Gypsy-African Riots in Spain

Christmas weekend riots between Gypsies and African invaders in the Spanish coastal city of Roquetas de Mar in Almería province, Andalusia, have highlighted the extent of the nonwhite invasion of Europe through the Spanish border.


The riots broke out after an African invader from Guinea-Bissau was stabbed to death by a Gypsy after a street confrontation on Friday, December 25, local media reported.

Roquetas de Mar used to be a popular Spanish seaside resort, but a massive influx of sub-Saharan Africans, combined with an already existing large Gypsy population, has economically destroyed the town as white Spaniards have fled in large numbers.

The town now has one of Spain’s largest unemployment rates (31 percent), and nonwhite gangs swarm over the streets at night, making the job of local police nearly impossible. The Africans have all entered Spain illegally, but successive left wing governments have refused to do anything to send them back home.

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According to local media, at least 45 percent of the 91,000 residents now originate in north or sub-Saharan Africa. When the local Gypsy population is added to that total, native Spaniards are in the minority. The nonwhites are clustered in the slum areas of the city, which, the local media admitted, have become “a center of drugs and crime,”—a typically Third World development which, the leftist El Periódico newspaper admitted, forced “native inhabitants of Roquetas de Mar to leave.”

The El Periódico also claimed that the unrest was caused by “overcrowding” and the “broken dreams” of the African invaders—in other words, the usual controlled media excuses for nonwhite criminal behavior. This shifting of the blame from the Africans to their “environment” always ends up by accusing whites—of either “denying” the African invaders jobs, money, welfare, and so on—or of “discriminating” against them.

In reality, of course, there is no real excuse for the nonwhite behavior. In Roquetas de Mar, for example, hundreds of Africans took to the streets to “protest” the stabbing death of the Guinean—as if this was somehow the fault of the (white) authorities.

They then started overturning and burning trash cans in the street as part of their “protest”—causing damage which the taxpayers of the town will have to pay for.

During the violence, a large mob of Africans surrounded an apartment complex in the town, claiming that the Gypsy murderer was hiding in one of the rooms. The Africans had tins of fuel with them, and seemed intent on burning the building down.

Hundreds of Gypsies living in the area then fled the town, fearing for their lives because of the rampaging mob. Stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown, and three police officers were wounded and several vehicles damaged.

Finally, the violence levels reached such an extent that the Spanish Civil Guard had to be called out to suppress the rioting.

Before the ongoing invasion of Europe through the Balkans, Spain had been one of the major points of entry for African invaders entering Europe, resulting in large nonwhite population centers being created in the south of that country.

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  1. Gypsies and Negros are killing each other? Why on the streets? Why don’t they use the bull-fighting arenas? At least Spanish corrida would gain quite different meaning 🙂

  2. It’s just tribalism brought from the jungle into the civilized world, and the civilized world will be dragged back millennia if things aren’t reversed very soon.

    1. Very true! One time a popular Spanish seaside resort where Spaniards are outnumbered by illegals from Africa and gypsy parasites – grotesque!
      Why the hell Spanish police won’t use any real force in such situations? Three police officers were wounded and several vehicles damaged and they respond with tear gas while the rampaging mob throw stones and Molotov cocktails at them? It’s quite pathetic, isn’t it? Perhaps people in charge forgot the meaning of the Spanish word “cojones” – seems like nobody wants to be responsible for anything these days and yet they occupy all these well paying posts but are unable to walk-to-walk when it’s absolutely necessary … it just makes me puke!

      1. They’ve created a surrender culture Kol, and one which even has our soldiers prosecuted for murdering an insurgent in Afghanistan, even though the insurgent in question had already been hit by several 30mm canon rounds to the chest from an Apache helicopter…it’s insanity!
        Everyone is too afraid of using any force now (did we not read last week that the police in Calais have been robbed at knifepoint (?) and are all French police not routinely armed.?) for fear of being accused and prosecuted, FOR DOING THEIR JOB, for which they were trained using taxpayer’s money!

        1. “Everyone is too afraid of using any force now” – and the consequences of this ridiculously soft approach could be quite tragic. There are way too many cases when these Afro-monkeys go on wild rampages and try to destroy everything in their way. Youtube is just full of such clips showing this savages in their destruction
          ritual binges while police forces are standing by doing nothing! Everybody is afraid of being accused by media (!) of being “racist” toward those criminals who had almost always illegaly invaded Europe in the first place – madness!

