Highest Swiss Court Says Hungary “Not Safe” for Fake Refugees

Switzerland’s highest court has ruled that it is “not safe” for Third World invaders pretending to be refugees to be sent back to Hungary in terms of the European Union’s “Dublin Convention”—because the nonwhites will just be locked up in container camps and ultimately deported.

An invader detention camp in Hungary.

The Federal Administrative Court made the ruling that Hungary is “too insecure for asylum seekers,” during a verdict in the case of a African from the Democratic Republic of Congo who had filed a judicial complaint against his return to the Eastern European country, where he was first officially registered while pretending to be a refugee.

Under the “Dublin Convention,” EU member states can return “asylum seekers” to the country where they first applied for protection. Switzerland is not an EU member state, but it is a signatory to the accord.

The court issued what is known in Switzerland as a “pilot ruling,” which means that its provisions automatically apply to all “asylum seekers” in Switzerland who have registered a complaint against their return to Hungary.

According to media reports, this means that at least 202 fake refugees will now have their asylum requests processed in Switzerland, rather than be returned to Hungary where they made their first claim.

The verdict does not automatically entail that all future complainants will be exempt from returning to Hungary, but the court asked Swiss federal authorities to assess whether that should be the case.

Hungary’s immigration policies have been condemned by pro-invasion activists, far-leftist anti-white groups and many EU member states after the government of Viktor Orban cracked down on the invasion, building a border fence and ordering the automatic detention of all invaders making claims of asylum in that country.

Even though Orban has been following EU rules—namely that all those applying for asylum be given a hearing—this has not been good enough for the pro-invasion forces, who know that almost none of the invaders actually are refugees in any sense of the word.

As a result, the vast majority of those subjected to a reasonable test on the validity of their claims—mostly based on the fact that they have crossed many safe countries to get to Europe, and are therefore no longer “fleeing” anything—fail to qualify as “asylum seekers,” and are deported from Hungary.

The Swiss court ruling follows an earlier call by the United Nations to other EU member states to stop returning invaders to Hungary, saying that the policy of interning the nonwhite fakers in the container camps was “against their human rights.”

In response, the Hungarian government pointed out that almost all of the invaders who had registered “asylum” claims in Hungary prior to the new measures being implemented, had absconded, and posed a criminal and terrorist threat to that nation.

In October last year, the majority of Hungarians voted against European Union plans to share 160,000 refugees around the 28-member bloc through mandatory quotas. Hungary has since then refused to accept any of the invaders allocated to it under the scheme.

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