Hartford, CT, Issuing ID Cards to Invaders

Hartford, the capital of the state of Connecticut, has last week started issuing city identification cards to illegal immigrants to help them evade federal immigration law, it has emerged.

According to a report in the NC advertiser, Hartford’s city fathers have learned “from New Haven’s experience, which at the outset violated Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act by concealing records of the city ID documents,” and have tried to “construct its ID card program so that it might also nullify FOI law.”

According to the report, Hartford has assigned the card issuance work to a private contractor that has been instructed not to keep any records.

Hartford’s ID cards, Mayor Luke Bronin—who is married to a Hispanic and who served in senior positions in the Obama administration—declared that the ID cards are “about making sure no one in our community feels as if they have to live in the shadows.”

As Chris Powell, managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Connecticut, commented in his column in the NC Advertiser:

“That is, people should be able to break the law in the open without fear. Even if they have harmful objectives, people who enter the country illegally and unreviewed by any government agency now should feel comfortable in New Haven and Hartford, those cities having decided that federal immigration law should not be enforced.

“New Haven and Hartford will give an ID card to anyone who has no documentation. All he needs to do is contrive some evidence of an address in the city, like a stolen copy or a photocopy of someone else’s utility bill. No one will ever check for impersonation.

“What gives a mere municipality the authority to nullify federal immigration law and state freedom-of-information law?

“Only the political correctness that has blinded so much of liberalism — a political correctness that essentially believes that the United States has no right to be a country, that Connecticut no right to be a state, and that anyone who complains about the nullification of immigration and FOI law is a hater and a bigot.”

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  1. “What gives a mere municipality the authority to nullify federal immigration law and state freedom-of-information law?"

    I've said the very same thing. Why aren't the mayors and city council members of these so-called sanctuary cities being arrested for violating federal law, which is a federal crime?

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