Hitler, Zionists, and Ken Livingstone

The UK Labour Party’s decision not to expel veteran leftist activist and former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been met with completely predictable hatred and venom from the Jewish lobby in that country—even though everything he said about Hitler, Nazis, and Zionism is perfectly true.

Last week, Livingstone escaped expulsion from the Labour Party and instead had another year added to his current suspension as punishment for daring to point out that Hitler and the Nazi government actively aided in the Zionist colonization of Palestine.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported that “British Jews [are] Livid After Ken Livingstone Receives Slap on the Wrist for Saying Hitler Was Zionist.

According to that paper, Jonathan Arkush, president of the Board of Deputies, “Anglo-Jewry’s umbrella body,” said that “Relations between the Labour Party and the Jewish community have reached an all-time low … all we can conclude form this hopelessly wrong decision is that the party has an enduring problem with anti-Semitism to which it is unwilling to face up.”

Separately, the Guardian newspaper also reported that “1,000 Jewish Labour supporters” had signed a petition urgent Levingston’s expulsion after his comments.

The letter, signed by influential party members including Luciana Berger MP, former deputy mayor of London Nicky Gavron, and chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, Jeremy Newmark, described Livingstone’s comments as a “betrayal.”

The truth about Nazi-Zionist cooperation is clear, no matter how the Jewish lobby tries to spin it.

Hitler did support Zionism. He personally approved the “Transfer Agreement” with the World Zionist movement to expedite the transfer of Jews from Germany to Palestine—and Himmler’s SS also enthusiastically supported the Zionist project.

As detailed in the best-selling work The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, by holocaust researcher Peter Winter, the Nazi-Zionist cooperation began very early in the Nazi era.

The first indication of an affiliation between the Nazi government and the Zionist movement came with the 1935 Nuremberg Laws of Race, Winter points out.

“The reason for the Zionist-Nazi cooperation was simple: the Nazis wanted the Jews to leave Germany, and the Zionists wanted the Jews to come to Palestine to help create the Zionist state,” he writes, going on to show that the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, “which are now dismissed as Nazi anti-Semitic laws, were in fact drawn up with the active assistance and support of the [Zionist-supporting] German Council of Jews.”

“Thus it is no surprise that soon after the Nazis came to power, the Zionist Federation of Germany submitted a document to Hitler’s office which offered its support in “solving the Jewish question” (Memo of June 21, 1933, as reproduced in The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, Francis R. Nicosia, Austin: University of Texas, 1985, p. 42).

The document continued:

Zionism believes that the rebirth of the national life of a people, which is now occurring in Germany through the emphasis on its Christian and national character, must also come about in the Jewish national group. Our acknowledgment of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we do not wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group and reject any trespasses in the cultural domain, we—having been brought up in the German language and German culture—can show an interest in the works and values of German culture with admiration and internal sympathy. (Memo of June 21, 1933, as reproduced in The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, Francis R. Nicosia, Austin: University of Texas, 1985, p. 42).

When the Nuremberg Laws were first adopted by the Nazi Party at its congress of 1935, they were specifically welcomed by the Zionist-supporting Jewish German newspaper, the Jüdische Rundschau, which published an editorial which read:

Germany … is meeting the demands of the World Zionist Congress when it declares the Jews now living in Germany to be a national minority. Once the Jews have been stamped a national minority it is again possible to establish normal relations between the German nation and Jewry.

The new laws give the Jewish minority in Germany its own cultural life, its own national life. In future it will be able to shape its own schools, its own theater, and its own sports associations. In short, it can create its own future in all aspects of national life.

Germany has given the Jewish minority the opportunity to live for itself, and is offering state protection for this separate life of the Jewish minority: Jewry’s process of growth into a nation will thereby be encouraged and a contribution will be made to the establishment of more tolerable relations between the two nations” (Jüdische Rundschau, Sept. 17, 1935).

The Jüdische Rundschau, Sept. 17, 1935, the official Zionist newspaper in Germany, which welcomed and supported the Nuremberg Laws. This support for the legal definition of who is a Jew—as created by Nazis and Jews working together—is still referenced to the present-day in Israel’s “Law of Return” which regulates Jewish immigration into that state.

It was not only in racial theory that the Nazi-Zionist cooperation was evident, Winter continues.

“The SS—supposedly the epitome of evil, if postwar propaganda is to be taken at face value—was particularly enthusiastic in its support for Zionism. A June 1934 internal SS position paper urged active and wide-ranging support for Zionism by the government and the Party as the best way to encourage emigration of Germany’s Jews to Palestine,” he writes.

