Nonwhite Invasion causes “Chaos” in Greece

Greece Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas has warned that the number of nonwhite invaders “trapped” in that country could reach 70,000 after the other Balkan states instituted a “cap” on all border crossings.

Speaking in an interview with Greece’s Mega Channel TV, Mouzalas said that his government estimated that “the number of those trapped will be from 50,000–70,000 people next month,” and that there were already some 22,000 “trapped” in Greece.


The “trapped” invaders are all from nonwhite countries in North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and elsewhere who have not the slightest claim to “asylum” in Europe.

Some 6,500 invaders were stuck at the Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Sunday as Macedonian border officials let only 300 invaders pass the day before.

On Sunday the crossing remained closed, according to Greek local police.

The build-up at the camp, which can hold up to 1,500 people, began in earnest last week after Macedonia began refusing entry to Afghans and imposed stricter document controls on Syrians and Iraqis.

But the bottleneck was expected to worsen after EU members Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Serbia and Macedonia, imposed a limit of 580 invaders entering their borders each day.

Austria introduced a daily cap of 80 “asylum-seekers” and said it would only allow 3,200 invaders to move on to Germany per day. As a result, the tighter controls have had a big knock-on effect in Greece, where the nonwhites have been arriving at the rate of over 3,000 per day from Turkey.

Mouzalas said he expected the influx to slow when the information about closed borders spread in Turkey. He also said the campaign alongside NATO’s presence in the Aegean Sea, which is helping to police Greek waters, was expected to reduce arrivals by 70 percent.

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  1. Greece keeps letting them in . It’ about time that other countries put an end to the Greek nonsense. Only then will the country with the largest navy in the Aegean get off it’s fat ass. Put tanks and soldiers around Greek borders. Big bend on the learning curve coming for Tsipras. Don’t kick Greece out of EU just burden their fat asses with reality. Don’t demand money just have them sell all of their shoreline and their ports. Hell they sell their ports to China. They can sell them off if they are short of cash.

    At the same time Merkel should step aside. She is a failure. Schauble resign. Time to replace all this deadwood.

  2. From Australia: “Hundreds of pro-refugee protesters marched up to the Lonsdale St Greek Festival where Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten are attending a Greek cultural event. Many of the protestors made it into the festival and yelled “Let them stay!” as Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten arrived on stage.”

    “Asylum Seeker Resource Centre CEO Kon Karapanagiotidis said: “If we had refugees washing up on Bondi Beach rather than remote waters you would see what we are witnessing in Greece — people pouring out of their homes with food and clothes ready to help.”

    Really?!! I don’t think so and this brilliant article tells it all – not that this will be published in Australia by the bleeding heart press. The Greeks are happy to push the ‘refugees’ in to Europe but can’t afford them, unless they take more German handouts to pay for the ‘food and clothes’.

    For a laugh at the loony left, read the full article here:

  3. Greece should return the ‘refugees’ back to Turkey, a safe country, being paid to house these people in tents there. They would only have to return a handful of boats and the message would get through. Why waste money on smugglers when you get returned to whence you came?

  4. So why is NATO suddenly getting involved Now? I mean by sending naval ships to the Aegean. Did they suddenly discover to their surprise they had naval assets in the military alliance that is NATO? Maybe the EU politicians were taking a holiday by the sea and to their astonishment realized the naval ships in harbor were part of NATO?
    More likely they want to lull the Visegrad nations into letting their guard down and accepting the apportioned refugees under Merkel’s plan.

    1. That is what Greeks do. Collect money for nothing. Now that Macedonia has closed off the path of Greek hypocrisy the Greeks will finally get off their asses and defend their border.
      This was all revenge towards Germany for exposing the ‘ Greek Bottomless Loan Pit’ and demanding interest payments.

      1. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not the Greeks, or any of the other Europeans that actually want their countries flooded with illegals. It is the EU that is forcing all these countries to take in the hostile invaders. The leaders of all these countries are merely complying with EU national suicide policies because they are also traitorous scum bought off by EU bosses.

  5. S-18/3. Declaration on International Economic Co-operation, in particular the Revitalization or Economic growth and Development of the Developing Countries. Annex III. Commitments and Policies for International Development Co-operation, Article 30 Multilateral financial institutions should be in a position to respond to the increasing development needs of developing countries …
    Maybe the Multilateral Financial institutions should look for willing clients to start businesses manufacturing goods for the local economy’s back home among these people.

    1. The Germans are in for a big surprise once the true financial and cultural cost become exposed.
      Eins, zwei, drei ….. wir können es tun!

  6. Don’t understand – does Greece have a Navy, why not tow the boats back to Turkey, for starters. Keep doing it, surely they’ll give up eventually. Summer is coming, it will get much much worse, obviously.