          The Calais “jungle” situation was for too long deliberately tolerated by the local leftist mayor Natacha Bouchart (only commie parents can give such name to their daughter!) and it may only bite French in their asses in the long run which I sincerely hope it’s going to happen.

          1. Indeed Kol, it should have been cleared away when the first invaders arrived years ago, and each time they tried to settle again, move them out, preferably back to Africa.
            Now Bouchart prefers to put the blame on Britain for having such a generous welfare system. Well it is generous, but no-one should be entitled to anything from it until they’ve paid in for a minimum period (10 years in my opinion), and that includes other EU citizens, and our own work-shy lot who leave school, and settle down to a life on welfare.
            I’ll further add that as long as there is one British, able-bodied person of working age, unable to find a job here, then there should be no jobs given to any migrants from any country. Many say our NHS would sink without immigrants, especially Filipinos.
            This is a situation created by our own corrupt politicians, choosing to import nurses and doctors rather than encourage young British people to study hard, and aim for careers in the medical profession.
            I was admitted to hospital a few months ago (thankfully I was out in a few hours) and when I was taken up to the admissions ward, I was greeted by a nurse who was African. She asked me something about 5 or 6 times before someone else had to tell me she was asking my name…I honestly couldn’t understand a simple question like that. She then called the department where they hoped to find a bed for me, and she repeated herself several times to the person on the other end of the phone, clearly they could understand her as well as myself, and they were her colleagues!
            How can anyone expect to be treated by people whom thay cannot even understand, it’s pathetic!
            Is it any wonder that a family decided to take their son out of an NHS hospital and seek treatment privately in Prague?

  3. I don’t know which is worse, the blacks or the gipsies.
    But at least the gipsies can claim to have resided in Spain for hundreds of years.

  4. What in the world is happening ??
    Between December 26 – 27 there is major rioting by blacks in Melbourne Australia; in North America and in Spain.
    Chance ? Coincidental? Or are agendas becoming organised /coordinated ?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future it comes down to such critical point that people in Europe will have to be forced to organize themselves in the American style paramilitary civilian militias – most elected governments clearly don’t give 2 shits about citizens!

      1. Kol whether Europe tries to replicate the American republic is a possibility but it will not succeed.
        The USA was built from the ground up. Those that entered from all around Europe knew the ground rules before they emigrated. European countries will never unite as one. Each have their
        own unique identity. European borders have shrunk and changed . Look at some old maps of Europe and you will see what I mean. The Romans and the Germans tried to create a super
        continent in their own image but none lasted. Rome was the most successful making people
        Citizens of Rome but that never lasted nor did the German attempts to make European countries part of the Third Reich. Now once again Germany is attempting to conquer all of Europe using money and blackmail . As we have seen there is European push back as well because many of European countries were unaware that they were to be ruled exclusively by a German Chancellor who viewed herself as the ruler of Europe. The European migrant crisis has exposed this Germanic European Union for the farce that it is !

        1. Cedric, I absolutely agree with your take on so called “United States of Europe” issue. The whole concept was just an utopia from the get-go – one more creation of some insane leftist lunatics.

          However, I’m afraid you somehow misread my post: I’m talking about the paramilitary MILITIA citizen organizations in the United States which are as recent as 1990’s. These militias would never allow such headcase as Merkel to destroy the very fabric of society by bringing over a million of mostly muslim parasites and illiterate African freeloaders – that’s for damn sure!

          1. The shameful thing (for us Brits) is that it was in fact Winston Churchill who coined the term “United States of Europe” in an address he gave after WW2, saying that (I’m paraphrasing here but close to an accurate quote) “a sort of United States of Europe was the only way to avoid future conflicts and bloodshed between European countries”. Many argue that he did not intend Britain to be a part of it, but that mainland Europe must follow such a route.

            Europe could never be like the United States of America…in the States, people are all immigrants from almost every country in Europe and beyond, but most of them consider themselves ‘American’, and swear allegiance to their Constitution and unite under ‘Old Glory’. Does anyone seriously envisage a day when we all consider ourselves ‘European’ and stand proudly under a blue flag with a circle of yellow stars?
            Then consider that the States have an elected Congress and elected President, whilst the EU is full of unelected dictating bureaucrats, and an unelected President, chosen by Frau Merkel.

  5. Thanks to our ability of prediction, we in Poland just have voted for parties which refused to enter muslims migrants to our country. EU Commission threatens us of stopping money grants, but we prefer to be poorer but free of invasion of muslims.

  6. I guess the populace now decides that the MULTICULTI experiment is now stone dead, or has the brainwashing penetrated toooo far.

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