Hebron, West Bank: Jews Weld Palestinian Family Inside House in Renewed Ethnic Cleansing Drive

A Palestinian family was trapped inside their home and forced to leave through a broken window after Jews from the Israeli Defence Force  welded their front door shut in a renewed ethnic cleansing drive this week in the occupied West bank city of Hebron, the Middle East Monitor has reported.

The incident took place in the Al-Shuhada Street in the Old City of Hebron, one of the front lines in the illegal Jewish settlement drive in the region, which is designed to drive out all the Palestinians and replace them with Jews.

Quoting a Palestinian news source Ma’an, the Middle East Monitor said that soldiers from the Israeli Defence Force broke into the house at 8 am on Thursday morning, and forced the Palestiniann owner and his three family members into one room.

The soldiers then broke one of the windows in the house and exited through it, telling the family that if they want to leave the house they must also exit through the window.

Once outside the Jews then welded the front door shut.

The window that was broken did not lead to the main road, but to the neighbour’s house.

Locals later opened the house’s main door once the soldiers had left the scene.

Coordinator of the Human Rights Defenders Association in Hebron, Imad Abu Shamsieh, told Ma’an that Israeli occupation forces have been trying to force the family out since they moved in two weeks ago, in what he said was an “attempt to empty Al-Shuhada Street of all Palestinian residents and provide it to Israeli settlers as a new residence.”

Palestinian residents of Hebron’s Old City face a large Israeli military presence on a daily basis, with at least 20 checkpoints set up at the entrances of many streets.

They are also not permitted to drive on Al-Shuhada Street, have had their homes and shops on the street welded shut, and are not allowed to walk on some roads in the Old City.

Meanwhile, some 800 notoriously violent Israeli settlers in Hebron move freely on the street, drive cars, and carry machine guns.

On June 5, a large number of Jews seized another Palestinian house in Hebron, local media reported.

The spokesman of the Youth Against Settlements (YAS) movement, Mohammed Azghir, told Safa that the settlers took over a Palestinian house in the neighbourhood of Qaitun.

“The house is currently occupied by the settlers and is being guarded by the occupation’s military forces,” Azghir added.

He explained that the area has been besieged by the Israeli forces since 2001, noting that Palestinians have not been allowed to access it.

On May 30 this year, an Israeli parliamentary committee approved the construction of 261 new Jews-only houses on Palestinian land in occupied Hebron.

The Planning Committee approved a plan to build 102 Jews-only houses in the illegal Nighot settlement, and agreed to build additional Jews-only houses in the settlements of Mount Hebron.

The committee explained that it approved the construction of 135 Jews-only houses in the settlement Tina Omarim, built on Al-Dhahiriya land, and 24 Jews-only houses in the Carmel settlement southeast of Yatta.

In 2016, the UN Security Council overwhelmingly approved Resolution 2334 which considered Israeli settlements in the 1967 occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, as “illegal”.

Fourteen States voted in favor, while the United States abstained without using its power of veto.

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