Germany: Two More Invader Centers Burned

German patriots have completely destroyed two more invader centers in the state of Saxony overnight, German media have reported.  Although firefighters were able to extinguish both fires, damage was substantial and both centers are now unusable.


The first attack took place just past midnight on October 30 in the “Hotel Visa” in Cossebaude near Dresden, which was being prepared for invader accommodation. Fires broke out in several places simultaneously in the building.

By the time the fire services were alerted, the flames had already reached the second floor and despite their efforts, the fire spread to several other floors before it was extinguished. Damage inflicted amounts to about €300,000 euros, the owner told the media.


An hour later, a camp made up of “residential containers” (the emergency housing now being used to house the never-ending flood of nonwhite invaders) in Dippoldiswalde, was completely destroyed.

The container housing—situated in a street named after Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx’s closest colleague—burned out in a spectacular fire which inflicted damage estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of euros. The containers had already been prepared with basic amenities such as furniture and appliances, all of which were destroyed.


Firefighters were not able to get close to the stacked containers because of the danger of collapse, police reported, and were only able to extinguish the blaze from a distance.

In recent months, there have been a number of attacks on invader centers in Saxony. In June, a newly renovated center in Meissen was burned down, and a month later, a similar complex in Böhlen was destroyed. In July, Molotov cocktails were thrown at planned invader accommodation in Lunzenau and in August, an incendiary attack destroyed uninhabited accommodation in Leipzig.

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  1. To my German brothers and sisters – in this, your hour of need let it be known there are millions of us who share the Germanic soul and spirit from around the world who are with you.
    We applaud your courageous Widerstand you have put up against the marxist led invasion of your beautiful country.
    Wotan zum Gruβ

    1. Let’s not forget the role of people from Dresden during fall’89 protests which eventually brought DDR to its collapse – could history repeat itself?

  2. When will Herr Merkel realise what a huge mistake she has made and start deporting all these immigrants and why does she think that other countries should take people. She told the world they were welcome in Germany so let Germany take them all – we certainly do want them in the UK.

    1. Frau Merkel acted in similar fashion in many instances before – her whole political career is like a textbook’s example of opportunism!

  3. This resistance to the Islamic invasion was to be expected. Time for politicians to look at home and take care of it.

  4. A country of people running out of their own creation. Their whole ideology on Ala and the law of Ala. They have to obey Ala they sceam at the rest of the world. Ala who they worship calls them warriors and fight not to desert the warriors and leave them to.perish. They have created a war against themselves deserted warriors will want them to punished for desertion. It is their laws.

  5. Some see this as Germans resisting the invaders, I do not. How many of these centers were inhabited? If I were “disgruntled” to that degree( i.e. my family was in danger from rapists and leeches) I would have lit fire to inhabited centers. Terrible waste of gasoline otherwise.

    Although, that is all hypothetical because I love my government and know they act only in my own best interest.

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