Help the Boers: Send Delegate to Hungary UPDATE

The Nova Europa Project, dedicated to securing a European homeland, has launched an urgent appeal to raise $700 (equivalent to £500, or €652) in order to fly a delegate from the Boer farmer organization, TAU, in South Africa, to Hungary to investigate the possibility of moving Boer farmers to that European country en masse.


An article on the Project Nova Europa website details the background to their appeal, noting that for the first time, local governments in Hungary had formally expressed their desire to resettle Boer farmers in large numbers on already vacant farms in order to repopulate entire regions.

The article continues:

Being a Boer farmer is the most dangerous occupation in the world. There were 250 violent farm attacks in South Africa during 2015, in which 60 farmers were murdered.

For the period 1994 to 2014, the average farmer murder rate was 62 per year.

Expressed as a percentage of the actual number of farmers (30,000), this works out to a mathematically expressed murder rate of 133 per 100,000 people.

Compare this to the national murder rate for all of America, which is 9.8 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Even El Salvador, the most violent country on earth, has a murder rate of 65 per 100,000 inhabitants!

Funeral-farmer-02 Funeral-farmer-01

The farmer murder rate in South Africa qualifies as genocide by any measure—and they need our help.

The oldest commercial farmers’ union in South Africa, founded in 1897, is called TAU South Africa.

In November 2015, that organization’s Assistant General Manager, Henk van de Graaf, made a formal submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council Forum on Minority Issues, held in Geneva, Switzerland, in November 2015.

That submission pointed out that the murder rate of Boer farmers is “a form of terrorism, as is being experienced in France and other parts of the world.”

“At the same time a process of land reform is initiated by our government which leads to farmers being displaced from their land and territories.

“Historically ungrounded accusations are made by governmental officials and members of the majority in the country that the Afrikaner farmers have stolen their land.

“Together with a president who sings a song: ‘Bring me my machine gun,’ a climate for violence and atrocity crimes is created, with the judicial system not attending to it as would have been expected,” the submission continued.

Mr Van de Graaf went on to point out that the main problem in South Africa was the “inability of the South African Police Services to properly investigate crimes, and in particular farm murders,” which means that they are not even capable of preventing such attacks from taking place.

There is, Mr Van de Graaf added, a “singular unwillingness to bring the perpetrators to book.” This results in only a “small percentage of perpetrators” being caught and effectively prosecuted.

“Afrikaners are not promoted in the law enforcement bodies, as a result of stringent black economic empowerment principles applied in South Africa pertaining to jobs and posts in the government. This applies in particular to the police.

“Criminal complaints by farmers and Afrikaners are not pursued with the same rigour and diligence applied to other complainants.

“Crimes against the farming community have essentially been ignored by the South African government and the SAPS. The government clearly has no political will to attend to its responsibilities in this regard and it wilfully neglects the rights of minorities in this regard.”


This then is the situation as it exists today. Boer farmers are being murdered out wholesale in a genocidal wave of bloodlust, which can only end with their complete extinction.

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Farmers have been offered relocation opportunities elsewhere in Africa, but that has literally meant jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Now however, a real and tangible opportunity has opened up—and you can play a role in helping to make the first step a reality.

In rural Hungary—a staunchly pro-European nation—many local authorities have pressing depopulation problems, and have literally thousands of now uninhabited farms. They desperately want to repopulate these farmsteads—and many of these towns have now formally expressed an interest in offering them to Boer farmers.

This would be a perfect solution: it would help the Boers escape certain extinction, and it would boost an already staunchly pro-European nation like Hungary.

The TAU-South Africa wants to send a one-man delegation to Hungary in February 2016. The purpose of this mission will be to accurately scope out the opportunities on offer, and investigate the legal formalities which will be involved in such a project.

Due to the staggering incompetence of the current ANC government in South Africa, that country’s currency continues to devaluate, Zimbabwe style, day-by-day. The TAU-South Africa needs help to send its delegate to Hungary—Can you help?

We urgently need just £500 to cover the airfare. Our friends in Hungary will take care of the rest.

Please help us to help the Boers of South Africa now! This could be one of the greatest inter-European co-operation and survival efforts yet seen, and can be historical in its impact!

