Ghent: Turks Attack Europeans

Hundreds of Turks attacked police and white Belgians in Ghent over the past weekend as members of the pro-European Voorpost organization held a “no Turkey in the European Union” rally in the city.

After being given several warnings by the police to stop their violence, the nonwhites were dispersed by police water cannon and at least one was arrested.


The Voorpost organization said in its report on the Saturday, September 17 rally, that the slogan used by its members “No Turkey in Europe” was meant to demonstrate their opposition to the possible accession of Turkey to the European Union, Islamization in general, and against the foreign policy of Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

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“However, a large group of Turks objected to this typically European right to freedom of expression, and attacked the peaceful protest,” the Voorpost report continued.

After police moved in to protect the whites, the Turkish thugs then attacked the authorities, forcing them to eventually disperse the nonwhites with water cannon and baton charges.

Despite the attacks, Voorpost was able to continue with its rally, and, thanks to its stewards, was able to complete the protest march.

“The Voorpost demonstration showed that the Turkish issue is already very important,” their report continued.

“Part of the Turkish community [in Ghent] clearly seeks to force the indigenous population off their own streets by violence,” the Voorpost article said.

“We will however always stand ready for combat. Flanders must continue to be Flemish and Europe must continue to be European,” the article concluded.

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According to a report in the Het Laaste Nieuws (HLN) newspaper, at least one of the rioting Turks was arrested in the melee with the police.

“The counter-demonstrators were tolerated as long as they remained peaceful,” a police spokesman told HLN.

However, when projectiles were thrown at the police, they were forced to respond, he added.

Voorpost describes itself as a “nationalist action group active in Flanders and the Netherlands” which aims for the creation of an independent Flemish state which would form part of the Netherlands.

Its current leader is Bart Vanpachtenbeke, and the organization is well-known in Flanders and the Netherlands for its rallies and demonstrations against Third World immigration, Islam, mosques, leftist organizations, drugs, pedophilia, and animal abuse.

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  1. White men are now being attacked indiscriminately, whether as tourusts, or residents of their own browned out backyards. Game on people!

    1. The evil European Union must be repealed, eliminated and destroyed.

      The Kalergi Plan calls for the extermination of the European people by way of cross-breeding with non-Europeans.

      Angela Merkel is a criminal.

      1. I’m witnessing, while on vacation, white europeans approached aggressively in the streets by invaders. Pools of vomit don’t necessarily indicate drunken tourists, but the aftermath of a girl’s sexual assault.I have witnessed locals sat on their as**s while a female’s blood curdling screams down some alleyway go ignored by the locals. Anger is off the scale for me.

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    1. Hitler wanted the pure Aryan /race, Merkel is not that way inclined. Her attitude stems from the break up of Germany after WWII and she is hell bent on making every country sub-servient to her will which is her only connection to Hitler. There are saner people resident in Mental Hospitals.

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        1. Spot on mate!! All lies spewed by the jew media.

          So much of history has been distorted and corrupted to suit the multi culti agenda!!
          Now here we are ,game on for the final destruction of white homelands?
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        And, as long as we stand and observe only the crimes committed by this invading army we are all just as guilty as they are, This is a war and we better realise it soon or we are lost.

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