Greece: Invaders Flee as Patriots Counterattack

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders have fled their camp on the island of Chios after Greek patriots carried out a devastating retaliatory counterattack with Molotov cocktails and rocks.

The invaders initiated the conflict by stealing fireworks from a local store and firing them into the Greek residential area the previous evening.


The Greek attack was launched from the battlements of the Castle of Chios, a Byzantine-era fortress located right next to the invader center.

According to media reports, a large group of Greek patriots—sick at the continuing destruction of their country by the never-ending nonwhite invasion—struck on Thursday night this past week with Molotov cocktails and massive stones “bigger than the size of a football.”



Most of the tents housing the invaders—provided by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR)—were burned during the attack.

Those tents not destroyed by fire were subjected to a rain of rocks which punched large holes through the canvas, making the tents uninhabitable.


The invaders were “so scared that they prefer not to return to the camp, although they don’t have any other accommodation,” UNCHR spokesman Roland Schoenbauer told media.

The attack followed another violent incident the previous night, according to police. That clash started after invaders from the camp broke into a nearby store and stole hundreds of euros worth of fireworks.

These fireworks were then fired at Greek locals from inside the camp, provoking the locals to retaliate. Riot police were called out and 37 invaders were arrested, including three Algerians and a 40-year-old claiming to be an Iraqi.

It was this attack which was the last straw for the Greek locals, who then launched the sustained attack on Thursday evening in retaliation for months of attacks and criminal activity carried out by the invaders.

Later the next day, Friday, “aid” workers claimed that at least two of their number were assaulted and beaten, along with an invader, by a large group of angry Greeks in the street.


Above: The Souda invader camp earlier. It was from here that the invaders launched fireworks into the surrounding Greek residential neighborhood. Below, the Souda camp after the Greek counterattack.


According to official estimates, there are at least 4,000 invaders on Chios. About 60 percent of them claim to be Syrians, 20 percent claim to be Iraqis, 10 percent are North Africans, and the remaining 10 percent “other nationalities.”

The actual number of “Syrians” and “Iraqis” present is of course open to question, given the large number of fake identification documents in circulation among the invaders.

Chios has been one of the major landing posts for the nonwhite invasion of Europe.

The flow of invaders from Turkey has not stopped, even though the “Balkans route” into Europe has been closed down.

As a result, tens of thousands of nonwhites pretending to be refugees are now holed up all over Greece in camps like the one at Chios.

Earlier this week, a parliamentary delegation from Greece’s Golden Dawn party organized mass demonstrations against the invaders on Chios, and distributed flyers demanding their deportation.

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  1. This “Good News Story” has really made my day! Many patriots all over Europe will be emboldened. The serious resistance to the invasion has begun.

  2. There’s a cryptic message hidden in this little act of defiance, I think the real people of Greece (Golden Dawn) want to say something, I can’t imagine what that message could be, maybe they should say it louder, I don’t think everyone heard it.

      1. That’d be fine, if it got more publicity, as of 24th November, this is the first I’ve heard of it, and I generally go looking for news, not trusting the MSM.

        1. I live in the USA and am hearing of this for the first time, April 25, 2018, which is that much more sad & pathetic. I have been subscribing to as many NON-AMERICAN online news services as I can find and am with well over 25 now and still have heard nothing about the invader invasions going on in Greece. I am sickened and outraged to hear of this but felt hope in seeing those pictures of the damaged camps. Now it’s a year and a half later and I can’t help but to wonder how things are now going in Greece and am anxious to look into finding out where things stand with your nonwhite invasion of animals who will never be grateful and will never fit in and will only destroy everything in beautiful Greece.

  3. Until these migrants realize that there is nothing waiting for them they will continue to come. Local populations (as in Hungary) must take the law into their own hands

  4. If the conspiracy amongst national broadcaster’s to stifle this sort of news was discontinued and this event became common knowledge, the populations of the countries subject to the invasion would seek retribution on a massive scale – that would immediately have the effect of halting the flow across the Med. As ever, it is only the nationals, the ordinary men and women on the street that has any hope of halting the nonsense of mass migration. It is only a matter of time. The clock ticks on……..

    1. @ojr – No! It was Christian Warriors like Charles Martel of France, Jan Sobieski of Poland, and the Christian troops of Russia & Bulgaria at the Battle of Shipka who beat back the Ottoman Invaders time and again, down through the centuries. It was never the Indigenous French or German or Spanish people who welcomed Muslim Invaders, but ZOG infiltrating their governments.

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