Make your contribution by using the donate button below. Thank you in advance.

The New Observer has started the ball rolling with a $50 donation. Are there other concerned individuals who want to make a small contribution to a potentially life-saving gesture of inter-European solidarity? Now is your chance

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We are happy to announce that due to an overwhelming response, more than the target amount has been achieved. We are therefore no longer taking donations.

In fact, so much has been collected that we have now covered the cost of the flight, the insurance, the car rental, and all other expenses as well, which were going to have to be borne by our Hungarian hosts.

We would like to thank all of you who have donated to this worthwhile cause.

A full update and report with photographs will follow. Thank you once again!  The incredible response has demonstrated two things:

There is great sympathy for the Boer cause all over the world.

There is massive support for the idea of creating a European homeland.

Something big is brewing here, something history-changing.

Thank you for being part of it!

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  1. Now this I`d wholeheartedly support and sincerely hope it proves successful as Boers are the descendants of our white European forebears. They are increasingly suffering appalling violence and death from rampaging blacks. These are the people who we should welcome and give refugee status here not blacks and moslimes. We already have far too many of both and are paying too high a price for their increasing degradation of Europe.
    Leave the Africans to their innate murderous mob rule, totally destroying their beautiful country as they revert back to their previous primitive state.
    Let the blacks continue with the ruination of their own country … NOT ours !

    1. bring them all to europe and let those bstrds in south africa who even the zulu king said had destroyed the country starve to death!!..

    2. I think our Afrikaans friends would really like Hungary and I know for a fact, Hungary would welcome them too. Afrikaaners are fellow Christians and a hard working nation. I know this, because I lived in both countries, Hungary and South Africa. Let’s make this project working, but time is an essence, do not wait too long, the government can change in Hungary (hope not). God Bless.

  2. These retrogrades need to stew in their own refuse. Close the borders, do not waste any more money on them.
    Has this influx of cash -I was reading somewhere approx. 500 billion since 65 – done anything? Combination of low iq and inherent laziness makes it impossible to help these people. Some countries even slid back further. Africa is a beautiful country, minus you know who!!

  3. If the EU accepted these particular refugees, then that would be one mass migration that I would be happy to expect.

    Instead the EU is run by sh*theads who value the lives of blacks and browns more than they value the lives of Europeans.

  4. It’s funny, although I’m of English and German decent and half a world away I feel for the Boers as if they we’re my own family. There is nothing that sickens me more than hard working decent people suffering at the hands of those who only seek to destroy what they could never build themselves. I am happy to donate to help white people that are threatened but overall I am truly grateful to Hungary as a beacon of light for western civilization as well as putting their own people and culture ahead of the delusions of liberal ideology.

  5. We should help all white south Africans to come back to Europe if they so wish after all didn’t we all interfere becase of apartheid south Africa was a beautiful country thanks to the whites look at it now a cesspit thats what will happen to Europe if we open our arms to let all of these people settle here

    1. That would be so wonderful, but they are making it almost impossible for whites to leave. The black don’t really want us to leave, they want us tortured to death.

  6. Have made a small donation via Paypal, wish I could have given more. Hope the plan goes well, this is a good cause. Get the farmers relocated and SA can either starve, or develop for themselves.

  7. I have made a small donation too . . . . It’s good to be able to do something positive for a change, instead of watching helplessly as the World goes to hell in a handcart.

  8. Dear Friends,

    I’m writing from Hungary. Can I help you something in Hungary? Anything!
    It is terrible what are you discribe here. Pls reply to this comment, and I give an e-mail address to contact!

    Best wishes!

  9. So sad that my country Holland does NOTHING for these people. I wish the Boeren would come here, as they are our kin. But I completely understand why they wouldn’t want or can’t come here. My country is run by marxists and idiots. One day though, we will wake up.

    Veel geluk Boeren!

    1. Mind you, if they come to Hungary and become HUngarian citizen (EU), they can always go to the Netherlands. But than again, there are small Dutch villages in Hungary springing up already.

  10. Be careful please. If the EU has it’s way you’ll have the same problems in Poland as the EU floods itself with 3rd worlders. White people are not wanted in Europe.

