Hanson Won’t Go to Trump Inauguration

Australia’s famous One Nation party leader was not, as falsely claimed by the controlled media, issued a formal invitation to attend Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, but was offered tickets by a party advisor who also worked on the Trump campaign.

The invitation was announced by Hanson—well-known for her anti-immigration policies—on her Twitter account, where she wrote “Would you believe it? I have been gifted tickets to the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of @realDonaldTrump — What an honour!”

Although this tweet was wrongly presented by the controlled media as an “invitation” by Donald Trump, this was not the case.

In reality, the tickets to the inauguration were obtained by a party economic advisor who also was an advisor to Trump.

Hanson famously drank champagne on the steps of Parliament House the day Trump was elected.

Later, Hanson tweeted, “Because of work commitments I’ll not be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration. My duties to the people of Queensland & Australia come first.”

The tickets were then given to One Nation Senator Brian Burston, who will attend Trump’s inauguration—but not in any official capacity.

The Australian ambassador to the U.S., Joe Hockey, will officially represent Australia at the U.S. presidential inauguration on January 20.

No foreign delegations have been invited to the January 20 inauguration, and governments will only be represented by chiefs of diplomatic missions in Washington, a U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman told media last week.

Meanwhile, the political field in Australia continues to be shaken up by a revitalized One Nation party, with the latest development being the announcement by former Newman government minister Steve Dickson that he had resigned from the Liberal National Party (LNP) and had joined One Nation, giving the minor party its first new representative in the state of Queensland’s hung parliament.

Dickson, the Member for Buderim, confirmed he had resigned from the LNP, and was announced as joining One Nation at a press conference in his Sunshine Coast electorate last Friday.

The One Nation party’s policy on immigration states that the right to enter Australia must take cognizance of the country’s “right of discretion in protecting our economy, social cohesion and cultural heritage.”

In addition, the party’s stance on illegal immigration is that anyone who has entered illegally, or with false documents, is a criminal and cannot be tolerated. The party has also called for a review of all the cases involving invaders granted residency after illegally entering the country.

The party is also firmly opposed to the Islamization of Australia, saying that the country “is now seeing big changes in the suburbs which are predominately Muslim. Some of these suburbs include Lakemba, Auburn, Bankstown, Punchbowl and Villawood in Western Sydney. Tolerance toward other Australians or non-Muslim migrants is no longer the case. Our law courts are disrespected and prisons have become breeding grounds for extremist Muslims to radicalise inmates.”

To halt the Islamification of Australia, One Nation would outlaw Halal certification—a policy which would have the practical effect of forcing all observant Muslims to leave.

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  1. Take note you other traitor politicians; Pauline Hanson is too busy working for Australian people to go to the inauguration while you’re all embroiled in the expenses scandal – ripping off tax payers. Your snouts are stuck so far in the trough that you’ll never see the One Nation steam train coming. Your days are numbered.

    1. One Nation are a step in the right direction (excuse the pun), but they’re civic nationalists and support immigration in a general sense.

      One Nation aren’t going to stop the dispossession of the Anglo-Celts who founded Australia.

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