Hilary Clinton: The Jewish Lobby’s Candidate

Proof that Hilary Clinton is completely under the direction of America’s Jewish lobby has emerged with the news that all seven of her biggest political donors are liberal American Jews—who all support Israel, which has immigration and social policies directly opposite to those they seek to impose upon America.

The Hill

A review of the Clinton-supporting “Priorities USA” Super-Political Action Committee, published by the Hill, has revealed that the vast majority of its $50 million war kitty has come from a group of Jews headed by the infamous George Soros, who has personally donated $7 million to the super-PAC.

Soros, who made his billions through “hedge fund investments,” is one of the far left’s top donors, and spent $23.7 million during the 2004 election cycle, when he became the top donor in the US. His “Open Society” foundation funds anti-white causes all over the world, including providing aid to groups supporting the current nonwhite invasion of Europe.

At the same time, his son, Alexander Soros, no doubt using his father’s money, launched a “Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC” in April 2015.


Soros junior wrote at the time of its launch, in Politico Magazine (“What American Jews Want,” April 21, 2015), that “while Israel remains deeply important to many of us, the idea that Israel and Israel alone is what drives Jewish voters is false.”

He went on to say that “Jews are overwhelmingly progressive” and “one of the most progressive demographic groups in America today,” and that his new PAC would focus on issues such as “full equality for LGBT people,” “discrimination against other minority communities,” “rallying behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” and “fighting for immigration reform, risking arrest alongside our immigrant brothers and sisters,” among many other things.

In Israel, however, which is “so dear to Soros,” homosexual marriage is illegal, schools, buses, and residential areas are racially segregated, border fences and walls are built to forcibly keep out non-Jewish illegal immigrants, marriages between Jews and non-Jews are illegal, and Israel uses DNA checks to make sure that non-Jews do not immigrate to that country.






The second highest donor to the Priorities USA super-PAC is Jewish Hollywood mogul Haim Saban, who gave $5 million. Together with his wife, Saban has given more money over the years to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s political ventures than any other individual.

Saban, who made a fortune bringing the children’s TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to America, is a “pro-Israel hawk,” according to the Hill—which means that he ardently supports all of the overtly racial policies implemented by Israel, even though he wants America to adopt all the exact opposite social policies.

Clinton, for her part, is also an advocate of all the liberal social policies—in America. When it comes to Israel, however, she is—not surprisingly—just like all her Jewish donors, “eager to demonstrate to her mega-donor her unequivocal support for his No. 1 issue.”

The Hill noted that in “July [2015], Clinton wrote Saban a letter on campaign stationery seeking his advice and pledging to work with him on countering the anti-Israel movement known as Boycott, Divestment and Sanction.”

The third largest donor to the Priorities USA super-PAC is the Pritzker family, who gave $3.8 million. According to the Hill overview, Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker is an heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune, and runs the Pritzker Group, a “private equity and venture capital firm.”

The Hill goes on to note that the Pritzkers are “major Democratic donors, and another member of the family, Penny Pritzker, was a top Obama fundraiser and was appointed Commerce Secretary under the Obama administration.”

The fourth largest donor is New York-based “hedge fund billionaire” James Simons, who has donated $3.5 million to the Clinton super-PAC.

The fifth largest donor is Herbert Sandler, founder of the California savings and loans company Golden West Financial Corporation, who donated $2.5 million. He has also given $1 million to the climate change group founded by billionaire Tom Steyer and $700,000 to other Democratic super-PACs.

The sixth largest donor is Donald Sussman, a “billionaire hedge fund manager” who has donated $2.5 million. Sussman has given more than $8.5 million to Democratic super-PACs and left-leaning groups since 2010, according to federal election records.

The seventh largest donor to the Priorities USA super-PAC is Laure Woods Kastanis, who has given $2.34 million, much of it through another outside group, the Progressive Women Silicon Valley Federal PAC.

The staggering hypocrisy of this Jewish lobby is breathtaking: on the one hand, they actively finance politicians and policies which will destroy America through degeneracy and mass Third World immigration, but at the very same time are all pro-Israel, which implements the exact opposite policy programs.

This overt and blatant duplicity cannot be an accident, and must be by design. There is no other explanation.

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  1. Thanks for this magnificent article. It’s such a change to get some idea of the truth about these monsters. Depressing stuff, of course; but I hope I’m not wrong in detecting some desperation among the group who on the whole doesn’t believe in JWH, but does believe JWH gave them rights to a chunk of sand. Even their fake money billions have limitations: presumably, the *best* they can do is Clinton! Following Obama’s 8 years, it’s absurd record. There’s also a cosmic joke against so-called Jews: they can’t admit to their frauds and lies; all their secrets will die with them.

  2. I had the feeling that Hillary Clinton was bought and paid for. It would appear that Israel is the main purchaser of this election. Shameful. George Soros , shameful. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for America.

  3. American presidential elections have degenerated to picking a shill that will send hardworking Americans tax dollars to the jews of israhell.

  4. Hope that Trump gets the vote – America is in dreadful state now – plunging wages – the elderly can just about survive and all this will get worse under the psychopath Clinton. Lies and more lies just drip from her mouth. And if women think they will be better off with her as president they are much mistaken. There is only one group she is interested in and if you read this article you will know who it is. She is by far the most dangerous politician to emerge during this election. She will lead America into another war but Britain will not be there to lend a hand this time.

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