Gym Shoes, Cell Phones, Flash Mob Robberies…and Now Hair: The Latest Black Crime Wave

hair-suspectThe demand for straight hair among black people has reached such epidemic proportions that the latest crime form to emerge from that community is theft of human hair from “black beauty shops.”

The interesting—and inevitable—trend has been highlighted with the release of a police video of a hair theft raid on a “black beauty shop” in Morgan Park, south Chicago, in an attempt to apprehend the human hair robbers.

The surveillance video shows the two robbers—a male and a female—assaulting a shopworker (also black) before making off with what police described as many thousands of dollars of straight human hair.

The demand for straight hair—which sells at a premium among black communities worldwide—provides an insight into black psychology and the still-reigning norm of European racial aesthetics—to which all other races still aspire. (See for example the issue of “Racial Psychology—Why Do Black People Want to be White”.)

It is not only blacks who have this conscious and subconscious desire to be as “white-looking” as possible.

In Japan, for example, it is well known that plastic surgery to widen eye shape to European norms is one of the most common procedures in that nation.

A recent beauty contest in South Korea dissolved into a farce after it became apparent that all the contestants had had plastic surgery to look like Europeans.

The issue that controlled-media coverage of these developments will always ignore is why blacks and Asians want to be as European-looking as possible.

The reason is simply too politically incorrect for the controlled media to contemplate— namely that other races seek to look like Europeans because of an implicit acceptance that the aesthetic norm to which all aspire is that of the European white, and the northwestern European type in particular.

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