Greek Govt: 90% of Invaders are Bogus

At least 90 percent of all the nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe are not “refugees” but “economic migrants,” the Greek Deputy Defense Minister, Dimitris Vitsas, has announced.


Speaking on Friday on the Greek TV channel ANT1’s program “Good Morning Greece,” Vitsas said that only “one in ten of those coming to Greece from Turkey are actually fleeing war and persecution.”

“If we consider Afghans as migrants, then 90 percent of these people are now economic migrants,” he said.

The Balkan countries have now for the past two weeks only officially allowed those claiming to be “Syrians” and “Iraqis” through their borders, and have stopped others.

However, the large number of fake Syrian and Iraq identity documents in circulation has made a mockery of this rule as well, as the border guards have no way of actually checking the veracity of documents then and there.

If they are produced, then they are waved through, and, thanks to the “open doors” policy of Angela Merkel, once they get to Germany they are easily able to avoid being registered by just walking away.

Vitsas sad that the Greek government had built “centers for immigrants” in Thessaloniki and Schisto, which could each house 4,000 invaders.

In addition, according to a report from the Deutsche Presse Agentur, five new warehouses are being built along a strip of land about fifteen miles south of the FRYOM (Macedonia)–Greek border. These facilities are set to house at least 10,000 invaders who have been prevented from proceeding further.

Vitsas added that his far-left government has “an obligation toward the European idea, toward humanism, to do our duty,” with regard to the invaders, and that as part of this “obligation” they were going to accept the European Union-mandated allocation of “refugees.”  This would mean, he said, that Greece will have to accept at least 20,000 “refugees.”

He also condemned the Visegrad countries for refusing to accept their “share of refugees.”

“We consider it unacceptable to have a decision taken by the EU and then to be told during a meeting with five police directors of Balkan countries that they do not accept that decision,” he said.

  • Even the “90 percent” figure quoted by Vitsas is actually incorrect. To begin with, any Syrian fleeing the war in that country could easily have gone to the safe Syrian government-controlled parts of that country. This also applies to Iraqis. Secondly, all the invaders entering Greece are coming from Turkey, a safe third country where they are under no threat at all. There are, therefore, no genuine “asylum seekers” at all in Greece, or in Europe.

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  1. They are just confirming what we, the general public, have known all along, the vast majority of these so called “refugee’s” are bogus, just economic migrants in search of a better lifestyle and free-loading what they can get from wealthier European states….

    1. Many of the same people that claim to be “protecting” western civilization are defacto destroying it. Case in point… according to many these days the region to the north of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia is actually “Republic of Macedonia”. Apparently the founders of the Hellenistic period are Slavs now.

      Neither Republicans nor Democrats can tell the difference between something Slavic and something Macedonian. This might seem like a trivial point but when western civilization is based on Greek and Roman culture one is basically kissing western civilization good-bye.

      1. One important historical fact that gets distorted was that Alexander the Great was Greek but the truth is he was really Macedonian.

        1. Yep. Alexander was Macedonian, not Greek. Son of King Philip. The border region of Northern Greece has been disputed for millennia.

          1. Pella, ancient capital of King Archelaus of Macedonia at the end of the 5th century bc and birthplace of Alexander the Great. The city lay in northern Greece, about 24 miles (39 km) northwest of Thessaloníki.

            Yep! Macedonia is a region in Greece. Alexander the Great was Greek.

        2. Alexander, the ruler of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, was born in the city of Pella, located in present-day Greece. The Athens government says there is no question that he was Greek. The Republic of Macedonia, it says, consists of Slavs and other outsiders who invaded the region a millennium after Alexander died.

      1. 90% percent of those that call former Yugoslavians “Macedonians” and make racist rants about Greeks are bogus.

  2. Now you’re considering them bogus. But you were ever so keen to sluice them right up into Europe as long as you were getting paid by the EU to do so. Thank God the Visegrad countries put Greece in its place. Clean up your own greedy mess, traitors.

  3. Greece didn’t want to check these migrants though suspecting most were fraudulent.. Greece had the largest navy but didn’t want to use the ships to keep these invaders out. All Greece wanted to do was get even with Germany for the public dressing down after their debt fraud.
    Greeks are a waste of Oxygen. May I quote you Rob ?
    “Thank God the Visegrad countries put Greece in its place. Clean up your own greedy mess, traitors.”

    1. I agree with you, Herman, Not only did Greece (and Italy as well) fail to reject all those without any ID at all – they should have been shipped back to Turkey (Libya in Italy’s case) within 24 hours. Common sense and political accountability to their people does not exist within the brain of any of the leaders of the EU but this invasion has proved beyond doubt that the 28 countries do not agree with the EU ruling that each country has to bail out Merkel’s dream to keep her in power. A German businessman, lived in the UK for over 40 years has said “The people of the UK do not like being told what to do by foreigners, especially Germans!” Greece should not be assisted with more money, they are totally incompetent managing an economy.

      1. How exactly do you expect a country of 11 million to ship back massive numbers of illegal immigrants within 24″ hours you patronizing troll? Does your country do that? Nope.

        As for Greek debt, I suggest that the pretentious racist German nationalists that lecture Greeks on unpaid debts look at their own national mistakes.. and how they received massive debt forgiveness from everyone, including Greeks, post WW2. A little moral consistency towards Greeks might be in order before lecturing others on ethics.

      2. Create European prison trains and roll them back to Italy and Greece. End Schengen. Tusk is full of HS if thinks Schengen will be restored. Stand up to these tyrants or form a New European Union that excludes Belguim, France, and Germany. otherwise there will be civil wars with these tyrant countries.

    2. Admitted Greece does has it’s faults. One being 50% of the population still don’t pay tax and the European average for tax dodgers is 8%. Now definitely would be the time for Greece to depart the collapsing EU, but Germany do not wish them to go, why? Germany has benefited the most from the cash Greece has spent on defense. What defense I would ask? As the country has been invaded and Greece has done nothing to stop it, as has most of Europe. You reap what you sow.

  4. Greece has doubtless been living beyond its means – retirement pensions at 50, agricultural subsidies from the EU for 1 cow etc. However, they truly got shafted by Goldman Sachs; even then, had they had the resolve, they could have supported Golden Dawn, but no – quite happy to see the only party with the interests of the natives at heart arrested. They could also, as Bryn says, have stopped the invasion of their islands and mainland but chose not to.

    I love Greece (also Sweden) and am saddened beyond words at the treacherous politicians and others who are leading them to national suicide.

    1. Lesbos would have made a dandy prison island to store all the migrants but ‘no’ Tsipras had to send them to Germany to pay back for the dressing down for defrauding all that money. When one borrows a lot and have no intention that’s fraud. Now it’s time for Greece to reap what it sowed. Merkel is losing power and will get the boot soon. Sane minds will prevail and Greece was the first port of entry for all these migrants so finally they will get sent back to Greece.

      1. I feel for the native population of Lesbos though. But Golden Dawn was not majority vote their either. Are the inhabitants insane, or was there election fraud? Other islands are affected too. This must have annihilated Greece’s tourist industry which I think serves 20 percent of the economy normally.

      2. Poor old Greece! Should have remembered the proverbial long spoon having decided to sup with
        traitorous devils such as Merkle, Tusk, and Schauble.
        I notice Greek spokesmen have now taken to using emotive words such as “souls” instead of `migrants`.

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