    1. in central europe, there is political and civil resistance against the muslim hordes. Poland, Czeh Republik, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania,Baltic states. you can live and die theese countrys that you see black or muslims only on the tv. capital citys have some hundreds blacks, but mostly has no citizenship, “learning- or and drug dealing”. our only etnic problem is the gipsies. but they are not there everywhere. its a serious problem, but if the boers come here, with their experience, they will shit their pants, and everybody will be happy:D if you got hungarian citizenship or residence permit, you can travel to Flanders by the way, but that place is full of negroes, and arabs.

  11. Hungary is protected from flow of horde migrants by triple fence in the south borders, Hungary is white, Christian and peaceful place and will remain.

  12. We Hungarians will welcome every Boer family! Here there are no blacks, no Muslims. I will tell the truth we have more gypsies than necessary (1+), Jews control the media (every year with lesser success)… we are not a rich country, but if you have knowledge, or capital, and like to work hard you can live in peace here. Or you can live here, and work in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia. we have serious demographic problems, liberals made big destruction in the heads in the last couple of decades. But we need to rebuilt Europe, now we need everybody who can and willing to help!

  13. Romania should be a welcoming place, too!
    And better, with plenty of fertile land, even better for farming than the Hungarian steppe.
    The language is Indo-European, fully Latin, not super-difficult like Hungarian…

    1. @Decebal: We are not here to insult each other, but we are here to help our South African friends move to Europe. Greetings from Austria

  14. Dear Friends.
    I am a White South African Boer and I have a beautifull Family.

    Your Comments and support towards the White People here in SA is heartwarming and very much appreciated. Words cannot describe how your Comments humbled me and also gave me some extra hope!

    I have been a victim of Black on White hatred violence and was once nearly beaten to death. We have been robbed by Blacks in our House and these Thugs stole a lot of valuables.
    My House is fitted with so many Burglar Bars and Security doors it looks like a Prison. If you have Dogs for protection they poison them so that they can quitely get into your yard.
    I know a Farmer who lost over One Hundred Sheep in one single night because of theft.
    We cannot let our Children walk in the Streets because they get brutally mugged and Gang Raped.
    The situation is just terrible and is getting worse day by day.
    White Countries won’t allow ordinary hardworking Whites to live there unless they are stinking rich or have rare and sought after qualifications.

    But knowing there are good fellow Whites in Europe supporting us certainly makes life a bit easier in this Third World African Country.
    We are simply stuck here and I don’t know why my White European Forefathers decided to come here. I am European but not allowed in Europe. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Thank you for caring.

  15. I wish to add my heartfelt thanks to all our European brethren for their support as Johan has done above, while I’m still alive to do so.

  16. I truly hope that the TAU have a successful fact finding mission in Hungary and Bulgaria during their visit in February. I am a South African living and working in Bulgaria since March 2013 and can only sing praise of the Bulgarian people and their culture, it would be wonderful to see fellow South African boere integrating into Bulgaria and helping the local agricultural economy strengthen. I see donations are no longer required but should the need arise again, then please let me know and i will help.
    Good luck and God be with all my countrymen back home.

  17. In Hungary Boer farmers and familys are more than wellcome!I had luck to work with South Africans in England, and they were nice, well educated pepole. Allways friendly and straight with us. They told us what they are going thrue…included the ancient mother country are also behave with them like strangers…I belive they could be a part of the Hungaryan nation as we were allways froendly and supportive with other nations thrue the centuries. In fact other countrys and nations were really unfair with us but we can handle this 🙂
    Anyway, for my personal opinion yes do it, send these delegates and achive your request as get your familys here and became the Hungarian Bours ! You are wellcome here, and lets get know each other traditions and lets cook together Barbecue and Gulash! :)))
    It is sad you rised a beautifull country there, done a hard work and you have to fear there from attacks…:( in Hungary pepole are not too rich but we are Christians and we respect life and peace. In the last almost 100years we lost most of the teority of our country and pepole and we have not done even a face punch for it. This is how we are behave 🙂
    Many of our villages are getting empty, the population is going down , the nation is getting over aged like everywhere in Europe.

    Kidest Regards

  18. if you’ll come, many hungarians would be glad. live here, and keep your culture and identity. it looks like at this historical time we need each other.


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