Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society again Demands US Take in “Refugees”—But not in Israel

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society—the Jewish organization targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers on account of its pro-Third World invasion activity—has launched a petition signed by over 1,400 rabbis demanding that the US take in all fake asylum seekers from Latin America—while continuing to support Israel, which refuses to take in any “refugees” at all.

As reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the HIAS petition has been signed by “more than 1,400 Jewish clergy from across the United States” which calls on government officials “to protect the legal right to seek asylum in the United States.”

HIAS, which describes itself as an “immigrant advocacy and aid group,” calls on elected officials to “act immediately to provide a just and humane asylum process for those seeking safety in our country, wherever they come from and however they arrive.”

A delegation of rabbis, attorneys and advocates for asylum seekers delivered the petition last week to congressional representatives on Capitol Hill.

“Our tradition teaches that each and every person deserves to be treated justly and with compassion,” it says. “However, under current U.S. policy and practice, asylum seekers instead face an ever-lengthening list of injustices including family separation, long periods of detention in jail-like facilities, and denial of due process in their legal proceedings. Simply put, our country is treating these individuals as criminals, even though seeking asylum is a legal right. This must change.”

It also says: “The Jewish people know what it means to be turned away and to be denied protection. As Jews we understand the heart of the refugee, and the current actions of our government echo some of the darkest moments of our own history.”

The petition goes on to state that the Jews are “committed to fighting hate and standing for our American and Jewish values of protecting the persecuted and welcoming the stranger, irrespective of nationality, race, or religion.

“We call on our elected officials to act immediately to provide a just and humane asylum process for those seeking safety in our country, wherever they come from and however they arrive.

“In Jewish tradition, there is no higher obligation than to save the life of another. As Jewish clergy, we will not stay silent as our country turns its back on individuals fleeing danger.”

This desire to flood America with Third World bogus “asylum seekers” stands in stark contrast to HIAS’s approach to Israel—the Jewish ethnostate—which refuses to take in any of these fake refugees.

In fact, HIAS boasts on its website that it “facilitates the resettlement of some cases [of nonwhite asylum seekers] to access safety outside of Israel.” HIAS used to boast on its website that it had moved many Africans to the US out of Israel, but following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, it has deleted that reference from its website.

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  1. The hymies leave their sh*t in everybodys backyard
    but never their own. Wherever they go there are
    always problems. They are the source of their own
    discrimination. The holocaust is their ace up their sleeve and will always use it to their advantage.

  2. ALL religious groups in western nations are sucking off the govt teat to ‘look after ‘ these newcomers and G Soros will be directing them all. Consider why Mat Salvini / anti immi Italy, threatened to charge church groups for smuggling African ‘refugees’ into Italy. and why Pope Franki in a frock, is one of the most loathed men on earth – cos he wants squillions of third worlds into Europe.

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