The Zionist-SS cooperation became public when SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and German Jewish Zionist Federation official, Kurt Tuchler, toured Palestine together for six months in order to assess the progress of the Jewish colonization efforts.

Von Mildenstein wrote a series of twelve illustrated articles for Der Angriff, which appeared in late 1934 under the heading “A Nazi Travels to Palestine.”

The articles expressed great admiration for the pioneering spirit and achievements of the Jewish settlers.

“A Jewish homeland in Palestine,” von Mildenstein wrote, “pointed the way to curing a centuries-long wound on the body of the world: the Jewish question.”

Ein Nazi Fahrt Nach Palastina—“A Nazi Travels to Palestine.” A selection of articles from the Joseph Goebbels-edited newspaper, Der Angriff, as penned by SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein.

Der Angriff even issued a special medal, with a Swastika on one side and a Star of David on the other, to commemorate the joint SS-Zionist visit.

A few months after the articles appeared, von Mildenstein was promoted to head the Jewish affairs department of the SS security service in order to support Zionist migration.

The medallion ordered struck by the Joseph Goebbels-edited newspaper, Der Angriff, to mark the Zionist-Nazi cooperation with regard to Palestine. The medallion contained the title of the article which appeared in his newspaper, “A Nazi Travels to Palestine,” encircling a Star of David.

Finally, Winter points out that the “centerpiece of Nazi-Zionist cooperation was something called the ‘Transfer Agreement,’” which, he writes, was a pact that enabled tens of thousands of German Jews to migrate to Palestine with their wealth.

The Agreement, also known as the Haavara (Hebrew for “transfer”), was concluded in August 1933 following talks between German officials and Chaim Arlosoroff, Political Secretary of the Jewish Agency, the Palestine center of the World Zionist Organization.

All of this is detailed in the book by Jewish author Edwin Black, titled The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine.

Through this arrangement, Winter continued, each Jew bound for Palestine deposited money in a special account in Germany.

The money was used to purchase German-made agricultural tools, building materials, pumps, fertilizer, and so forth, which were exported to Palestine and sold there by the Jewish-owned Haavara company in Tel-Aviv.

Money from the sales was given to the Jewish emigrant upon his arrival in Palestine in an amount corresponding to his deposit in Germany.

German goods poured into Palestine through the Haavara, which was supplemented a short time later with a barter agreement by which Palestine oranges were exchanged for German timber, automobiles, agricultural machinery, and other goods.

“The Agreement thus served the Zionist aim of bringing Jewish settlers and development capital to Palestine, while simultaneously serving the German goal of freeing the country of an unwanted alien group,” Winter says.

A Nazi-Zionist Haavara certificate issued in Hebrew and in English.

Hitler personally reviewed the policy in July and September 1937, and again in January 1938, and each time decided to maintain the Haavara arrangement. The goal of removing Jews from Germany, he concluded, justified the drawbacks, which included alienating the Arab world.

The Reich Economics Ministry helped to organize another transfer company, the International Trade and Investment Agency, or Intria, through which Jews in foreign countries could help German Jews immigrate to Palestine. Almost $900,000 was eventually channeled through the Intria to German Jews in Palestine.

The facts are clear. Ken Livingstone was merely speaking the truth: Hitler and the Zionist movement officially cooperated on a large number of levels to encourage the colonization of Palestine.

But, telling the truth about anything related to Hitler is a “crime” in the Jewish lobby’s eyes.

Livingstone, who ironically has been a lifelong supporter of the radical leftist causes espoused by the UK’s Jewish lobby, has yet to learn that there is one rule for Jews, and another for non-Jews.

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Recommended reading: The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, by Peter Winter.

This work has become the world’s most popular study of the holocaust, analyzing as it does all the major allegations, camps, mass-murder claims, “eyewitness” and survivor testimonies, trials, and confessions.

Included in the amazing revelations in this book are:

– How Zionists and Nazis cooperated before the war on writing Germany’s racial laws—and in the setting up of Jewish settlements in Palestine;

– How Zionists offered to take up arms for Nazi Germany against Britain during World War II;

-How Nazi policy was first aimed at encouraging Jews to emigrate, and then after the war broke out, to evacuating them east of the Urals. Click here for details.

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  1. The truth is that Hitler was moderate in the Germany and Austria of his time: many people there had discovered Jewish treachery and wanted to take serious action. That's why Hitler was tolerated, until Churchill forced war on him, and the story could later be changed in unison, by Jewish united liars.

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