Ghosts Frighten Nonwhite Invaders in Sweden

Nonwhite invaders living in an invader camp in GrännaForsa, southern Sweden, have demanded that they be moved to a new center because ghosts are haunting them, local media have reported.


The invaders said that their children had alerted them to the fact that their house was definitely haunted.

“The children told us a few days ago, and then we adults saw it as well,” an invader name Hamid Alojaili told the Smålandsposten newspaper.

“We are sure the building is haunted,” Alojaili said. “Doors are opening by themselves and there is no one outside,” he said in English in a video interview.

Also, many people are “getting the feeling” that they are not alone even in the bathroom. The fire alarm starts without any reason, they say, and the children cry every night, even though the adults try to calm then.

“This is not about nightmares,” Alojaili said. “We would rather stay in tents than in the house in Gränna Forsa “because it’s too dangerous to be there.”

“This was surprising. We had no indications that there would be problems with ghosts before,” said Swedish Migration Agency manager Magnus Petersson.

Among other things that the invaders complained about were flickering lights, and noises in the plumbing system, he said, adding that 35 of the 58 people living in the invader house came to the agency’s office in the nearby town of Alvesta earlier this week, demanding to be relocated.

Some of them returned to the shelter at the end of the day after being told there were no ghosts, and that no alternative housing was available. Others however refused, and took the train to Malmo.

“I know that in their faith there is a different view on spirituality,” he said. “We were responsive to them but somewhere you have to use your common sense and believe in science.”

Stefan Johansson, a co-owner of the facility, said it was built in the nineteenth century and was long used as a home for disabled people. He said there are natural explanations for all the things that have spooked the invaders.

“It’s an old house and the doors maybe are a bit crooked,” he said. “Sometimes there are cracking noises in the pipes.” The flickering lights were caused by glitches in electrical switches, he said. “We have explained all this to them. How much of it they took in I don’t know,” Johansson added.

One of the children, he said, saw “something sit at a table,” but when he tried to look what it was, it dropped under the table and disappeared.

It was apparently of no help when staff at the center told the invaders that there was indeed a ghost at the house, but that it was a “good ghost” which helped to “clean up” after them.

The full interview, in English, with the invaders as carried on Sweden Radio, can be heard below:

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    1. It is always a good idea not to confront a criminal, there is no assurance as to how they will react and the EU with its ECHR62 is just something not to be confronted.
      The Agreement Between Portugal and the African Party for the independence of Guinea Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands (PAICC) Algiers, August 26 1974 Article 4 says “The two delegations have also agreed that the Portuguese State and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau will establish and develop relations of active cooperation, especially in economic, financial, cultural and technical fields, based on independence, mutual respect , reciprocity of interests and harmonious relations between the citizens of each of the two Republics.
      What followed was the dumping of Chinese goods in the independent State and the welcoming and integration of people into Portugal. It amounted to an act of Genocide where the newly independent faced economic ruin, and was unable to find conditions of life where they could survive, further the immigrants faced cultural Genocide in Portugal. The good offices of the people in Algiers were also criminally disregarded and as a reciprocal response it probably would be acceptable if European children faced a similar fate as Concubines and Eunuchs in the Harems of Algeria. I cannot express my horror at what the law in Europe supports and the consequences of the system.

  1. How ungrateful can you get, Mind you it may be an education in itself, time to become acquainted with the Laws of the Relative Universe, lol

  2. The World Declaration on the Survival, Protection and Development of Children 30 September 1990 Article 19 says “We ourselves hereby make a solemn commitment to give high priority to the Rights of Children, to their survival and to their protection and development. This will also ensure the well being of all societies.
    The UN does recognise that their Declarations, Treaties, Conventions, and Statutes are trashed by certain people, in particular the EU as set out in the European Convention on Human Rights 4 November 1950 Article 62 and the situation of Swedish underage children being sent to Turkey to join the Harems an Concubines or Eunuch’s looks like a possibility which will be a reality sooner than expected.

  3. I want to live in the big city ; not in the sticks. This is the middle of nowhere, so I’ll tell lies to get rehoused there.
    Silly Swedish people will bend over backwards to accommodate our demands.
    We Are REFUGEES ; we want the big city life …. we want the big city life …. we want ……..
    Did the ghosts of war follow you ?
    No, then perhaps the Swedish ancestors are telling you to : go back to Your Own Country where you will feel safe to eat, sleep, toilet …..etc.. no ghosts there.
    This is what I want ; I want you All to go back to your own countries right now, you do not belong in Europe !
    I wonder what Odin,Thor and the other Norse Gods would want ? A return to Asatru.

  4. Seems a good idea to somehow have ghosts everywhere. Then maybe some of these GIMMEgrants will just go back from whence they came?
    This would clean up Sweden fast.

  5. Never forget who started this. The Bush administration was loaded full of Neo-con Zionists with dual citizenship with Israel. They started the invasions/bombings of Middle East lands and then they passed the ball to the Liberal Zionist-left who are the ones who have dictated and funded the directing of “refugees” to European lands.
    For 150 years the Zionist agenda has openly stated their agenda is to claim all lands from Ephrates river in Iraq to Nile river, including all of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, half of Iraq and other parts.

    I think the European crisis has exposed the perpetrators of these crimes, which go back many decades, but specifically the last 15 years since 9/11 when their project/agenda has picked up steam.

    The zionist owned Media of the West has the job of installing Cognitive Dissonance to the populace, in which they are demanded to hold TWO opposing thoughts at the same time: To hate Muslims, but then to go along with Open Borders or be called a racist.

    Very clever people, the Zionists. Very dangerous too. They are winning at this point unless the masses can somehow organize against them. This will be very hard, though, as the Zionists control almost everything including local law enforcements.

    1. Interesting take! I’m not sure thou if you meant Bush-son or Bush-father but in anycase I’m curious how you explain the immigration policies of some European countries like Sweden, where they started their unfortunate “social experiment” already in 1975, Holland and their “Polder Model” started in early 1980’s or the UK in even late 1960’s. And please be assured – I do not question the validity of your opinion on the Jewish agenda!

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