“Global Warming” Fanatics Look Like Fools as Cape Town Water Returns

The South African city of Cape Town—widely touted by “global warming” fanatics the world over as the “first city to run dry because of man-made-emissions”—has relaxed its water restrictions after its water has come back naturally, proving that “climate change” had nothing to do with the drought.

According to a report in the News24 news service, Cape Town’s dam storage levels are now above 70 percent, an improvement over from the 38% capacity recorded at the end of winter in 2017.

Last year, it was claimed that Cape Town was going to “run dry” because of “climate change” and this allegation was widely repeated in the controlled media.

However, as reported by The New Observer, the real reason for the water crisis was a perfectly normal cyclical drought combined with massive overpopulation and Third World level water management, rather than claims of “climate change.”

As pointed out, Cape Town’s population increased by 74 percent from 1990 to 2018, as over two million extra blacks flooded the city after the coming to power of the ANC.

This, combined with a seasonal drought and massive water waste, was the reason for the dried-up water reserves, pictures of which were widely used by the controlled media to “prove” that “climate change” had taken its toll.

Now however, the same dams are over 70 percent full after “significant rains in the region” which ended its “worst drought in 100 years,” the News24 service has admitted.

“Cape Town´s dam levels are nearing 70 percent of storage capacity due to good rainfall at the beginning of winter and the phenomenal conservation efforts of Capetonians,” said Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson.

“Water restrictions and the associated tariffs are thus to be conservatively lowered,” starting October 1, he said in a statement.

Until June, the city which is the seat of parliament and a major tourist draw, had been projected to run out of water as early as July, forcing the closure of household taps and severe restrictions.

Needless to say, the controlled media and the “global warming” fanatics who used Cape Town as the “evidence” of the impact of “climate change,” are now nowhere to be seen.

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