The Great Siege of Vienna, 1683

September 12 marks the 333rd anniversary of the lifting of the siege of Vienna by a combined European Christian army against the nonwhite invaders of that time, the Ottoman Turks.

The racial lessons from that war—when the invaders nearly conquered all of Europe by the sword—are as pertinent as ever, and serve as an inspiration to modern Europeans who are also locked in the present-day life and death struggle for the existence of Europe.


The siege of Vienna, 1683. The walls of the city are clearly visible, as is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, still a Vienna landmark to this day.

The invasion by the Ottoman Turks was without doubt the single most prolonged attack on Europe by any nonwhite nation in history.

Starting from the beginning of the thirteenth century and lasting right through to the start of the twentieth, this attack was sustained by a group of racially-mixed Muslims, driven by a fanaticism molded in their religious worldview. They occupied vast stretches of central and southern Europe and were twice turned back at the gates of Vienna in their attempts to seize all of Europe.

Turkey Falls under Islamic Rule

The land today known as Turkey passed through many hands during the course of history. First home to some of the original white tribes and later Indo-Europeans, it fell under Greek and then Roman rule, ending the first Christian millennium under the control of the Eastern Roman, or Byzantine Empire.

Islam, which emerged in Saudi Arabia after 734, had expanded by violent conquest during the three hundred years following. It had seized almost all of the former Byzantine lands in the Middle East. This attack on Christian lands was the primary cause of the Crusades, which were a European attempt to turn back the Islamic tide—a counterattack which ultimately failed.

By 1100 the Islamic invaders, then under the leadership of a group known as the Seljuk Turks, had seized much of present-day Turkey and forcibly converted it to Islam. By the beginning of the thirteenth century, the Seljuks lost their position of leadership to a new Islamic force led by an individual named Osman. The followers of Osman became known as Osmanlilar (Turkish for “those associated with Osman”), or, as they became known in the West, the Ottomans.

Muslims Crush Byzantine Empire

The steady advance of the conquering Islamic hordes compressed the Byzantine Empire’s territory with each passing century. Finally, by 1330, the Ottomans had reached the Aegean Sea and Muslim soldiers stood at the Bosporus Straits, directly opposite the citadel of Constantinople.

The city, founded by the Roman emperor Constantine, was able to hold out as a lonely Christian citadel in a sea of ever increasing mixed-race Muslim lands for another 110 years.

Ironically, it was a Byzantine emperor, John VI Kantakouzenos, who first invited the Ottomans onto European soil. He hired a detachment of their soldiers as a mercenary army to fight a rival claimant to the Byzantine throne.

Once their task was completed, they simply refused to return to the Muslim-held territory. Worse was to come: the Muslim force then attacked and seized the city of Gallipoli in 1354. This provided the Muslims with their first prize on the European side of the Dardanelles Strait, a region which has remained Turkish to this day.

The Fall of Constantinople

The city of Constantinople grimly held on as the Ottoman invaders marched through the Balkans. Situated far behind the Muslim front line, the city grew weaker and weaker with each passing year.

Finally, in 1453, the Ottoman army launched a mighty effort to break the city. After bombarding the city walls with cannon fire, a determined overnight attack saw the city fall at last—the official end of the Eastern Roman Empire, defended only by seven thousand white knights from all over Europe against a Turkish army numbering in the hundreds of thousands.


The fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. On May 28, 1453, the Turks began their final assault on the city of Constantinople. With an army in the hundreds of thousands, the city was defended by only some seven thousand knights drawn from all over Europe under the command of a Genoan, Giustiniani. After a furious all night battle, the walls of the city were breached at dawn by the attackers. All the whites in the city were massacred or sold into slavery, with a mere handful escaping to tell the dreadful tale. Constantinople was made into a major Muslim center and became known as Istanbul.

After the capture of Belgrade in 1521 and the fall of the island of Rhodes the next year, the path into Austria lay open to the Ottomans.

The First Siege of Vienna, 1529

By 1529, the Muslim armies had marched to the gates of Vienna. A desperate two month siege followed, but the Ottomans failed to break the city’s defenses. Exhausted, the Muslim invaders were forced to retreat south into Hungary.

It took nearly forty years for the Ottomans to go on the offensive again. In 1571, they seized the island of Cyprus and began raiding the still emerging state of Russia. In 1661, the Ottomans launched a new land offensive and captured much of what is today the Ukraine, and in 1669 they conquered the island of Crete.


White prisoners are executed by the Ottomans after the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396. The white soldiers, drawn from all over Europe, could expect no mercy if captured by the invading nonwhites, and thousands met their end in this way.

The Second Siege of Vienna, 1683

Finally the Muslims felt strong enough to launch another attempt to seize the city of Vienna, and marched another great army north in 1683.

The renewed offensive on Vienna was seen as a critical battle which would determine whether or not all of Europe would fall to the Ottomans. As a result, a rare display of European unity took place, and an army comprising several different nationalities assembled to defend the Austrian city.

The siege began on July 14, 1683, with the invading Muslim Ottoman army numbering about 180,000.

Opposing them, although not all in one group, and some only joining the fray later, were some 84,450 European troops from Austria, Germany, and the Polish Lithuanian commonwealth.