  7. A year ago it was blatantly obvious that action could have been taken to stop all the boats crossing the Mediterranean and Agean seas, but the wise people at the centre of the European Union did not unify to even discuss this matter let alone take any action. However they managed to change The European Constitution into a Treaty because of the opposition to that name, and of course their continued access to pay, pension and perks. So from that date, the Union became to mean dictatorship in the eyes of very many people, but, apathy across Europe allowed it to happen. Greece should never have been allowed into the EU or the Euro and only managed that because of dictatorship and financial experts turning a blind eye to that country’s finances. In all countries there has not been any debate with the electorate about changing the style of their country, their culture with such a bombardment of people from a totally different culture whose first priority is to demand changes to be made to accept their culture. I will say this often, it is time to think of your children, grandchildren and their children for their future.

    1. Their families will all be replaced by the Ibrahims and Hussein families by then.
      “Britain tear down those fences at Calais. Resistance is futile”.
      “Prepare to meet your new masters”

  8. Mad Merkel should have closed none stopping trains laid on to transport HER guests straight through to Germany and her welcoming voters

    1. Then she can start evicting Germans from their homes sooner. Whatever happen to those German efficiencies ?

  9. The EU wants an army, so let it form one from every adult male non-white invader claiming to be a Syrian. Train them, arm them and and send them back to reclaim their homes and land from rebels and foreign invader jihadis. We won’t be surprised most of the refugees suddenly cease claiming to be Syrians.

    1. Every country should instigate a form of national service immediately for all 17 – 35 people men and women and they will do jobs for the benefits they are receiving. There will be no cases of Human Rights allowed to defeat this. They will be given 24 hours to leave the country if they do not want to join in the National Service.

      1. With the traitor govenrments we have, they will be forced to feed and aid the refugees, or have their benefits cut.

    2. While from a European citizen’s viewpoint that would be the desirable solution, but in reality these aren’t exactly the kind of people you want to give military training and weapons.
      Syria and Iraq is a very good example for that. You just simply can’t trust them. When they will face against terrorists they will either throw their weapons and flee, leaving their equipment for the enemy or they will turn out as good buddies with the jihadists.

      1. Well, US recently delivered a large amount of arms to Germany. Hopefully it won’t “accidentally” get into the hands of invading forces. :S
        (Like in the middle-east, how US weapons fallen to the hands of Daesh and al-Qaeda by mistake)

  10. Quote: “NATO’s presence in the Aegean Sea, which is helping to police Greek waters, was expected to reduce arrivals by 70 percent.”
    Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.
    At this rate the whole of the Middle East and North Africa will be empty apart from the millions of “dependants” waiting to join their invader relatives already in the EU.
    Perhaps the next bright idea will see NATO boats ferrying “dependants” to the EU to avoid “another crisis.”

    1. No problem Merkel’s foot is still holding the door open. Only deportations have been volunteers who are homesick.

  11. Wouldn’t be it simpler and cheaper on the long run just to evacuate the greek population of the island of Lesbos for example and make it to an asylum processing center. Since it’s bordered with sea, no need to build fences and the bogus refugees couldn’t disappear and run amok in Europe mainland at the same time. Plus they could ship Morrocans, Tunisians, Algerians, etc. right back to North-Africa by sea.
    Their are claims that this migration will be like that for years to come, and how Brussel and Merkel handle it currently is totally unsustainable. Do they really plan to deport hundreds of thousands of people by planes? – Where 13% of them are already gone? 😀

  12. …and in other breaking news, the “refugees” broke through the security fencing to gain access to Macedonia…..So, entering a country illegally is OK then, if you’re a so called refugee ???? And certain government heads consider this is not against the law ?? No wonder populations are becoming exasperated with their prime-ministers, chancellors, heads of state etc. Don’t these “refugees” understand, fences/gates were erected by nations for a reason….we don’t want you in great hordes & invading our lands & cultures.

  13. If this appalling crisis doesn’t persuade Britons to vote to leave the clearly dysfunctional and utterly useless EU, then nothing will.

  14. The response of the Greeks has been to rescue boats at sea and bring the occupants to Greece, or welcome them landing on Greek shores with open arms. If a group of people intending to enter a country illegally are simply allowed in, or even taken onto their intended destination, it’s not too difficult to work out what will happen. The Greeks are terrific people but I get the impression their leaky borders, and then free passage north to Germany, is pay back time for German-imposed austerity. If the EU were a football team it wouldn’t matter if they had the best strikers and midfielders in the world; with a defence like the Greeks are providing it would be a cricket score defeat. This shows the EU for what it is – totally inept and rudderless, and something the UK needs to exit asap.

  15. Merkel, in her infinite wisdom actually thought that ALL the other countries would share the burden without any fuss. She said it was her dream – then dream on madam, you have turned the whole of Europe into an Islamic State, or it will be very, very shortly. Your position as Chancellor will be taken over by a Muslim very, very soon.

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