“I Hate Whites”—But No “Hate Crime”

In yet another example of blatant anti-white double standards, a North American Indian woman who violently assaulted an innocent white passerby while shouting that she “hated whites” didn’t commit a racially motivated crime, a judge in Calgary, Canada, has ruled.

If, however, a white person had struck down a nonwhite anywhere while shouting a similar racial threat, the full force of “hate crime laws” would have been used against him or her—and the world’s media would have carried news of the event.


The Calgary Herald reported that Provincial court Judge Harry Van Harten, in a written decision, said the Indian, named Tamara Crowchief, had no “racial bias” when she struck down Lydia White—even though she had clearly said she had.

The November 1, 2015, attack took place when the victim was standing outside Jaimieson’s pub on 17th Avenue S.W., downtown Calgary, with a friend. An acquaintance of Crowchief’s approached, asked for, and was given, a cigarette.

Tamara Crowchief.

As White and her male friend spoke to Crowchief, she drew closer and without warning, shouted, “I hate white people” and punched the victim in the face, knocking out a tooth.

Crowchief and the woman then walked away, but White and her friend followed and called police, who arrived a short time later and arrested her.

During her arrest, Crowchief told police that “the white man was out to get her.”

In her victim-impact statement, White said she still doesn’t comprehend what motivated her assailant. “I still get angry when I think about it,” she said. “I don’t understand why this woman did this. I never did anything to her. Never even spoke to her,” she said.

Despite all these facts, the liberal judge Van Harten said there was “insufficient evidence to establish Crowchief attacked White because of the colour of her skin.”

Van Harten said that, “unlike offenders in several cases” cited by the prosecutor, there was “was no suggestion Crowchief was associated with any group that promoted hatred toward a specific race”—a clear reference to prosecutions made against white people.

“The offender said, ‘I hate white people’ and threw a punch,” Van Harten said in his ruling. “There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether . . . she holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim,” he said.

“I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offence was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

Van Harten placed Crowchief on 12 months’ probation, ordered her to get psychological and psychiatric counselling, as well as counselling for substance abuse. She must also abstain from consuming intoxicating substances and is prohibited from going to any business whose principal sale is alcohol.

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  1. Whaat ?? Did this stupid leftie liberal judge actually listen to the evidence before pronouncing his biased judgement. He needs to undergo some psychological and psychiatric counselling himself.

    1. No,it’s the JWO in execution. Anyone of European descent will feel that the whole system, when dominated by Jews and masons has been turned against them. Because of their insane hatred, hypocrisy and schizophrenic mindset the judgments will mostly turnout against any European Canadian.
      As the judge is a”liberal” he follows of course the the mainstream media opinion.

  2. Skraelings, in this behaviour of unprovoked attack, are much like black african foreign nationals. They tend to exhibit violence that is underpinned with an assumption that their malevolence is historically justified. Although their reception of history is usually Judeo-Bolshevik in skew. In Canada, we had a lot of these angry attacks in school. Unprovoked attacks with rolls of pennies in their fists and bringing dangerous weapons to school and the like. Going to school, work or chapel with Skraelings is never culturally worth the trouble they inevitably cause.

    Half-breeds, etcetera, are similarly struck through with a venal barbarity that tends to find noxious resentment for Europid civilization, technology, knowledge, a form of hobby that is visited upon innocent individuals. The mainline truth is that white children should not have to attend school with them. On a point of investiture, they also should not have legal access to our; steel, guns, roads, cities, vehicles, processed wood or technology — it offends their tribal impulses. Make savages noble again!

  3. I think if there was any injustice to these people in the past (like all “whites” were living highly privileged lives throughout all of history – I don’t think!), this has nothing to do with that – it’s just an excuse for bad behaviour. And guess what “the do-gooders” who happen to be “white” for the most part, are so riddled with guilt that they allow these people to get away with terrible racism. It’s time the pendulum swung back in the opposite direction. The “whites” have made recompense for their so called bad ancestors.

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