Greece’s Golden Dawn Gives “Free Toll Road Day” to Motorists

Greece’s Golden Dawn continues to go from strength to strength by capitalizing upon inherent weaknesses in plutocratic capitalism—this time by seizing control of major toll road booths in Greece and allowing hundreds of thousands of motorists free travel over the Easter weekend.


The astonishing action, taken in response to an announcement that road tolls were to be raised dramatically, was met with massive support from motorists, as the video below clearly demonstrates.

Like many private toll roads around Europe and America, the infrastructure was originally built with taxpayers’ money, and then sold off to private capitalists (in this case, the wealthy Bobolas family in Greece) to run at a profit.

“Women and men, Social Nationalists [from] all around Greece occupied the toll booths all over the nation and decided to give the gift of free travel to the many people traveling to see their families this Easter weekend,” Golden Dawn said in a press release.

“The Troika’s* increase in the price of the toll booth has made it impossible for many Greeks to celebrate with their close family and friends.

“The money generated by the price increase is meager and only hurts the people, all so the bankers can feast on the Greek corpse,” the statement continued.

“This is morally wrong, anti-tradition, and it is anti-life, today the folk travel for free thanks to Golden Dawn! The activists spread the word of Golden Dawn on 12 toll booths and ports.

“Hundreds of  thousands of our Party newspaper were distributed among the passing drivers in defiance of the big contractors/TV station owners that want to eradicate the voice of the Free Social Nationalists.”

* The “Trioka” refers to the nexus of media, big business,  and politicians widely blamed for Greece’s economic crisis.

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