“We are Going to Destroy Your Country”

The Third World legal immigrant-terrorist who last week murdered a priest in northern France has told French people in a newly-released ISIS video that he and his fellow Islamists are “going to destroy your country”—the clearest sign yet that they do not regard European nations as “their” home, but only places of conquest.

The recording, made before the attack at the church in Normandy last week, was released by ISIS’s news agency AMAQ, and features Abdel-Malik Nabir Petitjean.


In the video, Petitjean addresses himself to French President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, and tells then that the “times have changed. You will suffer what our brothers and sisters are suffering. We are going to destroy your country.”

Petitjean, 19, was formally identified as one of the men who killed Father Jacques Hamel in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray before being shot dead by police.

He and his accomplice Adel Kermiche, also 19, previously appeared in another video pledging their allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

The emergence of the latest video comes as holidaymakers in Cannes have been told they will no longer be allowed to take large bags onto the beach, in an attempt to prevent terror attacks.

France remains in a state of emergency after 84 people were killed when a jihadist drove a lorry through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in the nearby city of Nice.

On July 22, four days before the church assault, the French anti-terror organization Uclat issued a photo of an unnamed man—who turned out to be Petitjean—warning that the person “could be ready to participate in an attack on national territory.”

Kermiche, who had also previously attempted to travel to Syria, was awaiting trial on terror charges and had been fitted with an electronic tag, despite calls from the prosecutor for him not to be released.

According to the group IntelCenter, which tracks acts of terrorism, there has been a significant attack directed or inspired by ISIS every 84 hours since June 8 in cities outside the war zones in Iraq, Syria, Sinai in Egypt, and Libya.

More than half of those attacks have been beyond big cities in places “not traditionally under threat of terrorist attacks,” says IntelCenter.


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  1. No real surprise here. What these jihadis should be highlighting are the soft, liberal white jokers who make it all so easy with their flimsy wishy washy leftist policies, appeasement, and white hankie waving limp wristed idealism, that is all diverse and lip smacking enriching.

    1. Ste-G: gotcha, I think the EU males have been gelded, feminized. EU globalist puppet leaders are pushing full speed for a caliphate, followed by mayhem, killings and destruction. Women, girls will be taken as slaves. Apathy, addiction to smart phones and PC indoctrination (gov schools, media and gov. controlled churches (apostate clergy as is in the USA also) has taken these countries down into the abyss. It may be too late to recover. (gatesofvienna.net) Are their any EU critical thinkers left? Not may in the U.S. for sure.

  2. Sadly, I’m beginning to believe it’s right. The mentally ill left refuse to believe they’re there for conquest not for a better life. Listening to merlel I think their sickness is for total self destruction.

    1. Merkel is the leader of a right wing party though, CDU. Sarkozy was as bad as Hollande. Globalists are just genocidal whatever political spectrum they pretend to be of..

  3. What your so called brothers and sisters are suffering! you mean what muslims do to other muslims , kill and destroy each other because they can not agree on the interpretations of their holy books, they have been slaughtering each other for centuries it is in their DNA now. This world will be like a hell on earth if this cult continues.

    1. Well Maureen, your last sentence: So far they’ve made a really healthy start on EU countries, with, of course, the absolute support of those countries’ Governments.

  4. The islamists openly declare their intentions and STILL traitorous governments do nothing – except clamp down on patriots for ‘hate speech’. Unbelievable.

  5. A serious contagious disease is affecting all of western Europe, US
    and Canada along with the dopie popie in rome. It’s called MERKELS
    HEIMERS disease. The minds of
    European elites incessantly babble-
    we can do it. A mindless ignorant statement. All of the minds and bodies of white Europeans will degenerate. They are now seeing populations getting darker with more
    rioting murder rape mutilations and
    burnings. Eventually all European
    culture will disappear leading to chaos Humans are now in the process of de-volution.This contagion will eventually be equivalent to the black plague. The
    source of this contagion needs to be

  6. look like they are not stupid afterall all and they know who destroyed their country and who got rid of their dictators and runied their lives

  7. All the patriots across the whole of Europe who are fed up with the lack of representation by their so-called elected governments need to band together, form a cross-border party and force new elections. Get rid of these people as soon as possible and disrupt civil order as often as possible. Block all town halls and prevent their workers from getting in to carry out any work for immigrants. That’s an ideal way of thinking of a solution but we all know it won’t happen.

  8. When i read about one of these pathetic idiots threaten Europe I hear that patronizing voice of Barbara Lerner Spectre claiming “Europe MUST make this transformation(to a ‘multicultural’ society). Or Europe will not survive”. I see Jewish-backed militants (or actors) without enough intelligence to lace their own boots -let alone be able to destroy Europe. But I don’t see this as “Islamic” problem at all. Only Judaism has it’s sights on global dominance…whether it’s overtly Jewish(CFR eg) or covertly Jewish(Saudi Arabia, ISIS AL-Qaeda Whabbism etc).

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