Guatemalans Prepare for Trump Reflux

All 15 Guatemalan consuls in the U.S. have been ordered back to their country’s capital for a top-level government meeting set up to coordinate re-immigration policies for their nationals after Donald Trump takes office.

At least 9,000 Guatemalans have already reported to the consulates following Trump’s announcement that illegal criminal aliens would be deported from America.


According to reports, the consuls met at Guatemala City’s Foreign Ministry offices to “craft a unified immigration strategy” and “call upon Guatemalans in the United States to remain calm, although they increasingly feel that their situation there is in danger.”

Recently, Trump said he would make a start on the invasion problem by immediately deporting all invaders with criminal records, such as gang members and drug traffickers, a group which he said could be as many as three million.

With its announcement, the Guatemalan government now joins the governments of Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador, who have all announced measures aimed at coping with the expected reverse flow of their nationals home after January 20.

Guatemala’s consul in New York, Pablo Garcia, said that his countrymen in the United States are being asked to remain “calm … so that they don’t make a mistake.”

He added that so far this month, at least 9,000 Guatemalans had come to the consulates, “many of them feeling tremendously uncertain about what’s going to happen to them under the new U.S. administration.”

Unofficial estimates say that at least three million Guatemalans live in the United States, of whom at least one million are there illegally.

Guatemala has the highest crime rate in all of Central and South America, and the mass invasion of their nationals to America has transported this criminality to the U.S.

According to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Guatemala’s homicide rate is “one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere.”

“In 2014, Guatemala reported an average of 96 murders per week. Guatemala’s worrisome murder rate appears driven by four key factors: narco-trafficking activity, gang-related violence, a heavily-armed population (upwards of 60 percent possess a firearm) and a police/judicial system that remains either unable/unwilling/both to hold many criminals accountable. Well-armed criminals know there is little chance they will be caught or punished.”

Approximately 97 percent of all murders in Guatemala go unsolved.

According to the “Insight Crime” crime tracking website, Guatemala’s criminal organizations are among the “most sophisticated and dangerous in Central America.

Their members include “the military, intelligence agencies and active members of the police. Transporting illegal drugs north comprises the bulk of their activity, but organized crime in Guatemala is also involved in marijuana and poppy cultivation, as well as human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, arms smuggling, adoption rings, eco trafficking and other illegal enterprises.”

They are also heavily involved in two of Americas’ most notorious street gangs, the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS13, and 18th Street Gang, or Barrio 18. Both these gangs have been responsible for the crime wave of epic proportions throughout the United States, and it is therefore little wonder that Guatemalans know that they are high on the first Trump deportation list.

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  1. Its a wonderful example from Trump of how to start deporting undesirable aliens. LOL They have already started deporting themselves !
    Marxists will have a hard time opposing this.
    Could be taken up by other nations as they grow in courage.
    Australia is considering stripping citizenship from Jihadis. Deportation can follow.
    The no small matter of US Sanctuary Cities harboring illegal aliens would seem to be a major task of having the guts to prosecute mayors and city officials for treason and aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals. Isn’t that Organised Crime ? Marxists insist on living in an alternate universe.
    Trump could bring many to earth.

  2. I just wish our crooked “politicians” in UK had the balls to do the same. Unfortunately the only thing that they are capable of is to pander to invaders every wish. Depressing. That’s why i DO clay shooting, to relieve the stress 🙂

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