However, by the time the Muslim army had actually encamped outside Vienna’s city walls, most of the civilian population had fled to Linz. There were only eleven thousand troops inside the city, five thousand civilians, and 370 cannons.

The commander of the forces inside the city, Ernst Rüdiger Graf von Starhemberg, turned down an offer of surrender from the besieging Muslims. He had heard the news about Perchtoldsdorf, a town south of Vienna. There, the citizens had handed over the keys of the city after being given a similar choice and were then slaughtered by the Muslim attackers.

The Muslim army’s leader, Kara Mustafa Pasha, concentrated on digging tunnels under the massive city walls with the intention of blowing them up. This tactic was partially successful, and by early September, he had managed to create several breaches in the walls.

The defenders, suffering terribly from lack of food and sleep, prepared to make their last stand in the city streets.

Polish Hero Jan Sobieski Saves Europe

However, at the critical moment on September 6, a Polish–Lithuanian army under the command of the Polish hero Jan Sobieski, having marched south to aid the city, met up with Austrian forces preparing a relief column.

Additional German troops from Saxony, Bavaria, Baden, Franconia, and Swabia also arrived, and the combined army, known as the “Holy League,” took position on a hill outside Vienna on September 12, announcing their arrival with bonfires.

The Muslims had hoped to take Vienna before the European reinforcements arrived, but they ran out of time. Their final bomb, due to explode in a tunnel under the city walls—which would have provided access to the city, was discovered just in time, and defused.

Simultaneously, the Polish infantry attacked on the Muslims’ right flank. Instead of focusing on the battle with the relief army, the Muslims tried to force their way into the city. After twelve hours of continuous fighting, the Poles held the high ground.


The famous Winged Hussars under Polish hero Jan Sobieski charge the Muslim lines at Vienna.

The twenty thousand-strong Holy League cavalry attacked late in the afternoon, making history as one of the largest cavalry charges ever.

Led by Sobieski, three thousand Polish heavy lancers—the famed Winged Hussars—broke the Muslim line and plunged them into chaos.

The Vienna garrison then stormed out of the city, and attacked the Muslims, forcing them to fight from both sides. After three hours of fighting, the Muslims were forced to retreat.

Vienna Saved, Europe Spared Islamification

Vienna had been saved, and Europe had been spared Islamification once again.

Although the Muslims fled in disarray and had at least fifteen thousand dead and wounded, they still slaughtered all their Austrian prisoners before leaving the outskirts of Vienna.

The 1683 siege of Vienna marked the Turk invaders’ high water mark in their attempt to seize Europe by military force. From that time on, they were slowly driven back, piecemeal, until the early 20th century, when they were finally expelled from the last of their Balkan strongholds.

The Present-Day Invasion

Today, the Muslim invasion continues, but this time not directly through military invasion. Today, the Islamic invasion happens through the immigration visa, the passport control counter, the high birth rate of legal Muslim immigrants in Europe—and the massive fake refugee invasion.

*This article was extracted from Chapter 34: The Sixth Great Race War—the Ottoman Holocaust 1300–1919, in March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race, available from Ostara Publications here.

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  1. The main difference today is that traitorous Western Politicians invited the invaders into our homelands and made them welcome even though they treated our women like war treasure

    1. Rothschild’s own the bank of England and western Europe, our politician’s are bought and paid for. No true Englishmen will never get to the seat of power to lead our people as long as the jew own’s us?

      We are being systematically destroyed ,they call it tolerance (submission) all our institution’s bow to muslim’s ,let them get away with rape and murder of our people.

      jew “MEDIA WHORES” turn a blind eye or totally distort the facts to condemn us as racist’s for everyhing .I hate the white liberal,leftie traitors the most, “dispicable creatures” their day will come!!
      To hate your own kind, their will be a seat in hell awaiting them for the serpents they are!!
      Time is fast approaching when we must take up arm’s and defend our country with the will of GOD!!

  2. Jan Sobieski the Third, The Lion of Lechistan, The Savior of Christendom, King of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
    Read about him, he was a hell of monarch!

  3. I just wonder how many of the present day faker/frauds now besieging Austria are the direct, lineal descendants of the invaders who sought to conquer Austria back in 1683?

  4. Unfortunately, the elites here opened the doors again to them several decades ago and now ottomans are everywhere. They will try again to rule europe.

  5. Naturally the BBC and Jewish media do not celebrate, or even mention, this. They prefer to stoke up the mythologies involved in wars between whites, and fake leaders like Churchill.

    1. What? The BBC didn’t fake a “documentary” how evil racist and xenophobic the defense of Vienna was? Intolerant small minded bigots not embracing other cultures? Disappointing. Well, I still have hope that some completely unbiased highly renowned “Austrian or German” TV station fakes … I mean creates a great masterpiece of brainwashed….ehm… highly informative and well-researched program.
      *sarcasm off*

  6. In Volume 2 of the Major Peace Treaties ISBN 0-7910-6659-2 there are 15 Peace Treaties dealing with the Eastern Question. To feed the growing hoards of Muslim people new lands were always needed and to return and face starvation not a suitable solution. When the time comes and Europe cannot feed or return the millions of Muslim, there will be a fight for survival.
    In a game of 21 15 is usually a loosing hand.

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