov cocktail was thrown against the front of a building set aside for nonwhite invader use. The device struck the wall, but failed to penetrate the building, scorching the front of the apartment block.

Security guards were able to douse the blaze at the unoccupied building. The exact damage inflicted was not stated, but according to the local authorities, a move by 250 invaders into the premises will go ahead as planned.

The second attack, at Bad Bevensen near Luneberg Heath, took place at a former supermarket building being converted into invader accommodation. The first parts of converting the open area into accommodation units had already begun.

According to police, “unknown persons” set a fire in the attic of the building on Sunday evening, extensively damaging the interior roof structure.

At the same time, drains inside the building were deliberately clogged and then taps left running to flood the floor space.

A building fire expert has been called in to determine if the roof is permanently damaged, and all plans to house invaders in the building have been put on hold. Damage to the value of several thousand euros has been inflicted.

The fire was discovered by a passerby early on Monday morning. The district authorities had planned to use the building from January 2016 to house around 170 invaders who are currently living in two local school gymnasiums.

*Meanwhile, the invaders are keeping the police busy as well. Police reports now reveal that there are several gang fights every day in almost every large invader camp throughout Germany.

Police are increasingly being called to separate Iranian, Iraqi, Afghans, Somali, North African, and other ethnicities fighting it out in their tents, gymnasiums, apartments, hotels, and even on the streets.

In one of the more dramatic recent incidents, a mass brawl in an invader camp yesterday in Hamburg lasted three hours, police reported.

About 80 Syrians and Eritreans beat each other with sticks, stones, wooden slats, and iron bars. At least seven were injured in the battle, including five security guards.

Police arrested ten invaders for assault and public violence.

The police confirmed that this was not the first clash at that invader center this weekend. On Saturday, they said, more than 50 Syrians and Eritreans staged a battle at the central reception area of the camp, smashing up the furniture and creating mayhem, sending staff fleeing for their lives.

On Thursday evening a large gang of “Syrian” invaders attacked Germans at the discotheque in Magdeburg, the capital city of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The altercation started after some “refugees” got into an argument with off-duty policemen who were out for the night.

The invaders then left the premises after the quarrel, but came back armed with table legs and bottles and attacked the policemen. In the resulting fight, several people were injured, and one policeman was taken to the hospital with severe cuts to the hand, while others suffered head lacerations. The invaders then fled as quickly as they had attacked, and only one 21-year-old was successfully arrested.

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  1. The security guards should just leave the buildings, lock the doors and let these uncivilised people carry on fighting. Why should these guards put their lives in jeopardy by trying to break up these fights – it truly is not worth it.

  2. These Syrians should be deported now, if they come to a country and break the law thats it one strike and your out.

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