Germany: Violent Chaos Spreads in Camps

Repeated outbreaks of violence and chaotic scenes are becoming everyday occurrences inside invader camps in Germany, with mass brawls between different ethnic groups resulting in serious injuries and large-scale police intervention.

In addition, the nationality of the rioting invaders has conclusively shown the utterly bogus nature of the “asylum seekers” in the first place.


Two major clashes took place in Hamburg invader camps over the past weekend. The first started when security services moved in to remove an Eritrean who had earlier attacked a camp personnel member.

A large group of Africans then turned out to try and stop the removal, and attacked the security guards. This provided an excuse for a large group of “Syrians” to become involved, and soon there was a mass brawl between the Africans and the “Syrians.”

The second mass brawl on Sunday erupted with such ferocity that the security guards were forced to retreat and barricade themselves inside a building during the three hour riot, which had to be suppressed by fully-armed police.

According to a report in Der Spiegel, the invaders used table legs, steel pipes, and other weapons to attack each other, with one eyewitness telling that newspaper that they “went at each other, everyone against everyone.”

No less than 34 police vehicles full of riot police were rushed to the scene at the Grell camp, located between Hamburg Airport and the border to Schleswig-Holstein.

“An incredible number of the people were beaten severely,” an employee was quoted as saying. “You could hear the battle from far away. It fills us with fear.”

According to other reports, the invaders repeatedly clash with bare fists, fire extinguishers, and with knives. In some of the cases, Der Speigel said, the wounds were fatal.

There were also riots in Munich, Der Spiegel reported. In the town of Karlsfeld, just north of the Bavarian capital, a group of invaders attacked security personnel after they were asked to stop playing football in the middle of a living area.

The invaders immediately set upon the security personnel with sticks, stones, and other items.

Over 40 policemen had to be deployed to halt the unprovoked attack, and two invaders, both from Senegal, were arrested, although later released, the police said.  A total of three invaders and four security personnel had to be treated at a local hospital for wounds suffered in the incident.


The Der Spiegel report failed, of course, to note that it is nothing short of scandalous that Africans from Senegal are claiming to be “asylum seekers” in Germany. Senegal is possibly one of the more stable West African nations, with no less than 80 political parties and an elected president and parliament.

There are therefore no political grounds at all for anyone to be “fleeing” Senegal, and any “asylum seeker” from that nation is obviously bogus. Yet the insane Merkel “open doors” policy has invited hundreds of thousands of such people into Germany—where, as the violence in the invader camps has already shown, they are not going to be removed without a fight.

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  1. Germany will soon have a lot of “action” on the streets – there is over 1 mln seriously “frustrated” spookes who expected nice apartments with full fridges and some serious cash so they could wine & dine. Instead of that they stay at warehouses, defunkt department stores and closed airports like Tempelhof or Kassel. Wait till many of them will be told to go back where they came from … this is not going to be anything nice and civilized!

    GerMONEY, GerMONEY 🙂

  2. I’m from the UK, totally agree with my Germany friends, what is at stake is democracy, the ability to say what you believe in even if that offends some, its crucial and the backbone of democracy. I was even tought that in my school. However that rule seems to have changed for the worst in the last 24 months. No longer can we voice our oposition to Un elected people telling us what we believe in. This little game caused the second world war. Have we not learnt anything!

  3. By relying on the EU courts where there is no international jurisdiction, the problem will never be solved. The UN and its Statutes and Courts like the ICC and Permanent Court of International Justice do have the jurisdiction to address the problem. Treaties like Versailles set the boundaries of a nation, Conventions like Hague Convention 1907 Article 41 has an object of facilitating arbitration for international differences, and Declarations like the Definition of Aggression Article 3g The sending by or on behalf of a State of armed bands groups irregulars or mercenaries, can solve the problem.
    There is an inverse relation between brain size and effective utilization of the brain and comparing ants, bees, ducks, mice and donkeys it is obvious that the donkey’s brain is completely inefficient and that applies to politicians as well.

  4. If you have many hundreds of thousands of fit, strong, healthy young men who will violently resist deportation, then you have a major problem.

    It must be borne in mind that the number of ‘migrants’ – including those whom German authorities said they will ‘deport’ if found to be bogus greatly outnumber the combined manpower of the entire German police and army forces.

    1. That’s just it. On the top of it: deport them where? If they claimed that they are from Syria or Iraq you can’t deport them anyway. In case of Afghanistan the govt. there requested in the past so called “relocation money” to be paid by Germany and that’s not peanuts – it’s just madness!

  5. Exactly as planned by the traitor Merkel and her NWO buddies. 70 years of hard work and sacrifice to rebuild their nation is blown away in just a few months. Immigrants truly ARE WMD.

  6. Yes dunroamin the traitors have their WMD to wipe out the indigenous people. This is happening all over Europe and the UK are taking in Calais migrants. Dave seems to be sneaking them in. Lets face it the Jungle would not be there unless there was a plan for these third world islamic people.

  7. Maybe they can kill each other and the police can stay back a bit. There is a reason why these countries never amounted to anything, between praying, oppressing women, breeding, and fighting there is just no time left!!

  8. i thought they had fled the violence and intolerance…? Yet all these so called refugees, ie these fit, strong ,violent, mysoginistic MALES are fighting each other !!! i am soo surprised (NOT !!)…So are the “Syrians” Racist against the Africans ? Or are the Africans Racist against the “Syrians ” ? We cant have any intolerance, that means you are racist…? All this coming to your town soon……

  9. The woman who useful idiots like Cameron, and Holland’s, regard as the European leader has obviously gone insane with power. She should be sectioned before Germany erupts into a full on civil war.

  10. Speed up the testing and repatriating of the migrants will greatly reduce the number of illegal migrants. Once they receive a notice of deportation they will extricate themselves from these overburdened camps. They may not get deported but they will do an effective disappearing act !
    Problem solved. Merkel will be impressed by the optics.

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